Wednesday 13 January 2021




We've got a mournin' dove cleared for a landin'.


I swear, it's like JFK and Grand Central Station out there, all rolled into one.


So I was lookin' out the livin' room window earlier, wantin' to see if my sister-to-be, Saffron, was anywhere to be found, when what did my little eyes see?

Well, not Saffron, I'm afraid.  Oh, she had been there earlier, for sure.  Plates with the fanciest of the feasts had been licked clean, although much of the dry kibble was untouched.

Peepers adds a few temptin' treats to the bowl with the kibble, you see, and Saffron, bein' a very smart girl...

OF COURSE she's smart.  After all, she's gonna be MY sister.  MOUSES!

...eats the treats and leaves the kibble behind.


But anyway, even though Saffron wasn't about, the veranda was still filled with activity.  And when I say, filled, I mean, FILLED.  It's like a MADHOUSE out there, to be sure.

We've got mourin' doves and some kinda black birds who like to eat off the ground.  Peepers doesn't actually put bird seed on the ground for 'em, but the blue jays knock seed from the feeders down, and the ground eaters eat it right up.  Then there are finches of some sort and tonnes of chickadees about.  Oh, and every now and then, a woodpecker.  Believe it or not, I've even seen crows.

And those are just the birdies.  Or the flyin' maraudin' critters, as I say.

On the ground we have squirrels.  Big black ones and grey ones, as well as the little red guys, all runnin' about.  There are chippies out there, too.  And every now and then, a mouse.

Okay, so I haven't personally seen any mice runnin' about, but...

But the other day, Peepers was out there sweepin' up sunflower seed shells and found a dead mouse.  It was sad and we held quite an elaborate funeral, and...

Okay, so actually, Peepers just wrapped the little guy up in a paper towel and gently placed him under a big tree, out in the woods.

WE THINK the mouse was left by Saffron.  Not sure if she caught it before decidin' she'd rather eat the yummy fuds Peepers puts out for her, or...

Or if it was a gift.

For Peepers.


Quite literally, too.  You know, since the gift was a mouse.


But anyway, with all the ground and air activity goin' on out there, there's never a dull moment for a kitty like me, EVEN IF I DON'T wanna actually go outside.  No sirree.  I can just hang out in the big livin' room chair and watch bird and squirrel TV for hours on end.

Until I get tired.

Until I get sleepy.

Until I get...





And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Oh, I think it was a gift Seville, I really do!

  2. We bet it was a gift from Saffron! How exciting!

  3. I'm sure it was a gift! I mean, wouldn't you want to give something nice to a person who treated you well?

  4. dood....thiz waz a grate post ta reed bout yur sisturr and vizshuz squirrel and mouz and chippeez...HOW EVER....we DID see that ya used sum FOWL language and hope afturr watchin all thoz burdz ya due knot suffer head o ache~~~~~ :) ♥♥

  5. Saffron is paying her rent for the month. We think the birds know where and when she is and keep out of the way

  6. We had a vote and we think that mouse was for your Peep. Kozmo brings home mice and birds for Mom. Right now it is winter and he can't bring them into the house! Which makes Mom Happy. We hope you guys have a marvellously Happy Day!

  7. I am so happy Saffron is going to be your sister.

  8. I agree with Timmy Tomcat. Saffron is honorable and is leaving your Peep a tip for her generosity of feeding the birds...and her. We miss feeding the birds at our new house, but we have a lot of big birds like hawks and owls, and even snakes, so no more handouts to attract any WILD life.


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