Wednesday 13 July 2022

when in doubt...

When in doubt, BLAME THE PEEP.


Oopsie, wrong sayin'.


On the other paw...

On the other paw, it actually fits.

I know, I know...  I know what you're thinkin'.  You're thinkin', what the mouses has Peepers done NOW?  What has she done and for what must she be blamed?


Well technically, SHE hasn't done anythin', I suppose.  But therein lies the problem, you see.  Maybe she COULD have done somethin' and her lack of doin' anythin' is why I'm now blamin' her for creatin' my original complaint which could possibly have been...

Are you ready?



Do you peeps out there have any idea just how hot 28C is for us kitties with fur?  Do you?  DO you?

Well let me tell you somethin', my friends: it's hot.  Hot as all get out.  Hot as in TOO hot, for sure.

And bein' a Canadian kitty...

Bein' a Canadian kitty, I have the tendency to be - as most Canadians are - preoccupied with the weather and such.

It's a Canadian thing, you see.  We complain when it's too cold and then again when it gets too hot.  In fact, just last week I was complaining 'bout July bein' a little on the cool side 'round here.  Yup, I was doin' just that.  Peeps were complainin', too.  And not just my peeps, either!  Nope and no sirree.  Peeps far and wide were complainin' that the nights were downright chilly for this time of year.  Why one night, someone said somethin' about the possibility of frost!


But then three days ago...

Then three days ago, the tables turned - or whatever they say - and too cold got too hot as the mercury climbed and the heat got the upper paw.

Not that thermometers use mercury now, but the sayin' still stands, I do believe.

So anyway, three days ago it got all hot and yucky and my fur started stickin' to me like my fur got all stuck on Peepers' black winter pea jacket.

You know, the jacket the dry-cleaners gave up on and told her to never bring back.


Now where was I?

Oh yeah, I was gettin' to the point where I could blame Peepers for this here darned heat.  The way I see it, when it gets too cold, Peepers turns on the furnace, right?  Right.  So when it gets too hot and yucky, why can't she turn on the cold?  And I don't mean just in the house, either.  I MEAN IN ALL THE GREAT OUTDOORS!  Why can't peeps learn to regulate the weather like they try to regulate everythin' else?  WHY CAN'T PEEPS DO SOMETHIN' USEFUL FOR A CHANGE?

And if Peepers finally does get off  that lazy tail of hers and learns how to control Nova Scotia's...  Scratch that, Canada's...  Scratch that, too.  If Peepers ever does get off that lazy tail of hers and learns how to control the GLOBAL weather, I, SEVILLE THE CAT, will be in charge of determining at what temperature the global thermostat will be set.

Kinda goes without sayin'.

But in the meantime, I'm just gonna sit here in front of this fan and cool myself off for a bit.  Might even take a nap.  And when I get up...

When I get up, I'm gonna figure out for what else I can blame ol' Peepers 'cause you know what they say.  They say, when in doubt, BLAME THE PEEP.

And never a truer sayin' was said.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Our weather is stuck on 90 degrees with huge thunderstorms that flood our two huge water bowls in the catio. And make the 'lectricity blink off and on like strobe lights. And make the teevees go dark and the computer printer not work. I think this summer so far needs a kick in its boodie.

  2. Seville, we understand why you want to blame the peep.
    'Round here, if a cat does something cute, then it's The Hubby's cat.
    If a cat coughs up his dinner, then the cat is MINE.
    See how that works?!?

  3. Oh, dear that is warm...we would love a temp like that here, it would feel cooler than the 34C we sometimes get...or even worse!
    When petcretary lived in NS, eons ago, airconditioning was not common...nor was heat particularly!
    We do have it now...come on over and enjoy it!

  4. Sounds like you need a list for the peep, Seville. To do and not to do. Of course the two columns need to be interchangeable, and changeable at your whim. Plus, you need to get the Canadian weather service on board too. After all they are actually in charge of the weather..... Maybe time for another visit to their offices in the Caribbean ;)

  5. Oh dear, Seville. You should count your blessings. Some kitties don't know when they are well off. MOUSES! We would be happy if summer tempurr-atures here were to stick at 28 C. But they frequently hover in the 30s.


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.