Wednesday 20 March 2019

Hey Peepers!

Hey Peepers!  You happen to have the weather channel's e-mail address on paw?

Why do I need their e-mail, you ask?

Hmmm...  You're right.  I should probably call 'em directly.


Hey Peepers!  You happen to have the weather channel's phone number on paw?

NEVER MIND!  I decided to tweet 'em..

On the other paw...

Nah, phoning is definitely better.

Hey Peepers!  I'm gonna need that phone number after all.  You happen to have...

Well THAT was rude.  The peep just slammed the door to my office shut.

And right in my face!

Well we'll see about that!  I'm not lettin' the peep get away with shutting a door in my face.  You let a peep shut a door in your face once, and you're bound to have peeps shuttin' doors in your face all over the place.


Okay, so she didn't actually shut the door IN my face.  I was sitting at my computer, and the door is way over on the other side of the room.

But still...

But still, I'm gonna have to deal with this rudeness somehow.  I'll go hound her for that phone number in the kitchen.


Hey Peepers, did you find that phone number for me?

For the weather channel!  Mouses woman, do you NEVER listen to the things I say?


WHY do I need the weather channel's phone number, you ask?

'Cause I think phoning and talking to them in person is better than tweeting or sending an e-mail.

WHY do I need to contact the weather channel at all, you ask?

Just take a look out the window!

Yeah, yeah...  I know it's sunny out there.  And I know that seeing the sun is nice, too.  I know all that stuff.  I'm a cat.  We cats are experts in sunshine and sunpuddles and the like.

For mousin' out loud, Peepers, stop asking silly questions and saying stupid things.  Go stick your head out a window or a door or something, and you'll understand my problem, for sure.

Good, you're back.  NOW do you see what I mean?

Oh for the love of mouses.  MY PROBLEM IS, when a kitty looks outside and sees the sun shining like that on the first day of spring...

'Cause that's what today is, you know.  It's the first day of spring.

... A kitty is bound to think it's all nice and toasty warm outside.  But it's not toasty warm out there at all, Peepers.  It's cold enough that a cat could catch a chill, if said cat were to sit on a rock or something, on his bare bum.

And NO ONE wants kitties to catch chills.

Remember, Peepers?  Remember that time when Rushy caught a chill, and...

Exactly.  If you think it's bad when a lactose intolerant kitty gets his paws on some cream, that's NOTHIN' compared to a kitty catchin' a chill.

My gosh, we even had to retire a couple litter boxes after that.


But let's get back to my question, shall we?

Peepers, do you happen to have the phone number for the weather channel NOW?

And FYI, if you don't have the number on paw, I can wait right here for you to go and get it.  I'll even give you a minute.  Just ONE minute, mind you, but still, a minute.  Consider it a gift.



  1. You should call them Seville, it's 800-WER-RONG!

  2. Seville, we must learn to live day to day, 'cause the weather doesn't seem to bother with the calendar AT ALL!

  3. Make sure you let us know how that turns out for you. If they turn the heat up, maybe they can do something about the massive rainstorm that we're going to have on my day off this Friday. ;)

  4. How dare the Weather Channel mess things up for you like this!

  5. Oooh now cold bum syndrome on the first day of spring is an omen of ill content mishap and mayhem . . . I think, or my be not. Maybe thats just elections? Anyways,
    either way it is not to be recommended. Why not get the peep to go there in person and sort them out—the personal touch is always best, especially with matters of National Importance, like cold bums....

  6. The weather at our house can't make up it's fweakin mind as to whether or not to be rainy, cold, warm, sunny, dreary or inbetweeny. First Day of Spring was dreary and chilly. Second Day of Spring is sunny and warm. Pffft! Make up your dang mind already!

  7. Seville we had that same sunny sun and coldy cold at our house way down in PA. Thats Pennsylvania not Pa as in Dad ok. Now today we have wet wet wet. Do you have that number handy buddy?
    Timmy and Family

  8. You would only be wasting your time, Seville. They are not weather forecasters, they are weather guessers. How often have you known them to be right?

  9. I think you need to go higher than the weather channel- Mother Nature or God perhaps. :)

  10. Meow meow you tell her Seville!!! Mee asked fore weather Channelle'ss fone numburr too! Sun with fureezin tempss!! This iss NOT rite at all...
    FISHSTICKSS!! Mee hopes you warm upss soon...this Winter has bin brutall in Canada hasn't it???
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  11. That nature does like to tease us in the spring with days that look bright and sunny, but are a bit too drafty for a kitty's comfort. Luv you.


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