Sunday 30 October 2022

talk about scary!

Talk about scary.


I know, I know...  I know what you're thinkin'.  You're thinkin' if I'm talking 'bout scary stuff, I surely must be talking 'bout Hallowe'en.

And you know what?





Okay, so Hallowe'en IS tomorrow and it would be wrong for me to not say something 'bout that.  I mean, Hallowe'en comes but once a year, right?  To not give it a mention at all would be a huge omission on my party.


So, yeah, tomorrow is Hallowe'en and there will be ghosties and goblins runnin' about; not to mention all the kiddies out there dressed up as that incredibly dashing marmalade cat named Seville.

As if they could possibly dress up to look as handsome as me.


But anyway, like I said, tomorrow is Hallowe'en and I'm bettin' all my pals out there are gonna want to re-read some of my Hallowe'en stories...  I mean, REAL LIFE ADVENTURES that happened on Hallowe'ens past, so...



So just click on the titles of each of the followin' REAL LIFE ADVENTURES and you'll get to read all about 'em:  the broom closet; a Hallowe'en adventure; and now, the conclusion; the Hallowe'en visitor; the Hallowe'en ball; the contest; and finally, the haunting.

But in the meantime, let me tell you what's REALLY scary.  Really, really, REALLY scary.  Way scarier than anythin' Hallowe'en might bring.

No, not Peepers' hair.

On the other paw, Peepers' hair IS super scary but believe it or not - and I know this will be extremely difficult to fathom - there's somethin' even scarier than that.

No, really.  I kid you not!

So let me tell you all 'bout it.  Once again, the Internet was givin' me grief and Peepers had to set up a new modem Friday night only to find out...  I mean, ONLY TO BE REMINDED how much of an utter technological nincompoop she is.  She was so beside herself, she was practically pullin' out her own hair!

Hmmm....  Wonder if that's why Peepers' hair is as scary lookin' as it is.


But anyway....

But anyway, two hours down the drain Friday night, AND ANOTHER FOUR OR FIVE HOURS yesterday mornin' and early afternoon, and...

And we finally have an Internet connection once more.

The woman is almost bald now, and that's not at all pleasant for me to see, but at least my Internet connection is up and runnin'.

What's that?  What's that, Peepers?  What's that you're babblin' on about now?

You did too.  I saw you.  You did too pull out several of your hairs outta frustration.

Oh go stick a sock in it, woman.  He's a couple Toonies.  Go buy yourself a nice wig.

You can even shop for it on-line.




And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Installing that new modem surely does sound scary, Sivvers! Glad to hear Peepers finally got it working for you again. :)

  2. Yikes! Being without internet is very scary. Hope you have a Happy Halloween! XO

  3. Gosh, hair pulling out stuff sounds super scary. Concatlations on getting yoor inpurrnet back. We had that same issue here and it made my momma climb the walls. Seriously, she was half way up to the ceiling when Daddy used the water spray bottle normally used on Wabbit on her to her get back down. Now that was super scary. I worried she would be up there when it got time for dinner. Take care and Happy Halloween. Love, Dori

  4. The world is so crazy these days Seville, maybe we should be skipping all the goblins out n' about.

  5. Happy Halloween, Sivvers, Saffy, and the Peeps!

  6. Hope you don't get too scared when the kidlets pretend to be scary creatures in the dark.
    Internet down is like being cut off form the world...glad your Mom got it going once again. Tech can be so annoying...


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