Wednesday 20 April 2022



Yup, you heard that correctly: STUFF.

Yes sirree, today I, Seville the Cat, will be blogging 'bout stuff.

Stuff of catastrophic and apocalyptic proportions, that is.


So let me tell you all about what happened yesterday.

The day started out just fine.  It was gonna rain a lot.  The weatherpeeps warned us all about that.  And you know weatherpeeps: sometimes they get it right, sometimes they get it wrong, and most of the time it's somewhere in between.  But when they say it's gonna rain buckets, it's probably gonna rain at least a bit.  'Nough to carry an umbrella, at least.


But what they didn't tell us...  Or at least they didn't emphasise it enough...  Was all 'bout the other STUFF.


But back to the start of the day.  The START of the day was just fine.  Even saw the sun for a minute or two.  Okay, so maybe 'bout ten seconds.

But then sometime after lunch...

Sometime after lunch, the winds started howlin' like I've never heard winds howl before.  At least not in the past few months, that is.  The winds were howlin' and stuff - yup, STUFF - was thrashin' about and there was somethin' thump, thump, thumpin' on the roof.  I don't wanna know what.

And the rain!  Well the rain was not so much rainin' as bein' DUMPED DOWN from above.


At one point, Peepers looked out a window and noticed the cover of one of her two little greenhouses had come off.  So out she went, thinkin' she'd put it back on, but the wind was so strong the cover acted like a sail and there was no way, no how, that she could get that cover to cooperate at all.  Best she could do was anchor it to the ground with a couple cement blocks.

A little while later, Peepers looked out that same window again, and noticed the OTHER cover had come off.  So out she went, knowin' she wouldn't be able to put it back on its frame, but thought she'd be able to anchor it, too, to the ground with some more of those cement blocks.

But when she went out...

Well when she went out, not only was the cover for the greenhouse gone, but the greenhouse was gone as well!


But way over on the other side of the yard...

Way over on the other side of the yard, Peepers found said greenhouse and cover.  She dragged first the frame back to where it belonged, anchored it down with the metal thingies for anchorin' that had been all strewn about the yard, and then tossed a couple cement blocks over the cover.

Good thing the woman has lots of cement blocks.


And then...

Well that's when the actual pandemonium and chaotic mayhem ensued, resultin' in some bodily injury, carnage, and maiming.  I'm gonna save that part 'til Sunday's blog post, I think.  Too much to talk about here.


And after the chaos of the part I'm savin' for later, Peepers decided to go for the mail.  Needless to say, she decided to drive and not walk.  No explanation needed

And that's when she saw the destruction and carnage around.  Not so much on our street, but two streets down, there was a mattress lyin' right there on the ground.  Now I've watched Peepers flip a mattress before and let me tell you somethin', my friends: it is not a pretty sight.  And afterwards, the peep is kinda pooped to be sure.

NO, not pooped as in poopies in her pants, but pooped as in pooped.  You know, pooped as in tired, I believe.

SO CAN YOU IMAGINE how strong that wind must have been to blow a full-sized mattress right down the street?


This mornin', Peepers and I took a good walk 'round the garden.  Some branches are down.  Gutters at the back of the house are gonna need fixin'.  But the really important thing is...




And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. YEOW dood...feerce windz like that can bee scaree...noe mezzin with mom nature thatz for sure...we iz glad ewe all iz aye oh kay N we hope what ever waz on de roof waz knot a ...bad stuff !!!♥♥

  2. Oh Seville!
    You got us all riled with your tale of rain and wind and cement blocks and mattresses...
    Only to drop the GOOD news at the end..!

  3. What a relief that your nip is undamaged, Seville!

  4. Dang, gotta watch out for the buckets!

  5. Peepers must have been wondering if the whole house was going to blow away! I hope there weren’t a bunch of baby plants in those greenhouses. And the mattress part: Wow. Just wow.
    Aww, why do we have to wait till Sunday? Hope peepers is okay.

  6. Yikes! It sounds like there was a tornado or micro burst.

  7. MOUSES! That was some crazy weather, Sivvers. Greenhouses and mattresses getting blown all over ... it's a miracle that your nip plants survived unscathed!

  8. Glad nothing worse happened to the Peep. Oh, and that your nip plants survived.

  9. Fantastic news about the nip surviving dude, but seriously, what fluff kind of weather was that, that attacks innocent greenhouses and mattresses???? Mew need to write a letter to somepawdy!!!

  10. Safe catnip is an absolute must. What Mrs H wants to know is what happened to the house that the mattress came out of? Was that blown out to sea?
    Toodle pips and purrs


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