Sunday 8 July 2018

an accident

Previously, on Nerissa's Life:  Seville glanced about the room.  Seeing the chaos around him, he twisted his jaw to one side.  "Hmmm..."  Noticing Mason scowling at him, he asked in an innocent voice, "WHAT?  Don't scowl at me like that, Sis.  If they didn't want me playin' with their toys, they shouldn't have left 'em out here in the open.  You know, where I'd see 'em.  And play with 'em.  And stuff.  MOUSES!"

Several of the globes that had been perched on tables prior to the cloud listing to one side, had fallen to the floor.  As the cloud eventually righted itself again, Seville watched one globe make its way across the floor, gradually coming to a stop mere inches away.  About to raise a paw and give it a good swat to send it careening off once more, he heard a loud and anguished cry.


Seville followed the sound of the voice and found Jeremy lying on the floor, beneath him.

"And would you PLEASE get off me?" Jeremy whined.  "This shirt was freshly pressed this morning."

Seville smirked.  "Freshly pressed by your MOM, I bet," he chuckled.  Then, in a reassuring tone he added, "Actually, it still looks pretty pressed to me."

"More like flattened," Mason stated.  "Seville, get off Jeremy, right now.  It's not nice to squish people, you know."

Seville narrowed his eyes.  "Is that some kinda fat joke, there, Sis?  'Cause if it is..."

"Please...  PLEASE...  Please get off me," Jeremy wheezed.  "I can barely breath."

"THAT DOES IT," and Seville climbed to his paws.  "I'm gonna give you BOTH a good smacky-paw to remember, and..."

"ENOUGH!" a loud and forceful voice echoed throughout the room, emanating from all directions and thus preventing the cats from deciphering the exact whereabouts of the voice's owner.  Frozen in fear, they stared at one another.  Jeremy, however, appeared nonplussed.

"Oh no!" Jeremy cried out.  Having gotten to his feet, he reached down to pick up the globe lying closest to him on the floor.  "There's a crack," he whispered, horror evident in his voice.

Seville stood up on his hind legs to get a better look at the globe in Jeremy's hands.  "That a bad thing?" he asked the boy.  "I mean, it's just a toy, right?  I've broken lots of toys in my time.  One might even say I'm like a PROFESSIONAL toy breaker.  Peep #1 just gets me new ones.  You need my first peep to get you a new toy globe?"

Mason let out a loud sigh of exasperation.  "Seville, this is clearly more than just a toy.  Look at what happened when you made it spin, earlier."

"Oh yeah, I had forgotten 'bout that.  Well I had tried to forget about it, anyway."  Turning back to Jeremy, he asked, "So uh...  Do you think that globey thing of yours can be fixed?"

Jeremy stared down at Seville, blankly.  Mason shook her head, sadly, and sighed once more.

"Do you happen to have any superglue, about?" asked Seville.  "I'm a dab paw at workin' with superglue, you know."

"Yeah, like that time, way back when, when you super glued a marker to your butt," Mason laughed.  "That marker was stuck to your butt for days!  When you finally showed the peep, SHE HAD TO CUT IT OFF WITH THE FUR-TRIMMER!"  Tugging on Jeremy's pant leg, she added, very seriously, "Whatever you do, do NOT give Seville any superglue."

Seville scowled at his sister.  "Just ignore her," he said to Jeremy.  "That was a long time ago.  And it wasn't my fault.  It was an accident, and..."

"Yeah, an accident," Mason scoffed.  "Just like you accidentally broke the Earth."

"I DID NOT."  Seville paused.  He looked up at Jeremy holding the Earth-like globe in his hands and staring at the large crack down its side.  He watched as a tear ran down Jeremy's cheek.  "I didn't really, did I? Seville asked.  "I mean, I didn't REALLY break the Earth.  DID I?  MOUSES!"

Jeremy glanced away from the globe and down at Seville.

Seville gulped, hard.  "Ummm...  You have insurance for this sort of thing, there, Jeremy?  UMMM..."

At that moment, Mason took a swipe at Seville, smacking one of his ears.  "Heads up there, Bro."

Seville massaged the ear Mason had smacked, and glared at his sister.

Mason coughed.  Then she coughed again, only louder.

"WHAT?" hissed Seville.  "What is it this time."

Silently, Mason pointed to the two cloud figures now towering beside them.  Either they had grown in size, or these two were different cloud people.  Bigger cloud people.  Bigger and definitely ANGRIER, too.  And directly below where they stood, was a slowly forming pool of water.  MOUSES!


Be sure to tune in this comin' Wednesday for Part V of my latest adventure.  Purrs.


  1. I really don't know what to make of those cloud things, MOUSES!

  2. Oh man! That is bad news, Seville, really bad if you broke the earth, but I think maybe it was broke by humans before, right? Cant wait till Weds to find out whats going on and if them storm clouds that are gathering are for you!
    Toodlepips and purrs

  3. This story is getting downright scary. I wonder how the earth will get fixed and how much trouble you will be in this time!

  4. Seville, when are you ever going to learn to mind Mason? She's not like those hair-brained brothers of yours and when she says to do something, you always get in trouble when you don't!

  5. You didn't break the Earth, us humans did that.

  6. dood.....we reeded thiz bazz azkwerdz sew we will pree tend we dinna reed de fin al lee N say WATCH OUT THEY MEEN TRUBULL....big time ~~~~~~~~ ;) ♥♥

  7. You broke the earth and now clouds are wetting on you! I can't wait to read more. Will Seville get super glue? If so will he glue the earth to his butt?

  8. Well that glue idea sounds like a good one to me, Severs. If that doesn't work, I could send you a bit of dogging drool, 'cause it seems to stick to everything! I think the Earth is a flexible sort of thing that can take hits and not be too phased. The humans have done a lot of bad stuffs to it, but it has survived. Winks.

  9. I have been on holiday so have lots of catching up to do. The good thing is that I don't have to wait in suspense now.
    Seville, I think you have really gone and done it this time.


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