Wednesday, 13 February 2019

say it with love

If you're gonna say it, say it with love.


As many of  you already know, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  A day for peeps to tell their fur-babies how much they love 'em.

Yeah, yeah...  A day for us fur-babies to tell our peeps how much we love them, too.


Well as you can imagine, I've been busy planning my Valentine's Day celebrations for quite some time now.  I don't wanna be caught at the last minute without a gift for the peeps, you see.  Not like last year, 'cause let me tell you somethin', a kitty forgets 'bout Valentine's Day ONE YEAR, and a kitty never hears the end of it, for sure.



So the other mornin', Peep #1 picked me up and popped me onto the family room chair to give me a pill or somethin' stupid like that.  Now normally, I'm a very good kitty when it comes to takin' meds and stuff.  NORMALLY, I'm super good, for sure.  In fact, one might even say I'm THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, but...

But this particular mornin', I had been preoccupied plannin' my Valentine's Day celebrations.  Gettin' ahead of the game, so to speak.  In fact, I had been SO preoccupied, I had forgotten to make my mornin' trip to the ol' litter box.  I was way too busy to be dealin' with mundane stuff like that, and I figured I'd scoot on over to the box a little while later.  You know, when I was all done planning and scheming and...  Uh...  Planning, and stuff.  That sorta thing.


Well the next thing I knew, Peep #1 was pickin' me up.  I squirmed a bit, lettin' her know I had a full bladder and that she might wanna take it easy there, and...

Picture it:  Me, Seville the Cat, up on the big chair in the family room, lyin' on my tummy, my tail end directed toward the peep, and...

And as you can imagine...


Well, I peed upon the peep.

Oh, and it was a really good pee, too.  Mornin' pees always are, you see.


Peep #2 said, "I think that's supposed to be lucky."

Peep #1 was not amused.


So anyway...

So anyway, I looked up at the peep and said, "Sorry 'bout that, Peepers, but uh...  But um...  Hmmm..."

"I hope you weren't making a statement," Peep #1 said to me.

"Oh no, I just really needed to pee."

We locked eyes for a moment, the peep and I.  Then I added, "But if I WERE makin' a statement, I would have been makin' it with love.  Valentine's Day is comin' up and so uh..  Um...  So EVERYTHIN' I do right now is most definitely done with love."

Oddly enough, the peep didn't buy that.  Nope, not one bit.  Methinks she's still expectin' a prezzie from me, but she may be in for a big ol' disappointment on that front, on account of my havin' accidentally eaten the catnip I was plannin' on savin' for her, so I'm thinkin'...

I'm thinkin' I'm gonna just spin this peeing-on-peeps-with-love thing a bit more, makin' her think she already got a REALLY GOOD prezzie from me.

'Cause you know, it was a REALLY GOOD PEE.

And if she doesn't buy THAT, I'll remind her how fortunate she was that it was...

You know...