Wednesday 18 August 2021

update is complete

Hey ho, Sivvers the Cat here, ready with the latest update.

Update is 88% complete.  Please do not turn off your computer.

That's not the kinda update I meant.


So we're still one-paw typin', the peep and I, and yeah, IT STILL SUCKS.


And then, as if that weren't enough, Saffron showed up the day before last with a sore left paw, too!



Thankfully, Saffron's paw appears to be all better now.  Peepers thinks maybe she was stung by a bee or bitten by an ant or somethin' like that.

I'm tellin' ya, if any of my aunts were to bite me on the paw, there'd be mousin' heck to pay, for sure.


But now for more on the Saffron front: Saffron touched Peepers' hand with her nose, the other day.


I know, it is hard to believe.  I mean, just where had the peep's hand been prior to bein' touched?  Was it clean?  Was she sure?  That's risky business, that is, touchin' a peep's hand.  You never know what kinda peep germs those peeps might have.


But yeah, Peepers held out her right paw as she was puttin' Saffron's brekkie dishes out on the veranda, and Saffron must have been crazy delusional or somethin' like that from hunger, 'cause she came right over and sniffed the peep's paw.

It was a celebratory event, for sure.

I imbibed in a little of the nip, myself.


But that's not all!  Nope, there's more news on the Saffron front, for sure.

That kitty has no shame, I tell you.  No shame!  She rolls on her back and shows her belly now, even when the peep is outside.  SHE EXPOSES HER BELLY!  Peepers says it's a big deal havin' Saffron trust her enough to expose her belly like that.  I say, she's nothin' but a shameless hussy, but...

Yeah, yeah...  Quit your gripin', Peepers.  Callin' my sister-possibly-brother-to-be a shameless hussy isn't an insult, at all.

It's more like a fact.

Oh, and the other day, when Saffy - I call her Saffy sometimes, BUT NEVER TO HER FACE - was rollin' around on her back on one of the veranda chairs like the shameless hussy she is, that darn cat...  Well...  Well she rolled right off the chair, she did.

That's what you get for shameless hussying, you see.


And in other Saffy news...

Saffron has a pal.  Yup, big orange dude with a fluffy tail, but only moderately fluffy everywhere else.  Oh, and he's got a blotch of white on the side of his nose.  Peepers says he's a good lookin' guy, but what does she know?  He's CERTAINLY not as good lookin' as me.

Not even close.


Word on the street is, this orange fellow has a home.  He does, however, like to visit after Saffron has had her brekkies and eat up whatever she's left.

She gets the fanciest of the feasts, you see.

Not to mention kibble laced with temptin' treats.

Not that she leaves any of those treats behind, mind you.  Believe me, I know: I've checked, on more than one occasion.  Saffron is what you might call an eat-your-dessert-first kinda gal, I believe.

Although she may be a guy.  As you all know, and as evidenced by my late sisters Tobias and Mason; and my late brothers Nerissa, Desdemona, and Calista; Peepers' boy-girl cat identification skills are somewhat lackin'.


But anyway...

But anyway, that's my update all complete.

Guess it's safe to turn off the computer now.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Maybe Saffron will be moving in soon Seville!

  2. I am glad Saffron is starting to trust your peep. You may end up with a brother and a sister. :)

  3. Excellent update, Sivvers! We're glad your Peep's hand is getting better -- we hope she's at 100% real soon. That is amazing progress on the Saffron front -- touching the Peep's hand with her nose AND hussying about like she does? MOUSES! That's wild stuff, for sure!

  4. Your human is having better luck making pals with Saffron than my human is with the outside kitties here... but then, she's more focused on getting them TNR'd than being their buddy right now.

  5. dood.....bee care full what ewe say coz de "shame lezz huzzy " ☺☺☺☺☺ just mite bee livin INN SIDE bee fore long

    we cracked up at thiz: ♥♥♥☺☺☺

    I say, she's nothin' but a shameless hussy, but...

  6. "there'd be mousin' heck to pay" betcha, Seville!
    Hope your peep gets Saffy and friend to visit regularly, then trap 'em and get 'em fixed!

  7. That Saffron is shameless showing her Tummy to one she has only just sniffed! Shameless! But then again she does get treats in her kibble so that was kind of payment in advance. Does she have a cat tree pole in the garden where other Peeps throw treats as she show her tummy? Just wondering

  8. I just need to say, I am mightily impressed by your peeps naming skills. 😂 Saffron isn't a shameless hussy, she or he, just knows a good thing when she gets it.


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