Wednesday, 22 May 2019

dumpster diving

Rushy, the peep is not gonna be pleased.


Not gonna find out?  Oh, she'll find out, all right.  She's gonna find out, for sure.


How will she find out, you ask?


Well for starters, when she comes in here and sees that mess you've made, she's gonna know somethin' is up, and...

Hold on there for a second Rushy, would ya?


Yup, I can hear her comin' now.  Like I said, she's gonna find out, for sure.


So anyway...

So anyway, meet my brother Rushton, the Dumpster Diver of the neighbourhood.

Okay, so he doesn't go dumpster divin' out and about in the neighbourhood.

I don't think.

Okay, so AS FAR AS I KNOW, Rushy doesn't go dumpster divin' out and about in the neighbourhood.  As far as I know, he does his divin' indoors.


Okay, so TECHNICALLY, he's not really dumpster divin'.  He's not eatin' out of the garbage bag or anythin' like that.  I mean, that would be kinda gross.  Last time I looked in there, there was an empty wrapper from a veggie burger and a half-eaten granola bar.

TOTALLY gross.


Why was I lookin' in the garbage bag, you ask?

Never you mind.

But back to that divin'.

So anyway, Rushy doesn't dumpster dive in the garbage bag but rather, our bag of dry kibble.  It's a big bag and the peep, bein' a peep, has this tendency to leave it leanin' up against the kitchen island.


Well Rushy, bein' Rushy, is never satisfied with the food in our dishes.  For some stupid reason, even though it's the very same kibble, Rushy would rather eat from the bag than a dish.


So Rushy, bein' Rushy, gets up on his hind legs and with his front paws, brings the side of the bag down, and eats straight outta the bag.

Well that's what he USED to do, anyway.

Now he's into this kick where instead of just eatin' from the bag right there and right then, he'll grab a mouthful of kibble and spit it out onto the floor.  You know, to later eat at his leisure.

Now the peep never really paid much attention to Rushy's dumpster divin' before on account of his not makin' a mess on the floor.

But now...

But now, when she finds Rushy's ol' messes, she freaks out like a thunderstorm on a hot mid-summer's night.

Which is why...

Which is why whenever I see Rushy doin' what Rushys do, I immediately notify the peep.


Because there's nothin' more fun than seein' a peep doin' LA FREAK.


Especially when she's not freakin' out at me.