Wednesday 28 June 2023

not again

Not again.

NOT again.




For mousin' out loud, the sayin' really is true.  It never rains but it pours, my friends.



I know, I know...  I know what you're thinkin'.  You're thinkin' that it wasn't all that long ago when I, Seville the Cat, was beggin' - BEGGIN! - for rain.  And you know what?  You're right.  That's exactly what I did.


But I had good reason to be beggin' for rain, back then.  My fair province of Nova Scotia was on fire.  On fire, I say.  On fire!  There were out-of-control wildfires all over the place.  And although the firefighters were workin' like mad and doin' as best as anyone could, what we really and truly needed was rain.  Lots of it, too.  Yup, what we needed back then was lots and lots of rain.



But that was then and this is now and let me tell you somethin', my friends: I swear it hasn't stopped rainin' since it started a few weeks ago, and...

Okay, so it has stopped rainin' a bit.

Now and then.

For maybe a second or two.

But no sooner does it stop, then it starts rainin' again!


And this is causin' me great grief, to be sure.  For starters, Peepers hasn't been goin' for her mornin' walks like she used to do, which has made her more than a little grumpy as of late.  But more importantly, I COUNT ON HER GOIN' FOR THOSE WALKS to get her out of my fur for an hour or two.

I swear she's been underpaw for weeks.

I believe her not wantin' to walk in the rain is on account of the well-documented phenomenon that occurs when peeps melt after gettin' wet.

Saw it on The Wizard of Oz so I know it absolutely must be true.



Or maybe she's afraid of accidentally participatin' in a wet t-shirt contest!

Could be either one, I suppose.


But meltin' peeps and wet t-shirts aside, facts are facts.  AND THE FACT IS, like I said, Peepers has been underpaw for weeks AND IT'S DRIVIN' ME CRAZY, for sure.


And then there's the shortage of sunpuddles which is makin' me a tad grumpy, I'm afraid.  That's right, there isn't a sunpuddle in sight around here.  Nope, not a one.  Oh sure, there are puddles, all right.  There are puddles all over the place.  But they're puddles of the water kind and the sun kind are nowhere to be found.  And although I enjoy a good drink of puddle water as much as the next cat, now and then, what I really like doin' is to lie out in the sun.

And believe-you-me, you DON'T wanna accidentally mistake a water-filled puddle for a sunpuddle, my friends.

It's not a pretty sight.

Right, Saffy?


So Mother Nature, if you're listenin', PLEASE STOP WITH RAIN!  Try to exercise a little moderation now and then, would ya?  There are plenty of places in Canada that are in dire need of the rain and I know I speak for all Nova Scotian kitties when I say, WE KITTIES WOULD BE HAPPY TO SHARE.

So please send a few of those rain clouds to Ontario and Quebec.  At least for a week, or two, okay?

Good gosh, at this point, I'd be happy for one day.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures




  1. OMC Are you getting smoke too?

    1. Believe it or not, no. Not even when there were those big active fires right here in Nova Scotia! The sky is a bit hazy but there's no smell of smoke at all. Guess the winds have been blowin' it away from us. We've been pretty lucky. purrs

  2. At leats it isn't raining cats and dogs. Heck, can you image the state Nova Scotia would be in.
    But on a serious note, I'm sure a little balance is being restored. Mrs H says what we need is to store more water in rainy seasons then release it in the dry. Which is fine untill you try to move said water. Paws crossed the winds of change will change and the winds will wend their way to other bits of Canada and US and deposit a little bit of liquid sunshinre were it's needed....
    Till then, may I suggest your peep gets you one of those sun lamps for an all over tan and radiant glow?
    Toodle pips and purrs

    1. Oh, I've got that covered already. Apparently, there's like a big underground lake or somethin' under where we live. That's where we're storin' the water. Then the pump brings it up when we need it. purrs

  3. If it's not one thing it's another, Sivvers. And it's making the Peep be underfoot, too??? MOUSES, indeed!

  4. Yikes! We can relate Seville, we had rain,rain and more rain for 12 days in a row.

  5. I hope you get some sun puddles soon. :)


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.