Sunday 22 June 2014

a MOUSES! moment, for sure

Hey Peepers!  Come see this.  Just look at that.  Yeah...  THAT.  You had thirteen whole hits on your blog yesterday.  That's more than you had for the entire month of May. Congratulations are in order, I should think.  Wanna pass me some nip?

What do you mean my sarcasm isn't appreciated?  I'm just statin' the facts. Those thirteen hits, yesterday, are more than you had for the entire month of May.   Whatcha doin' that's so different?  How are you uppin' your game?  Perhaps you could give me a pointer or two?

Oh, I see...  You actually wrote a post.  Mouses Peepers!  Didn't anyone ever tell you that the most important part of bloggin' is writing?  You should be writin' posts all the time.

So before yesterday, when was the last time you posted?  July, you say.  Nah, that's not possible. July hasn't arrived yet.  July is next month.  Stop foolin' around.  When was the last last time you posted?  You mean you haven't posted since July of last year?  2013?  BUT THAT WAS ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR AGO!  It was like, eleven months.  MOUSES!

Yes, this was my part of the conversation I had with the peep this mornin'.  It was a MOUSES! moment, for sure.

For those of you who haven't heard (and apparently, there are a whole lot of you), Ol' Peepers here has a blog.  She calls it "The Peep's Cheeps" although she clearly has not been doin' very much cheepin'.

Peep #1 claims that there are reasons for her lack of cheepin' and I have to agree.  I have to agree that there are reasons.  I don't necessarily agree with what those reasons are.

What's that Peepers?  You say that you spend so much time helpin' me with my blog that you don't have time to work on your own?

NONSENSE.  I write all my own stuff.  I don't require your help to write my posts.  What are gettin' at here?

On the other paw, I do need a little help.  Just a teeny-tiny bit.  I do need the peep to turn the computer on for me in the mornin' but once that's done, she's free to do as she likes.  I don't need her watchin' over my shoulder, remindin' me not to start sentences with and or but or whatever.  Not that I've ever been known to take her advice on such matters, anyway.  But the constant nattering 'bout such things tends to be a little annoying after the first hour or so, if you know what I mean.

My gosh, I just had a thought.  If Ol' Peepers were to do as much writing as she does nattering, she'd have posts comin' out of her ears!   And far better that than her natterin' in mine.

What's that Peepers?  Yes I know I just started a sentence with an and and let me tell you...  IT WAS INTENTIONAL.

See what I mean?  Nattering.

Okay, so now she's changing her story. Now the peep claims that with all the blogging I do, I'm tyin' up the computer.

Nope.  Just checked.  The computer cord is lying right there.  No knots or anythin'.  Nothin' tied up at all.

FINE.  Yes, I know you actually meant that I was usin' the computer and when I'm usin' it, you can't. Well...  Well these things can't be helped.  I have posts to write and writing to post and when I'm not doin' that, I have pals to visit on Twitter and Facebook and the like.

And speakin' of Facebook.  Did you hear?  Passed twenty-five hundred likes on my fan page yesterday.  NICE.

Anywho...  If you need more computer time, why not do it while I'm nappin'?  I nap multiple times a day, every day.  Plenty of time for you to do some writing while I'm nappin', Peepers.

Now the Peep is complaining that on the rare occasion when she does get to use the computer, she has been workin' on her book so she can't work on her blog.

That's ridiculous.  Firstly, I take exception to the phrase, rare occasion.  Like I said, I nap daily.  My nappin' schedule has nothin' to do with rarity.  Secondly, I take exception to the word book as Ol' Peepers' foray into the writing of books has not yet produced a single book-like object or anything resembling what could be placed upon a bookshelf.

I, on the other paw, have written an entire chapter that will be in a real, live - okay, it's not actually alive - book later this year.  You all know 'bout that?  Yup, my rescue story will be appearin' in Rescue Me:  The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes, bein' published by FitCat Publishing. VERY NICE.

Let me tell you, Peepers.  The thing is that I, Nerissa the Cat, am the writer in this family.  I'm the one with the blog that is regularly updated.  I post twice a week, every week.  Apparently, you're lucky if you post twice a year.  MOUSES!

What?  What are you goin' on about now, Peepers?  So now you're claiming that you don't have time to work on your blog 'cause any time you do get with the computer, you're using to write your book and even that time is bein' interrupted by my recent forays down to the end of the driveway.  You're sayin' that my visitin' the end of the driveway is upsettin' you 'cause it's so close to the road and that the road is dangerous and seeing me there makes you feel the need to get up and leave the computer to come rescue me.

But Peepers, that's where the chipmunks live.  You know those two chippies I brought home the other day?  Remember how I blogged about them on Wednesday?  Well, the chippy colony has set up camp in that big ol' oak tree at the end of the driveway and I'd be ever-so-remiss if I were to ignore their invitations to visit.  How else am I gonna bring any of 'em home?

Besides, I don't actually go onto the road.  I just hang out by the oak tree and I can always duck behind said tree if I see someone with a big dog, or somethin', coming.  It's a big tree.  Lots of space behind it for hiding.

Let me tell you.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  The peep is just full of excuses 'bout her lack of bloggin' but you and I know the truth.  The TRUTH is that Ol' Peepers' lack of bloggin' is due to a lack of bloggin' skills.  She's just not up to it.

Hmmm...  Perhaps I should write a few posts for the peep.  You know, to help her out a bit.  She certainly is in need of the help.  Yes, that's an idea.  I could write a post here and there.  Make sure she posts at least quarterly.  Maybe even monthly.

