Sunday 30 October 2016

the Hallowe'en visitor

"I'm comin', I'm comin'. No need to get your knickers in a twist. MOUSES!"  Reaching the front door, Seville swung it open only to find a ghostly apparition hovering over the welcome mat.  "Hmmm... I'm bettin' you're not wearin' any knickers to twist.  Hehehehehee... What can I do you for? Hallowe'en isn't 'til tomorrow, you know."

"Woooooooooo... Woooooooooo.... WOOOOOOOOOO..." the ghostly apparition answered.

"Like I said, Hallowe'en isn't 'til tomorrow so uh...  Um...  Scat!"

The ghost didn't move.

Seville leaned forward until he was nose to nose - or whatever ghosts have in the middle of their faces - with the apparition, took a deep breath and yelled, "BOO!"  With a puff of smoke, the ghost vanished into thin air.  Seville smiled, congratulating himself on a job well done.  Then he closed the door.

"Who was that?" Seville's sister, Mason, asked.

"No one important.  Just some gho...  MOUSES!  Mason, it was a ghost.  A real live ghost was standin' out there at our front door."

"There's no such thing."  Mason grabbed a cat treat from the Hallowe'en treat bag sitting by the door which Peep #1 had filled with the cats' favourite treats a few days earlier.  "There's no such thing as a real live ghost, Sivvers."

"Is so."

With a loud sigh, Mason explained.  "If they're real ghosts, they've gotta be dead.  If they're alive, they're not real.  At least not real ghosts.  That was probably just some kid dressed up like a ghost for Hallowe'en."

"No way, sis," and Seville shook his head vehemently.  "Whoever that was, he was hoverin' like a ghost.  Hoverin'!  As in...  Like...  Like not touchin' the ground.  Kiddies dressed up for Hallowe'en can't do that.  Plus, when I yelled at him, he vanished into thin air.  Vanished!  He didn't run off or anythin' like that.  He just went poof!" and he snapped his claws together for emphasis.

"Then it must have been a real dead ghost I guess," and Mason grabbed another treat from the bag.  She popped it into her mouth, spun on her paws, and headed back into the kitchen.

"Oh Seville...  Oh Seville...  OH SEVILLE..."  Mason called from the kitchen, her cries getting louder by the second.

"What's up?" Seville asked as he trotted around the corner.  He stopped dead in his tracks.  Hovering next to the kitchen table was a ghostly apparition.

Mason turned to look at Seville, Seville turned to look at Mason, and together, they cried, "MOUSES!"

"Told you there was a real live ghost at the door," Seville said smugly.  Mason raised an eyebrow.  "Fine.  A real live dead ghost, then.  Mouses."

Seville approached the ghost and tapped him on the shoulder, but his paw went right through the apparition without eliciting any response from the ghost.  "Why don't you take a load off there? Have a seat, why don't ya."

"On second thought, maybe you can't."  Seville peered under the ghost.  Where there should have been legs and feet, there was nothing at all.  "Hmmm...  I don't think you can sit without legs and feet.  I guess all you can do is that uh, hovering thing."

Seville sat back on his haunches to think.  He scratched behind an ear.  "How do you suppose he got in here?  I didn't invite him.  I told him to scat.  I even yelled Boo at him.  You know, to scare him off.  He must have rematerialised here in our kitchen after his little vanishing act at the front door.  Kind of rude, if you ask me.  A little presumptuous, too."

"Woooooooooooooooo...  Wooooooooooooooooo....  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..." the ghost cried eerily.

"And he doesn't have much of a vocabulary, either," Seville added.

Mason chewed at a claw. "I wonder why he's here. As you said earlier, he can't be trick-or-treating yet as Hallowe'en isn't until tomorrow.  Plus, he doesn't have anything like a bag, or a pumpkin, in which to collect his goodies.  There must be some rea..."

"BOO!" Seville yelled at the ghost, and once again, it vanished into thin air.

"What did you do that for?" asked Mason.

"Wanted to see if it would work again.  Apparently it did," and he smiled smugly.

"It didn't actually work the first time," Mason reminded her brother.  "He vanished from the front door only to reappear in the kitchen,"

"Oh yeah...  You suppose he's somewhere else in our house now?" Seville asked his sister.

"Only time will tell.  In the meantime, I'm going to grab another treat from that treat bag at the door. Once Anderson finds out the peep filled it with cat treats, there won't be any left."

"Yeah, and I'm gonna go work on today's blog post.  I wanna write about somethin' spooky as tomorrow is Hallowe'en,"  Seville sauntered into his office.  Moments later he cried, "MASON!  You had better get in here.  Quick!"

"Whatever is the matter?  Oh," and she stopped in her tracks.  "I see.  Your ghost friend has reappeared in your office."

"He's not exactly my friend," Seville scowled.  "But he's hoverin' over by my desk and by my computer.  MOUSES!  Plus, he appears to have turned it on.  As he has no feet. I'm assuming he has no hands, either.  Or paws for that matter.  How the mouses did he turn on the computer?"

"Probably some sort of manipulation of an electric field," Mason explained, very matter-of-factly.

"Hmmph!  Can't sit on a chair but can turn on my computer.  MOUSES!"  Seville approached his desk and peered at the computer screen, reading what was displayed before him.  "What the mouses?  This could totally ruin my reputation.  Totally.  TOTALLY.  Awww...  MOUSES!" and Seville swayed unsteadily, from side to side, before falling to the floor in a dead faint.

