Wednesday 26 October 2022

sixth sense

You ever get that feelin'?

That weird kinda feelin'?

You ever get that weird kinda feelin' that someone is watchin' you?  Stalkin' you?  Keepin' their eyes on your every movement?


Lucky you.


No, the neighbours aren't spyin' on me.

I don't think.


The ones currently spyin' on me are of the home-grown kind, if you know what I mean.  You know the type.  The type of peepin' peeps who live right here in my house with me.

Yup, those are the ones.



And it's not just me, either.  Same spies spyin' on me are spyin' on Saffy Saffron Sassafras, as well.  Oh yeah, they're totally spyin' on him.  Totally!


So anyway...

So anyway, Saffy got the fright of his life - not sure which one of the nine it was - the other day when he woke up in his basket to find Peepers standin' over him like some kinda freakin' freak.  She had a weird grin on her face, too.  That weird kinda grin peeps get just before they reach down and scoop you up in their arms so that they can totally smother you in icky, gross kisses.

And Saffy, bein' relatively new to the whole livin' with our peeps thing, didn't have the sense to jump out of that ol' basket and run as fast as his legs would take him, right out of Peepers' reach.

Silly Saffy.


Bottom line is, Saffy Saffron Sassafras is gonna have to develop a stronger sixth sense so that when he starts to get that feelin'...  That icky, yucky, totally gross and disgustingly weird feelin' in the pit of his stomach...  Well when he starts to get the feelin'...

He knows how to respond.

Provided the feelin' of ick in his stomach isn't from eatin' too many treats, of course, although that does kinda go without sayin'.

'Cause if he doesn't figure it out soon, that cat is gonna be covered - COVERED! I tell you - in even more of Peepers' icky ol' kisses.

And no cat ever wants that.

Trust me, I know



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Ewww. All those kisses must play havoc on the furs, for sure. On the plus side though, kisses must mean treats, right? If not why not! You need to have a bill of fare set up for your feline services, Seville!
    Toodle pips and purrs
    PS Dont forget about inflation, and by that I dont mean wind from too much kibble, MOL!

  2. Saffy sure has a lot to learn, you better start doing some teaching Seville!

  3. Gosh, Seville! Maybe'likes' getting smoochies?!?

  4. Sorry, but when you are as cute as you two then you get covered in kisses. XO

  5. Some cats just seem to lack that sense, Sivvers. Sadly for Saffy (but happily for your Peep), he may just be doomed to get those icky kisses and snuggles. :)

  6. We are extremely aware of being sabotaged by our sneaky momma. If she is not wearing her normal shoes that make a pawtikular noise, and she's walking toward me, I fweak out and run under the bed. She wears different shoes when she plans to stuff one of us in the Bad Box and take us for a Ride to the V.E.T. So we now look at her shoes before we let her get anywhere near us.

  7. Here its the pants...three no 4 kinds...the going to work ones, the going to bed/lounging around ones, the go out in the yard ones, (We love that one!), and then the lets go out pals, ones...

    Smoochies?? Benji loves those, and Dalton only allows those from Petcretary..sometimes. He must be like you, Seville.


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