Wednesday 17 April 2019

my bad

So probably not the best of ideas.


Somethin' I probably shouldn't have done.


Best not try that one again.


Oh well.  My bad.


As many of you have already heard, this past Sunday was a downright BEAUTIFUL DAY here in Nova Scotia.  Sunny and warm and well...

Well beautiful, for sure.

And to make things even better, the peep took advantage of said beautiful day and dragged a whole bunch of stuff out of the garage.

Now most of the stuff she was draggin' was stupid and of absolutely no interest to me.  You know, on account of my not bein' interested in stupid stuff.

But some of the stuff...

Some of the stuff was the most AMAZIN' kinda stuff, of all.  The kinda amazing stuff a kitty dreams of finding, for sure.


Remember those nip plants I, Seville the Cat, grew last year?  The ones I started all by myself from seed?  You know, the ones I had to grow myself on account of the peep proving - ONCE AGAIN - to be totally useless in the growin' of nip.

Yeah, those are the ones.


Well last fall, the peep put those catnip plants of mine into the garage for the winter, and on Sunday...

On Sunday, she dragged 'em outside.


At first I hadn't realised 'bout this wonderful thing ol' Peepers had done.  That's right, believe it or not, on Sunday, I was totally unawares.

But on Monday...

On Monday, I found my potted nippers and boy-oh-boy was I ever pleased.  I rubbed up against the pots, and the plants within the pots, and then the pots once more.  I nudged them with my head, and gently batted at 'em with my paws, all while purring up a storm.

Let me tell you, my friends, I was so incredibly ecstatic 'bout my catnip plants surviving the winter and bein' alive, I thought...

I thought...

I thought, I need to let everybody know that these here catnip plants are mine.


So I spun right around...

And lifted my tail...



But then...

But then I thought, okay, so that might not have been the best of ideas.

You know, on account of my now bein' the proud owner of nine catnip plants that have been uh...




So now I'm thinkin'...

Hoping, is more like it.

Now I'm hoping, maybe it'll rain.  Maybe the rain will come again and wash what I sprayed - and it's safe to say it wasn't fertiliser - away.


But if not...

If not, I've got some slightly sprayed-upon nip plants for sale.

Goin' real cheap.

But you've gotta be quick!  Yup, you've gotta be quick 'cause if need be, I'll dry out those leaves and give 'em to the peep for her to make up some tea.

For herself, of course, on account of my not wantin' peed-upon catnip tea for me.

But what the peep doesn't know won't hurt her.

Will it?



  1. They should be alright really, Serenity cats have their plants out in the ground and they are also coming back up , pretty sure every Serenity cat that goes by puts a Claim to them , if you know what I mean. Yes being constantly outdoors they do get rained on but doesn't seem to bother Serenity Cats at all who marked what LOL. Happy Nipping Seville!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dood....sprayed nip iz all de rage rite now sew ewe did good...pluz it will keep de nay bor harez frum mezzin with yur plantz like they due round heer ~~~~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Dang, probably shouldn't have fur sure Seville!

  4. Oops, Seville, I think you made a bad mistake!

  5. MOL, Seville ! We hope your plants get some rain ! Purrs

  6. Seville you put new meaning into "pray fur rain" Ha Ha Ha
    Maybe next time just do on or two?

  7. Have a fabulous Thursday!

    Noodle and crew

  8. Oh no! That was a mistake.

  9. Tea-hee, "peed-upon catnip tea"- sounds like a variety mom might want to try...

  10. If you end up putting them up for sale, Severs, you could advertise them as special Sever's infused nip plants. Tee hee hee! Mom didn't know you could overwinter nip plants in the garage. Mom had to buy me a new nip plant, 'cause the landscape crew pulled it out of the garden last spring thinking it was a weed! UGH! Luv you.


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