A post a year...  MOUSES!  Never heard anything like it.  And she calls herself a writer.  TRIES to call herself a writer, is more like it.  Once more I must say, MOUSES! 'cause you know...  it's a MOUSES! moment, for sure.


  1. Heh. We kitties could teach humans a thing or two about blogging and writing!

  2. Nerissa dear, if only you were in charge of the world, we peeps would be much more efficient servants. I'd write more, but I was at PAWS all morning and have to go groom my cats now.

  3. You know what , Nissy !
    My mom-person haven't posted anything on her blog since 28 may 2011 !!!
    That is even moore MOUSES *MOL*

  4. Gosh. Peepers and their excuses! They have an excuse for everything, don't they? If they spent less time thinking up excuses they'll have a whole lot more time to do what they claim they have no time to do.


  6. Sounds like you have the Peep under control. But don't be too hard on here Nissy, she just might have other things she has to do. Take care.

    1. You mean like growin' nip or goin' on treat runs? purrs

  7. I'm thinking the Peep be sure keep the priorities priority...YOU! That whole not keeping the 'puter on--yea, my Human does that too.She things a big truck is gonna show up from Amazon and then what will she do...? Keep the Peep under control--you can do it! :)

  8. Same thing here ! The more we blog, the less she blogs ! Purrs

  9. They can't complain if they don't write! People are so silly!

  10. That was a darn good mouses moment pal, now if only a mouse came along at the moment you need one!

  11. Wow~! You get to star in a book!?? That's pawsome Niss!!!
    I had no clue your peepers had a blog, i'll head over and check it out! You tell her Niss! Get writing human!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. My mum is just as bad Nissy. She has got her photo blog for her holiday pictures and she is just catching up to do April 2013's cruise. Actually, or should I say Mouses! that makes her worse because it is over a year.

  13. MOL - everybody'd rather read a kitty blog dan a boring peep one.

  14. Nissy, congrats on your Facebook likes and your upcoming story publication, we definitely thinks you needs to write a few posts for your Peep, just to get her off on the right track, how's about it?

  15. My hoomin likes to read. :)

  16. We hope the mom never thinks about getting herself a blog. We don't wanna hafta help her keep up with it.

  17. OMC Nissy meez heawd sum of those excuses meez selff. MOL Good luck wiff yous writin' and yous chaptew.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses


  18. Hmm it is a tricky one but excuses always tend to come in handy ;-) That is how my Mamma gets out of her housework.

  19. Hehehehe they can't be good at everything Nissy,they are after all only human,xx Speedy

  20. Niss! OMC! It's like we live in the same household...except 2,924 km apart. I know that's exactly how far cuz I Googled it.

    Anyway! My hu-mom should have been born a puppy dog, cuz she lets herself get led around on a leash of obligations and projects, instead of taking that dang leash in her mouth and taking the lead! I'm gonna show her your post, and explain how I'm fed up with all her excuses about why she can't type my blog posts for me.

    And...I'm gonna learn how to type so I can take control of my blog and my career as a pet product reviewer. I made connections at Blogpaws and I have some excellent products to review. Plus! I'm starting another career. More about that later.

    And finally, CONCATULATIONS! I'm so excited -- I can't wait to read your book! You are really rockin' the world, Niss. I'm so proud of you! Go Niss Go!

    1. ANOTHER career? I can't wait to hear more. But you WILL STILL be bloggin', right? Gotta have that and THAT is for sure. purrs

  21. SERIOUSLIES. We agree totally. Our human? Worthless. Our blog posts are FAR more prolific!

  22. Hmph. We allow Mommy one post per (purr?) week and even then she manages to blog about US, mostly. Apparently her life is B-O-R-I-N-G.

  23. See, the *real* problem here is the Human delusion that they have anything worthwhile to say! Just leave the blogging, in fact, ALL the writing, to us kitties and no one will be disappointed. Simple.

    1. I think you may have a point there, my friend. purrs

  24. Nerissa you need to do some paw slaps x

  25. Once a year - sounds like your peeps is on the same blogging schedule as my typist - what do we do with them?!

  26. We had no idea the Peep has a blog. Mom's going to pop over and check it out. We do want to tell you, Nissy, that we are worried about you going close to the road. We know when peeps worry, they can become completely frozen with inactivity. We think you should tell her that everyday she doesn't post, you are going to yack up a big hairball in her shoe. Threats usually work pretty well with the humans, as treats work well with cats. Good luck! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Hmmm... I shall go have a good bath right now so that I have plenty of fur to yack but please don't worry. I really just hang out by the tree that grows by the road. One paw on the road and the peep is there in a flash. She watches me like a hawk. purrs

  27. Yow Nerissa me iz laffin me furz off here!! Mum terned all blushy red n she mumbled sumfing 'bout ya beein a 'smartee-kat'....
    Me can tell ya me nose what ya meen 'bout yer peep; if mine had to do bloggie fer herself she'd BOMM bigtime ;)
    Guud fing me nose how to ya me iz da riter in diz house...
    Me Mum ritez poe-etree n short storeez butt dere are no fancey bookz on da bookshelf here either wif her name on dem, MOL.
    What wuud our peepz do wifout us???
    As fer roamin down da driveway: LUUUUUCKY!!!! Me iz nott alloud to wander anywhere outside. Nope me haz to bee in da Condo. Minda ya we do haz a fairlee buzy road n so many peepz comin n goin it iz bettur fer me to bee in da Condo....
    Butt ya iz so lucky to bee able to bring chipmunkz home.....bery kewl ;)
    Guud luck helpin yer Peep out!
    Lub Nylablue =^,,^=


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