"Seville, are you okay?  Seville?  SEVILLE?"

Seville opened his eyes, fluttering his eyelashes.  "Is that you, sis?  Mason?"

Taking his paw in hers, Mason answered in soothing tones, "I'm right here, Seville.  What happened?  What scared you like that?"

"Read it for yourself," Seville sniffed, weakly pointing a paw toward the computer screen.  "READ IT AND WEEP!" he howled.

Mason's jaw dropped as she read the screen.

WANTED:  Full-time ghostwriter for the award-winning blog, Nerissa's Life.  Position to be filled immediately.  Standard remuneration package offered.  Apply directly at Seville the Cat's house, or call 902-555-0000.

"Peeps will think I don't write my own blog!" Seville wailed.  "They'll think I've been lyin' all this time.  Only sayin' I write all my own stuff.  Why, they'll think I don't even know my own phone number!  MOUSES!!!"

"Not know your own phone number?" questioned Mason.  "Seville...  You're right."

"I know I'm right!  Wait a minute.  Exactly what am I right about?" he asked his sister.

"That's not our phone number.  Let's see whose it is, shall we?" and Mason picked up the telephone and dialled the number in the ad.

Hello.  You have reached the Weasel Syndicate.  If you know the extension of the weasel you are calling, please dial now.  To speak to a customer service weasel, call back during our hours of operation: 9pm to 7am, Monday to Friday.  Thank you  for choosing the Weasel Syndicate for all your weaselly needs.

"Why those...  Those...  Those dastardly weaselly little weasels," Seville sneered, rising to his paws.  "That's it. They've done it this time.  I'm gonna get those weasels and I'm gonna get 'em, for sure.  MOUSES!"

"There'll be plenty of time to deal with them later.  First, I think we need to deal with that other little problem on our paws.  You know...  Him," and Mason pointed toward the ghost still hovering by Seville's desk.

"Oh yeah.  Hmmm...  Got it!" and Seville snapped his claws again.

Seville approached the ghost.  "Excuse me my little ghostly friend.  I'm afraid that position has already been filled.  However, if I am to understand correctly, I believe there are several vacant positions available over at the Weasel Syndicate's head offices.  Let me get you their address."

"Don't you think you should explain to your little friend here about uh...  Well...  About what ghostwriters actually are?  What they do?" Mason hissed in Seville's ear.

"Nah," Seville hissed back.  "We'll let the weasels explain that."

Seville presented the wannabe ghostwriter with the Weasel Syndicate's business address and public contact information, along with a list of the syndicate's Board of Directors, complete with their private e-mail addresses, home addresses and phone numbers.  After the ghost read everything, he turned to look at the cats. Seville was sure he noticed a nod of thanks, although truth be told, it's very difficult to tell if a ghost is nodding or not, as ghosts don't actually have necks with which to nod.  Moments later, the ghost vanished into thin air.

Feeling that the ghost was now gone for good, the two cats sighed big sighs of relief.  Mason headed to the front door to grab another cat treat from the bag of treats, while Seville settled in at his computer.  Resting an elbow on his desk he muttered to himself, "Now what on earth can I write about for Hallowe'en?  MOUSES!"

                               HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!


  1. MOUSES! Dang, that was something. I might not be able to sleep at all tonight!

  2. well ya know ya can't trust those weasels Sivvers!

  3. Seville, you worked it out, well you and Mason, what a good couple of sleuths you are. Keep at it , the cats here and I really enjoy your stories and I post your stories that others may also enjoy them. Hugs, Sue and the Cats

    1. It makes me so very happy to hear my pals enjoy my stories... I mean, accounts of real life events. And THANK YOU so very much for sharin'. PURRS

  4. Those weasels are tricky! They've got a shock coming when that ghost turns up.

  5. Those weasels! If you know their address, I'd think between you and your siblings, you'd have enough cat power to show them who's boss!

    1. How true. PLUS, we have Peepers. I mean, she's gotta be good for SOMETHIN', right? purrs

  6. Those stinkin weasels are at it again. Happy Halloween!

    1. And you know somethin'? They DO stink. Bathing is just NOT their thing. MOUSES!

  7. Pesky weasels. Won't they be surprised when that ghost starts pestering THEM! MOUSES!

    Happy Halloween, pals! :)

  8. Well, that was quite a trick! MOL!

    1. Yup, they don't say TRICK or treat for nothin'. MOUSES!

  9. Poor ghost must be out of work! Good thing Seville figured things out

    1. I think he was but hey, I`m sure there are peeps out there lookin`for ghost writers. purrs

  10. Hehehe, I think the Weasel Syndicate will have their naughty paws full dealing with that little ghost when he realizes it was a con!

    purrs ERin

  11. Ghosts? Hope ya'll got rid of those things.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Nothin`worse than a ghost infestation, for sure. MOUSES!

  12. MOL...Hope you could catch up on some sleep after all, Seville...MOL :D Pawkisses for a Happy All Hallow's Day :) <3

  13. Well never a dull moment at your house Seville - especially on Halloween! Hope the ghosts have left to pester someone else and that you had a FUN Halloween after all!

    Love, Sammy

  14. Those... Those.. dastardly WEASELS!

    1. They ARE dastardly. I think that might be their middle name. MOUSES!

  15. MOL! You got them back good. Teach them to send a ghostwriter over!

  16. Woweeee let's hope the ghost is GONE!!!


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