Sunday, 14 April 2019

it's a beautiful day

It's a BEAUTIFUL day in the neighbourhood.  The sun is shining, the air is warm, and methinks spring has finally sprung.


And the birds!  The birds, they are a-singing.  Do you hear them?  Do you hear their beautiful song?

Let me tell ya, it beats the peep's caterwaulin', for sure.  MOUSES!

And the air is filled with the fresh scent of...

*sniff sniff*

Wait a minute...

*sniff sniff*


*sniff sniff*

The air, my friends, is filled with the stench of smoke.


For mousin' out loud.  Peeps aren't allowed to be burnin' brush and stuff anywhere in Nova Scotia between the hours of eight in the mornin' and two in the afternoon.  Between those hours, THERE IS NO BURNIN' ALLOWED.


So who the mousie mousin' mouses is the culprit?

Who, I ask you.   WHO?

Ironically, the neighbours most likely to be the guilty party have a load of laundry on the line, so it's probably not them.

This time.

And that, my friends, is what we call Karma, for sure.


I'm just happy it's not Peep #1 with laundry on the line, 'cause let me tell you somethin' my friends, when my peep has had laundry out and someone has been illegally burning, the resulting assault upon my little kitty ears when she brings in her clothes stinkin' of smoke, is NOT somethin' a respectable kitty like me wants to hear.

Seriously.  Last time that happened, listenin' to the peep made even ME blush.


But you know...

Have you noticed...

Have you ever noticed that peeps break rules all the time?  Rules like burnin' brush when brush burnin' is simply not allowed?

AND HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED that even though peeps are chronic rule breakers themselves, an innocent kitty such as myself breaks one teeny-tiny, minuscule little rule, and the next thing you know...

The next thing you know, 'h's and double hockey sticks are breaking out all over the place, for sure.


I'm tellin' ya, a TOTALLY INNOCENT MARMALADE KITTY breaks ONE LITTLE RULE and the next thing you know...

Okay, so even I know I'm not supposed to be poopin' in plant pots, but ...

But to be perfectly honest, I didn't actually poop.

I NEVER INTENDED to poop, as a matter of fact.

I was merely digging a hole.

Yeah, THAT'S what I was doin'.  That's what I was doin', for sure.  Just diggin' an innocent little hole.

And what I was gonna do with said hole after it was dug...



And for everybody's information, THERE IS NO no-hole-diggin'-allowed-between-the-hours-of-eight-and-two rule in existence.

No rules were broken at all.

At least none made by the Government of Nova Scotia.



  1. My human has COPD so when the crazy guys across the street have their little fires at night we have to close the windows!! Terrible Luckily human has medicine for it. But really, who sits around outside at night getting smoky clothes??

  2. I think hole digging is allowed anytime here!

  3. We dont have much of those peep problems where we are but have seen them acting all stoopid way too close to our abode.
    Dad does not have any big potted plants so do you know how to order one or maybe get him to get one? We are wondering what a Dug Hole calling us would be like
    Keep up the digging at proper times and with proper deposits
    Timmy and Family

  4. You tell, 'em, Seville. Rules are meant for breaking else why would we have them. . . . well human rules being broken by cats is fine—humans breaking humans rules of course is not, especially when there is an affront to ones delicate feline ears! MOL

  5. I remember washing my clothes at the local laundromat, and someone was smoking a ciggy, and I was so mad! Smelly cars make me crazy too.

  6. You are one fun cat, you made me smile on a Monday! We can't have plants inside anymore becuz of hole diggers - MOL!

  7. I hate the smell of any kind of smoke. My hubby burns brush(with a permit)and I stay inside.

  8. In our neighborhood burning stuff isn't allowed no matter what time of day or what time of year. I guess its because it gets so darn hot down here that stuff can burn easily and spread. Mom said she certainly would say a few choice words over her clothes smelling like smoke! As for pooping in potted plants... Why else would you have one?

  9. Burning stuff isn't allowed in our area no matter what time of day or year. I guess because we have such intense heat, the fire might spread. As for pooping in potted plants...what else are they good for?

  10. Burning stuff isn't allowed in our area no matter what time of day or year. I guess because we have such intense heat, the fire might spread. As for pooping in potted plants...what else are they good for?


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