Wednesday 29 June 2022


So first she thought it was a ghost.

But Peepers quickly put the ghost idea to rest on account of her not believin' in ghosts, you see.

Well actually...

Well actually, it's not that Peepers doesn't believe in ghosts.  She's just never met one, and until you actually meet a ghost in person - so to speak - it's difficult to definitively say they exist.  But the one thing Peepers DOES know is that no self-respectin' ghost is gonna haunt our little ol' garage, thumpin' on its door like that, makin' the noise that she heard.  No one has ever died in our little ol' garage - I don't think - so no way, no how, are they gonna be in there haunting it.


And then she thought it was aliens.  Aliens, I tell you.  Aliens!  But nah, Peepers doesn't believe in aliens.

Okay, so Peepers actually does believe in aliens.  She definitely believes there are aliens out there in space.  Well, not necessarily IN space but on other planets out there in the big ol' vastness of space, if you know what I mean.  Peepers just doesn't necessarily believe those aliens wanna visit our Earth.  It's not like Earth is the Riviera of the Milky Way, she says.  She says, aliens aren't likely gonna wanna hang out with the locals here, on account of some of those locals bein' a little loco, if you know what I mean.

Not to mention batty and bonkers, as well as right round the bend.


So discountin' the hauntin' and alien visitation theories, Peepers gave up on figurin' out what had made that thumpin' noise in the garage.

For a bit.

But bein' the brave soul that she is...

Brave...  Reckless...  Stupid...  WHATEVER.

Bein' the peep that she is, Peepers decided to open the garage door and investigate.  I, on the other paw, ran off and hid.

I mean, judiciously took cover.


Well lo and behold, once Peepers opened the door, OUT WALKED SAFFRON, lookin' cool as a cucumber, he did.


So apparently...

So apparently, Saffron had managed to get himself locked in the garage and decided to thump on the door to let Peepers know, allowin' him to escape.  Pretty smart cat, that Saffron is.

Of course, he IS my brother, so what do you expect?


But later that day...

Later that day, Peepers went out for a walk and while out doin' her walkin', heard an awfully odd noise.  Was it a bird?  Was it a plane?  Was it Supercat?

Actually, no.  It didn't sound like any of those things.  It sounded like an engine of some sort.  But it was a weird kinda engine-like sound.  It was gettin' louder, then softer, then louder again.  Was it a generator?  Nah, power wasn't out.  Was it a pump of some kind?  Nah, too late in the day for peeps to be pumpin' whatever peeps pump.  Was it...

Was it...


Well not unless aliens were out there mowin' some guy's lawn.

Yup, that's right.  Nothin' nefarious goin' on in our subdivision last night.  Nothin' nefarious at all.  Just some guy on a rideabout, ridin' in circles, around and around and around.

When Peepers told me about what she had heard, and how she had briefly thought it might have been extraterrestrials, I reminded her that if she believed aliens don't like hangin' out in our neighbourhood, THEY MOST CERTAINLY DON'T wanna be out there mowin' our lawns.

At least not for free.

But on the other paw...

On the other paw, our lawn kinda needs a good mow right about now.

And extraterrestrials settin' up lawn care services could explain that whole crop circle thing.

I wonder if they're listed in the Yellow Pages. 

What do you think?



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. When can we finally see a picrure of Saffron ?

  2. Glad Saffron was so clever to tell the peep he was locked in the garage. I would hire the aliens about now to mow our lawn. :)

  3. Seville, it's best to keep an open mind; ghosts, space aliens, time-space continuum, etc. One never knows.

  4. MOL! Saffy banging about in the garage. Smart, indeed.

    Extraterrestrial lawncare? You may be on to something, Sivvers!

  5. Glad Saffron let your Peeper know he was trapped!

  6. Hello! Aliens mowing lawns, huh. Sounds like that could be a real money spinner. But you have to ask what's in it for them? I'm guessing there is a whole new use for lawn clippings!


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