Wednesday 1 November 2017

too much to ask?

Let me tell you somethin', my friends.  Peeps can be such...






Why just the other day, there I was, sittin' on the bed, mindin' my own business, doin' a little washin', when out of nowhere came along one of those darned peeps.

FYI, it was Peep #1, but truth be told, both of my peeps have been guilty - NUMEROUS TIMES - of bein' peeps.  Not to mention bein' guilty of doin' peep-like things.


And "MOUSES!" is exactly what I said.  And I said it with the loudest, most annoyed voice I could possibly muster.  'Cause like it or not, at that moment, my annoyance was most definitely what Peep #1 deserved to hear.


Is it too much for a kitty to ask, to have a little privacy while said kitty is doin' his washin'?

Apparently, it is.


You know, we cats start invadin' the privacy of peeps while they're doin' THEIR washin', and we never hear the end of it.

Okay, so truth be told, Peep #1 doesn't really mind my invadin' her privacy while she's doin' a little laundry down in the laundry room.  But laundry is a different kind of washin', for sure.  If we invade their privacy while they're in the shower...


Yeah, that's just what peeps say when we cats invade their privacy while they're in the shower.

Believe, I know.

And don't even get me started 'bout what they say if they're usin' the litter box.


But does that stop them from invadin' OUR privacy while WE'RE usin' the litter box?

The answer to that, my friends, would be a resounding no.  In fact, peeps are known to lurk around the litter boxes of cats, waitin', and watchin', like the snoopy peeps they are, until we finish doin' our litter box business.

Why peeps have this fascination with cats' litter boxes, I will never know, but like it or not, they do.


Why, peeps have even been known to TAKE PICTURES of us cats while we're usin' the box.




Do we cats take pictures of them, while they're doin' THEIR litter box business?

Not on your life.

Actually, postin' pictures of peeps usin' a litter box can get a kitty banned from a number of social media sites.

Not that I've ever done it myself.

It's just somethin' I've heard.

From the friend of a friend of a friend.

Or somethin' like that.


You know, you'd think those social media sites would get on the ball, and start disciplining PEEPS, takin' pictures of cats doin' their litter box business, but OH NO...

Oh no, we couldn't have that.

And I suppose they do have their reasons.  Those social media site people probably know that if you take away all the pictures of cats on the Internet.




  1. It's so true. Those social media site people need cat pictures. They couldn't go on in their lives without them. Mom took a pic of me in my litter box. Can you believe that?! I thought it was so rude & uncalled for. There is a think called a privacy curtain & she breached it for a pawparrazi shot! I thought she had better judgement. (sighing) Oh well... Tummy tickles dear furr-iend!

  2. Oh how true. The internet is ruled by cats for peeps. Nobody wants to see peeps they are just too boring! Unless it's those reality games shows like the At Home with the Cardigans, where they have to act all funny. That really makes me laugh MOL
    Toodle pip

  3. Yep, my Mom L doesn't stop at much when she starts usin' that snappy phone. And what she did to my poor Foster kittens? *shudder*.


  4. Well we are very lucky in that out peep does not watch us use the box, she is just glad when we do use the box.You need to train your peeps better than that. Have a good week.

  5. Oh No! one of the very first pictures my Mommy took of me was of me in the litter box...thankfully it was too dark for her to use. Since then I, Marvelous have ensured that I NEVER use the box in the room that my Mommy is in (I have two boxes). I wonder if I could get a picture of her...

  6. The internet actually feeds on humans' unnatural fascination with us cats! So what can you do?

  7. Crockett LUVS watchin my momma take baffs. I say it are payback.

  8. Sorry Seville, but I never could get to the bathroom on my own no matter what I wanted to do in there. Flynn only had to hear the slightest sound and he would race in there to beat me to it. I am sure he had radar to alert him. Yes, I did take photos of him in the litter box, and him and Eric manuring the great outdoors, but that was payback time on my behalf.

  9. We have no potty box pics either, that just ain't right!

  10. I haven't taken any photos of my cats using the litter box, but I am guilty of taking photos of them bathing. I hope they don't try to get revenge. Have a nice weekend! XO

  11. It's true. Peeps really need to learn some decency about using those flashy box things!

  12. Trust me dude, the internet IS FELINE!!

    (and the rest with its 5000 word posts and cornerstone content just doesn't hack it alone.


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