Sunday 15 August 2021

seventy-four weeks

This sucks.

This sucks THE BIG ONE, for sure.

It sucks, I tell you.  IT SUCKS!


As if my life hasn't been hard enough as it is, bein' stuck here with you for the past four hundred and two million, seven hundred and ninety-six thousand, eight hundred cat seconds...



Of all the good-for-nothin' peeps....


So it's like this: Peepers has a sprained wrist.  And I, bein' the extremely empathetic and considerate and even more so, sympathetic cat that I am, am experiencin' somethin' akin to sympathy pains...  Sympathy paw...  Whatever.

Bottom line is, neither one of us can use our front left paws.


So here I am, typin' this blog post usin' my right paw only.  HOW THE MOUSES DO PEEPS WHO CAN'T TYPE TYPE LIKE THIS?  HOW?

I asked Peepers to help me out.  I figured I could dictate my post to her and she could suffer through typin' with one hand only but to tell you the truth, SHE WAS SLOWIN' ME DOWN.  And it was so, so, SO very annoyin'.

You ever dictate a blog post to a one-handed peep?

Didn't think so.


So like it or not, my friends, this here blog post is gonna be a short one, for sure, on account of this one-pawed typin' thing bein' for the birds.



I wonder how birds type.  Anyone know?  They don't have paws.  They just have feet and wings and things.  You think you can type with a wing?

If so...

Mouses, I've gotta go out in the garden and see if I can find me some birds who might be willin' to type up a blog post or two if I dictate somethin' to 'em.

I've heard they'll work for peanuts, you know.

With maybe a sunflower seed or two thrown in.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Dang, that's now fun and I hope both of you are all better super soon.

  2. Aww, your poor peep! And poor YOU, Sivvers. We imagine that is a serious impediment to your blogging, so we hope she heals up real soon. Purring!

  3. I hope your peep is better soon.

  4. Monkeys! OK, maybe those are in short supply in Canada, but I hear tell that a big group of them somewhere, once, typed the entire works of Shakespeare! Sooo, my thinking is you could outsource your blogpost to said band of happy writers/typers, for the necessary fee. Of course, you'd have to do all the proofreading and editing as I also heard they got though a ton of paper getting it write, or indeed, right! On the other paw, suitably apt given the wrist predicament, get your friendly neighbourhood Chip and Dale to come in for a spell at the keyboard? 🙂🐿 Get better soon wishes to you all!
    Toodle pip and get better purrs to you all
    ERin & Mrs H.

  5. You could dictate directly to your computer. Sure, you may need an app that translates cat to human, but how hard could it be to locate an app like that? I hope that you and the Peep are feeling better soon.

  6. What a conundrum, Seville!
    There are programs that will type what you say, but as edie mentioned in their comment, not sure if there is a cat version.
    When I broke my left hand, I used Dragon at the office, but so many people would walk into my office, the typing always got a bit messed up!

  7. What the Cat is going on Seville! Something is afoot. I mean apaw. I mean... never mind just get that paw better

  8. I think birds type with their beaks, kind of like some humans type with their index fingers.

    I hope you both heal fast!


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