Wednesday 4 July 2018

don't touch that!

Previously, on Nerissa's Life:  Off in the distance, Seville thought he could see what appeared to be the end of the corridor.  Would the mysterious wizard be on the other side?  And why-oh-why did he live inside a cloud?  And more importantly, WHAT DID HE WANT WITH TWO CATS?  MOUSES!

The corridor came to a dead end but Mason clearly knew exactly where she was going.  Stepping toward the wall, she allowed one paw to disappear into its fluffy, cloud-like structure.  "Are you coming?" she called over her shoulder to Seville.  "He's waiting for us in there."

Seville watched his sister vanish, leaving nothing but pillowy soft clouds behind her.  "For mousin' out loud," he muttered.  "I'm gonna have to go in there after her, now, even though that's just about the last thing I was wantin' to do."

One of the cloud figures reached forward and poked a surprisingly sharp cloud finger in the small of Seville's back.

"Okay, okay!  You don't have to shove," Seville grumbled.  "I'm goin'.  I'm goin'!  MOUSES!"

Emerging on the far side of the wall, Seville's paw nearly slid out from underneath him as he stepped on something slippery.  Looking down, he saw a small pool of water that had formed near the wall's edge.  He looked up again and saw that he was now standing in a large room, housing a number of long tables.  Upon each table, there was a globe, carefully balanced on a pedestal, showing various weather patterns on Earth.  Due to both the room's size, and the fact that the floor and tables appeared to be made of white marble, the same colour as the cloud-like walls, the room had a somewhat stark appearance.

Mason was on the far side of the room, engrossed in an animated conversation with someone.  "Could she be talkin' to the wizard?" Seville wondered aloud.  "Could that be him?"  Trotting toward Mason, he skidded on yet another wet patch.  "Whoever thought of usin' marble floors in a cloud that rains every time you walk through a wall, was missin' a few marbles, himself," he grumbled.  "Must be the most stupid thing, ever.  That marble sure does get slippery when wet.  MOUSES!"

"There you are," Mason said, turning to Seville.  "Finally.  I'd like you to meet..."

"YOU'RE NOT A WIZARD," Seville stated.  He narrowed his eyes and wrinkled his nose.  "You look way more like a...  A...  A schoolkid or somethin'.  You don't look like a wizard at all.  Where's your robe?  Huh?  And do you even own a wand?"  Turning to his sister, he said, "Mason, I thought we were gonna meet the wizard, not some kiddo on summer holidays.  MOUSES!"

"What IS it with you and your wizards? Mason asked.  "You've been talking about wizards from the moment we got here.  Well, from the moment you woke up, anyway."

"Well I...  Awww...  Never mind," Seville scowled.  "MOUSES!"

The young boy grabbed Seville by a paw and vigorously shook it.

Seville drew back.  "Watch it," he growled.  "It's bad enough to be poked and prodded by cloud figures, but to be manhandled, too?  Or rather, kid-handled, I should say.  MOUSES!"

"I'm so sorry," the boy apologised, profusely.  "I'm sorry!"  He raked his fingers through poker-straight hair.  "It's...  It's...  It's such a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Cat.  I've waited for so long."

"You've been waitin' to meet me?" Seville asked.  "Little ol' me?" and he blushed.  "Me?"

"Of course," replied the boy.  "You're Seville the Cat."

"Well uh...  YEAH.  That is me.  So uh..."

"Enough of this mindless chitchat!" Mason exclaimed.  "We have work to do.  Jeremy, here, has been wanting to meet you because he's in need of your help, Seville.  He..."

"He is?"

"YES, HE IS."  Mason stamped a paw.  "Seville, this is going to take forever if you keep questioning everything I say."

"It will?"

"ENOUGH WITH THE STUPID QUESTIONS!" and Mason whacked Seville on his side with the end of her tail.

"Fine.  You don't have to yell.  And quit whappin' me.  It smarts as all get out," he added under his breath.  "My gosh, you're such a bossy sister.  How did I ever end up with a sister who thinks she's the boss of..."

"DON'T TOUCH THAT!" Jeremy yelled with horror.

"Wha?" cried Seville, taken by surprise.  He withdrew the paw he had, moments earlier, used to mindlessly spin one of the Earth-like globes precariously poised over the nearest table.

Without warning, the cloud the cats were in tilted violently to one side, causing the floor to slope, perilously.  Tables began to slide down the incline, alarm bells started to ring, Jeremy's chair, which was on wheels, crashed into the far wall, and several cloud figures materialised nearby.

Seville glanced about the room.  Seeing the chaos around him, he twisted his jaw to one side.  "Hmmm..."  Noticing Mason scowling at him, he asked in an innocent voice, "WHAT?  Don't scowl at me like that, Sis.  If they didn't want me playin' with their toys, they shouldn't have left 'em out here in the open.  You know, where I'd see 'em.  And play with 'em.  And stuff.  MOUSES!"



  1. Dang, you done left me hanging...again1

  2. I guess that globe Seville played with is more than a toy :)

  3. it your fault you guys are having a heat wave ad we are FREEZING!?!?

  4. Uh oh. We have the feeling that isn't just a simple globe, Sivvers!

  5. Wow, this is so cool, literally, and damp too! You sure set the world spinning with this adventure, Seville, can’t wait to see where we end up?
    Toodle pips and purrs
    Ps, if there’s any spare rain I could do with some!

  6. Uh oh, Seville! What can possibly happen NEXT?!?

  7. Seville, while you're there messing with things, could you turn the heat down a bit, please? Thanks.

  8. Pawsome can't wait to see what happens next.

  9. Uh oh, what have you done now, Seville! I wondered why we were getting this unusually hot and dry weather.

  10. Oh my, oh my! What have you gotten into Seville? Me and the girls are on the edge of our seats! They still have the balloon ready if needed, but pilot officer Kobe had to go for a short walk, if you know what I mean. Do be careful, won't you.

  11. why de crazed weatherz iz upon uz all.... ☺☺☺♥♥♥ give de globe a swat again N see if ya can set TT ta kewl ....but knot like winter...ya look good in pink buddy....just sayin.....we iz wonderin who de new figurez iz !!! grate storee buddy :)

  12. Hmph. The girls have to do everything, don't they, Seville? ;) Good thing you have a sister ...

  13. Oh my white boots & whiskers!!! How will this right itself again???

  14. Oh my, what power you have!
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  15. Well sure, Severs, you're right. They can't expect you to ignore a shiny round object like that. It just says "cat toy" all over it! Say, maybe that Jeremy will take you to the wizard?! I bet there is one. Winks. -Valentine (& Mom) of Noir Kitty Mews


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