the peep's cheeps

Peep #1 fancies herself as a bit of a writer but seriously, she'll never be as good as I.  I mean, she has a blog and everythin' but does she keep it up-to-date?  Nope.  I can't even remember the last time she posted.  It was sometime last year, I think.  MOUSES!

Anywho...  I, bein' the thoughtful cat that I am, decided to give the peep a page right here on my own blog.  I'll let you know when she posts.  I probably won't be updatin' this page all that much. MOUSES!

In the meantime, you can read my introduction on her blog right here in, "Introducing... THE PEEP!"  That's right, I made a cameo performance on her blog of sorts.  After that, I'll catch up by sharin' the posts she has already published.  There aren't that many.  Like I said before, the woman hardly ever posts.

Hmmm....  Dare I say it again?  Sure, why not?  Seems totally appropriate.  Here goes... MOUSES!


1.  The peep's first post was her short story, An Orderly Mess.  It had been previously published as
     a mini-mystery in a woman's magazine.  She's currently workin' on a cozy mystery series
     featurin' the characters found in this story.

2.  The story, Friday Night Hangout, was also previously published in the same international
     woman's magazine.

3.  When Opportunity Knocks was not previously published.  Peep #1 just wanted to share it with
     everyone, I think.

4.  And here we have another short story featurin' the character of Elsie Peabody.  I do believe
     that Buried Treasure was also previously published in the very same woman's magazine.

5.  In her post, Mixing it Up a Little, the peep decided to share an article she wrote for the
     North American Lily Society.  As you can probably guess, it's about lilies.

6.  I'm pretty sure that An Anniversary to Remember was also previously published in the
     same woman's magazine.

7.  Mrs. Eaton's Jewels was also previously published.  Hmmm...  Seems to me that the peep is
     really just republishin' stuff she has already had published.  Recycling?  MOUSES!

All caught up.  Whew!  Actually, there wasn't much catchin' up to do.  Like I said before, the woman hardly ever posts on her blog.  Maybe 2015 will be better.  Perhaps she'll do better this year.  purrs


  1. I think your peep is really brave for stepping up and doing that, fiction or fact it takes a lot of pluck (no feathers in that) I'm sure she will need your advice and will take pointers too. purrs

    1. Yup, I'm pretty sure she'll need more of my advice, too.



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