kitty lit. 101

Back in the day, Nissy signed us up for a Kitty Lit. course at the local university, taught by Professor Lyon.  With Nissy now gone, I attend classes with my brothers Anderson and Rushton. The course is fun and the books we read are amazing.  I can recommend 'em, for sure!  purrs


Book #2 of the Cat Lady Mysteries series, Claws of Death, did not disappoint, and that was for sure.  As usual, it was wonderful!

You can check out my review of Claws of Death in "deathly claws" on Nerissa's Life, the blog.

Oh and uh...  Yeah...  That's me enjoyin' a nice cold niptini.  purrs


 My pal Linda Reilly writes the AMAZIN' cozy series, The Cat Lady Mysteries.  They're such fun!  Boy-oh-boy was I ever pleased when book number one of the series ended up on our readin' list.

Check out my review of Escape Claws in my post, "claws to escape."  You'll be super happy you did.  PURRS


With fall approaching there was a chill in the air.  Perfect time to read our September assignment, Fillet of Murder, by Linda Reilly.

My brothers and I loved the book and one of my readers will too!  Linda offered to put her paw print on a copy for us to give away.  Of course, Andy did get a little confused thinking I was giving away HIS copy of the book but it was all sorted in the end.

Check out this great book in, "fish and chips with a side of trouble," on Nerissa's Life.


Another year and it's time to head back to school. As Nissy is no longer with us, my two long-haired marmie brothers are joining me for my Kitty Lit. class which might, upon reflection, not have been a smart idea.  But we were assigned a GREAT book, The Cat, the Sneak and the Secret, by Leann Sweeney and you can check out our reports in "the toaster, the vacuum and the nip mice,"on Nerissa's Life.


How great is this?  Not only were we assigned a wonderful book to read but the book even included a recipe for some delicious Thin Man Tuna Melts.  They were so good.  Easy enough for a kitty like me to make, too.  And when I say, a kitty like me, I'm simply pointin' out my lack of thumbs.

You can read all about these delicious tuna melts from T.C. LoTempio's book, Meow if it's Murder, in my post, "he meowed 'cause it was murder," right here on Nerissa's Life.


Well, yes Seville, pumpkins are orange. But seriously, that doesn't mean the book is about the colour orange. MOUSES!

Check out our latest book reports about Leslie Meier's Hallowe'en themed cozy mystery, Wicked Witch Murder, in "pumpkins are orange." You'll never look at a pumpkin the same way, again.



Seville and I work on our very first assignment for Kitty Lit. 101.

Read all about The Cat, the Vagabond and the Victim, written by Leann Sweeney, in "the marmie vagabond."  

Great book!  Pretty good reports on it, too, I think.



Seville and I are headin' back to school.

Read all about our very first day in "kitty lit. 101!" It was a pretty fun day. purrs

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