Wednesday, 20 February 2019

music to my ears

Long, long ago, way back when...

In ancient times, when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

You know, when Peep #1 was a few years younger.

Long, long ago, before I, Seville the Cat, was even born, the doctor for the kitties livin' with the peep then once said, "We're just walking talking can openers to them."


Well that was then, and this is now, and NOW, my friends, my food comes in the tins with those pop can kinda lids.  Lids like...  You know...  Like pop cans.


So as you can imagine, for a kitty like me who has grown up with pop can lid tinned food, peeps aren't walkin' talkin' can openers at all.  They're...

Okay, so maybe they are walkin' talkin' can openers, but the thing is, they open cans in a totally different way from the way cans were opened back in the dark ages.  And as a result, unlike our ancestors, the sound of a can opener no longer brings us modern-day kitties a-running.  Oh sure, we might run into the kitchen at the sound of a tin with a pop can kinda lid being popped open, but a can bein' opened with a can opener?  Pshaw!  I'm not wastin' my energy running for something like that.  Odds are, when peeps open a tin using a can opener, they're likely opening something stupid.  Stupid like a tin of peas.  Or corn.  Or even worse.  Like refried black beans.


As a result, Canadian peeps from coast to coast to coast are now free to open tins at their leisure, without the fear of kitties expecting them to share.


Although this is no longer the case here at my house.


So here's the thing.   A little while back, the peeps were buyin' us cats tins of tuna.  Flaked white tuna packed in water, they were, on account of that bein' pretty much the only thing Andy would eat before he left us for Heaven.

AND OF COURSE, when one opens a tin of tuna for one kitty, ALL kitties expect to get their fair share.


So needless to say, Rushton, Mason, and I have all developed a liking for tuna.

Now unlike the tuna meant for kitties - You know, the kind that comes in the tins with pop can kinda lids. - tuna meant for peeps comes in cans that must be opened by usin' a can opener.  Apparently, peeps all across this great nation have been hiding this fact from us cats.



But now.  We cats.  KNOW.


So now at my house, the sound of a tin bein' cracked open with a can opener is like music to our ears. MUSIC TO OUR EARS, I tell you.  Yes, beautiful dulcet tones of sweet music.

Now, the peeps can't even open a can of peas or corn or refried black beans...

And why DO they have to fry those beans more than once, anyway?

Without havin' us kitties come a-runnin'.

And unfortunately, this can be VERY DISAPPOINTING, indeed.

For your information, I, Seville the Cat, do not like tinned peas.  I don't eat tinned corn.  And I most certainly want NOTHIN' TO DO WITH NOTHIN' havin' anythin' to do with twice fried up black beans.