Sunday 21 April 2019

it's Easter!

Oh my mouses...


And a VERY HAPPY EASTER to all of my pals.

Happy Easter, everybody.  HAPPY EASTER!

So you're all probably wondering what my Easter plants are...

Oops!  That was a Freudian slip, for sure.

Yes, I will be imbibing in some Easter plants this year.  Well not so much Easter plants, as plants that I'll be imbibing in on Easter.

You know...



But anyway...

But anyway, my Easter PLANS this year are to be busy busy like a busy bee, and do some more work on my book.


Can you believe it?


So due to my furiously workin' on my FIRST FULL BOOK LENGTH ADVENTURE, I'm afraid that this year, there will be no Easter adventure on my blog.

Please don't cry.  PLEASE...  I know it's disappointing, but...

But so as to make sure my pals don't miss out...

I'm including the links to some of my Easter adventures on Nerissa's Life from years past.  You know, so that you can experience the fun once more.  Here they are!  Just click on the title of each, and you'll be transported through space and time to the adventure.

          the weasels who stole Easter - an Easter adventure from 2018
          nip eggs - an Easter adventure from 2017
          jailbreak - an Easter adventure from 2016
          a request for assistance - part 1 of an Easter adventure from 2014
          savin' Easter morning - part 2 of an Easter adventure from 2014 

And what's more...

Just for fun...

I'm including an excerpt from my upcoming book.

Can you believe it?


Now I've posted this very same excerpt on Facebook before, but I know some of you aren't on Facebook yourselves, so you might have missed it.  This is from near the beginning of my book and part of a chapter I absolutely love.  I hope you'll all love it, too.  PURRS
But before I forget...


The followin' is the excerpt from my upcomin' book.  Enjoy!

I peered through the glass. Two men wearing long, dark trench coats of some sort stood on the doorstep, their newly polished leather shoes sparkling in the sunlight. Neatly trimmed hair framed what were obviously stern-looking expressions, even though dark glasses hid their eyes from my view.
“CSIS agents,” I muttered to myself.
Wait a minute. I turned away so that my back was to the door and leaned up against it. How the mouses did I know that these two smartly-dressed, stern-looking characters were Canadian Security Intelligence Service agents? Had I met them before? Had I seen them around? Had they attended the peep’s party on New Year’s Eve? But perhaps more importantly, WHY the mouses would two Canadian Security Intelligence Service agents be knocking on my front door?
Something else didn’t feel right, either, but I wasn’t quite sure what. The unlikely appearance of two CSIS agents on my front doorstep was odd, to say the least, so that was probably it. On the other paw, my uneasiness might very well be due to the fact that my fur-sibs and I had had to fend for ourselves for both lunch and dinner the day before, not to mention breakfast, this morning. It was quite possible I was suffering from a bit of a dodgy tummy. Although I couldn’t be positive, I suspected Andy had drooled in the open bag of kibble from which we had all been eating, and goodness knows what life-threatening kinda germs might be found in Anderson’s drool. At this very moment, I could be starting to feel the effects of such a life-threatening contagion, causing me to hallucinate, and imagine the appearance of two CSIS agents at my front door, and…
“WE CAN SEE YOU, YOU KNOW. We can see you right through the glass, Seville. Open the door.”
I turned back around. Huh. The CSIS agents were still there so I had to conclude they were real. What’s more, they somehow knew my name. And they probably wouldn’t give up easily, I surmised, as I was quite positive government agents and the like never did, so rather reluctantly, I opened the door. “What do you want?” I asked. I held up a paw before either one of the men could answer. “More importantly, do either of you know how to use a can opener?”
One of the agents made a sharp movement with his head which I assumed to be a nod of affirmation.
“Good. Come this way,” I told them, padding softly through the foyer and leading them into the kitchen. “There are tins of tuna on the counter. You can talk while I eat. MOUSES!”




  1. Love the book bit Seville. Happy Easter from all of us!

  2. Seville! What a great Easter Post! I wish I had thought of posting some of Nellie's Past Posts...But I didn't. But Maybe next year.
    I am stoked that you are going to have a book. I KNOW that your adventures have always kept Mom and Me on the edge of our seats and we can't wait to share your book!
    And before I forget...HAPPY EASTER to all of You from all of us!
    Marv and Ninja and Mom

  3. I can't wait to read the whole book. Happy Easter!XO

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family, Sivvers!

  5. That sounds like a pawsome book ! It was fun to re-read your past Easter adventures ! Happy Easter ! Purrs

  6. Seville we cant wait to read the new book so thanks for a teaser. Now I would like a bit of nip as a teaser so can you handle a small packet of that with each page turn of the new tome? Hope so. We have loved all past adventures and thanks for being great pals through the years!
    Timmy and Family

  7. What exciting news about the book! And the excerpt sounds awesome!

  8. Ooh, me likey a good mystery, Seville!

  9. Oooh this is a rare treat in deed, to be able to get a taster of a new novel. This sounds brilliant and we hopes them CSIS folk didnt lie about being able to open tins as that could get messy! ;)
    Purrs and toodle pips

  10. Oh Severs, it is so-o exciting that you will have a new book out soon! I will put it as number 1 on Mom's "to buy for Valentine" list that I wrote up. Tee hee hee! Thanks fur sharing the excerpt! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter. Mom left me at home while she went to Vegas with Auntie over the weekend to see a concert. She came back yesterday, but so far I don't see that she brought me home anything. Poo. Luv you.


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.