Tuesday 24 December 2013

home in time for Christmas

Nissy stood on his hind legs and reached for the door knob before him. He grabbed hold of it with both front paws.  The handle repeatedly slipped from under his grip but with unfettered determination, he managed to turn it just enough to do the trick.  Using all his weight, he pushed on the glass door.  It opened slightly and he quietly slipped inside the living room.

Nerissa studied his modified compass carefully.  Just as he thought, there was a radioactive anomaly in the room.  A reindeer had been here.

Of course, Nissy had expected a visit from the North Pole.  Santa was known for outsourcing certain nip mice work and once again, he had asked Peep #1 to help him out.  The peep had been busy knitting and sewing up nip toys all month long but he was pretty sure she had finished her elfin' work over the weekend.  Nissy knew from past experience that once the nip toys were made, Santa would send elves to Nova Scotia to pick them up so that they could be wrapped and delivered, by him, early Christmas morning.

Having satisfied his curiosity, Nerissa started to leave the living room but stopped short, realising something was out of place.  Turning around slowly, he noticed an unfamiliar gift under the tree.  All of a sudden, the top of the gift box moved and before he knew it, there was a little kitten staring out at him from inside the box.  "MOUSES!  Who are you?" asked Nerissa, "and what are you doin' in my living room?"

The kitten meowed and then answered, "Angel.  My name is Angel.  I live at the North Pole with Santa Claus."

Nissy checked his modified compass.  The dial was spinning in circles as he approached the little kitten.  Sure enough, Angel was from the North Pole.  She was covered in radioactive reindeer dust.

Angel immediately explained the situation at paw to Nissy.  "So you see, Santa asked me to ride along with these two new apprentice elves because they keep making mistakes with the pick-ups.  They've been messing up all of Santa's out-sourced orders.  Once I saw what they had done at your house, I knew I had to stay behind and let you know what had happened.  I knew you'd want to fix this debacle right away."

"They took all the peep's prezzies from us cats?  MOUSES!  I sure am glad you stayed behind to let me know. We'll have to head on up to the North Pole right away.  I know just what to do, Angel."

"SIVVERS!  PREPARE THE TELEPORTATION DEVICE," Nissy cried and moments later, his brother Seville appeared dragging a frying pan, a couple egg beaters and various other teleportation paraphernalia.  The three cats climbed into the frying pan.  Nissy and Seville each started revving up an egg beater.  "Hang on tight, Angel!  This isn't reindeer travel."

"Nerissa," began Angel, "I would be extremely grateful if you could drop me off on the pick-up sleigh on your way to the North Pole.  I really should check in on those two elves and make sure they don't make any more mistakes with today's pick-ups."

"No probs," interjected Seville.  "Nissy, you track that sleigh with your compass and give me directions.  I'll steer the teleportation device."

Nerissa tracked the sleigh's flight path, finding it somewhere over Newfoundland and Labrador.  Much to Nerissa's surprise, he and Seville were able to do a quick fly-by and safely transfer Angel to the sleigh, mid-air...  a delicate but successful manoeuvre.  Clearly, Seville's steering was improving. The boys then headed straight north-west and moments later, landed in a snowy winter wonderland.

It wasn't long before Nerissa and Seville met up with a snowman chatting to a family of polar bears. "You're from down south?" asked the snowman.  "How nice to meet you.  The workshop is about a mile that way, on the other side of that forest.  I doubt you'll be able to get in though.  The elves don't take well to strangers."

Nissy thanked the snowman for his directions and the two cats began their journey through the snowy forest. Should have brought snacks, thought Nissy to himself.  Bet those bears had snacks.  Should have asked 'em for a couple.

Before long, the two cats found themselves on the far side of the forest. Santa's Workshop was within sight but Nissy was so tired from trudging through the snow, he didn't know if he could go much further.  Snow was falling and with every passing moment, their path became deeper and deeper. The pads of his paws were so cold and all he could think of was how much he wanted a mug of hot nip cider.  "Should have brought some nip cider," he muttered to himself.  "That and some snacks."

"HALT!"  A precocious little elf stood in the path the two cats.  "Who are you and what is your business here?"

Nissy began to explain how the elves had mistaken his peep's prezzies for nip toys needing to be picked up before the night's deliveries but the elf interrupted.  "Not possible.  All elves are highly trained.  Such a thing could never happen."

"But Angel said..."

The elf cut Nissy off in mid-sentence.  "That cat?  Never you mind what that cat says.  She probably made the whole thing up.  Imagine Santa asking a kitten to keep an eye on elves.  Never heard such nonsense.  You just turn around right now and head back on down south."

Nissy was mortified.  They had travelled all this way only to be turned back by an elf?  And how would he and his fur family face the peep in the morning when she found not a single present for herself under the tree?

"Hey Nissy!" cried Seville.  "Look who I found...  it's Rudolf!  Rudy says he'll get us into the workshop.  He's a little miffed that Santa didn't take him on his practise run this afternoon.  Left him behind with all these elves, some of whom," and Seville looked pointedly at the elf who had refused the boys workshop access, "aren't overly friendly."

"That's great!" cried Nissy and he once again explained, but this time to Rudolf, what had happened earlier in the day.

"Oh yeah...  those two apprentice elves have been getting things wrong all season," agreed Rudolf.  "Don't know why Santa continues to allow them to do pick-ups.  But you're in luck," continued the reindeer.  "I know exactly where this morning's pick-ups were dumped...  I mean, carefully laid...  in the workshop.  I'll help you find your peep's presents.  It'll just take a minute or two.  You two stay right here and I'll be back in  the wink of an eye."

Nissy blinked.  Then he winked.  Then he winked again.  He looked around. No sign of Rudolf.  No sign of Seville, either.  Moments later, several gift boxes appeared before him along with a snowman whom Nissy had never met before.

"Rudolf wants to know if these are your peep's gifts," explained the snowman.

Nissy peered at the boxes.  Gingerly, he opened one and then another and finally, a third.  "These aren't the right gifts," he told the snowman.  These are not the prezzies we cats got for the peep.  Besides, we wrapped her prezzies in gold foil so that they'd sparkle under the tree."

Sleigh bells could be heard overheard and Nissy looked into the sky.  There was Santa, flying about without a care in the world.  "MOUSES!" Nissy muttered.  "He should be down here helpin' me sort out this mess caused by those apprentice elves of his."

As if by magic, Nerissa suddenly found himself inside Santa's workshop.  He spotted Rudolf and asked why he was suddenly being allowed access.

"I thought it might be easier for you to find the correct gifts, yourself."

Nissy padded around the workshop and before long, he found Peep #1's presents, still wrapped in foil just as he had wrapped them.  "Thank goodness!" he cried.  "Rudolf, you're the best."

Nissy caught a glimpse of his brother and spun around.  "Seville?  SEVILLE?  Get out of that snow globe this instant," he demanded.

"But I don't even know how I got in it!" his brother wailed.

"Just a little Christmas magic," whispered Rudolf, eyes sparkling with mischief.  "Come on you two. I need to get you both home and settled in for Christmas Eve with your family.  Hop on my back and I'll fly you over the forest to pick up your teleportation device."

"That would be wonderful," sighed Nissy with relief.  "The thought of trudging through that forest again was...  was...  well, it was unthinkable.  But how did you know...?

Nerissa and Seville found themselves in the snow on the far side of the forest, their teleportation device lying before them.

"MOUSES!" cried Nissy.  "That Christmas magic sure is strong stuff. Rudolf flew us over here and we didn't even... "  He stopped and peered at his brother.  "That a carrot in your fur?"

"Ummm.... yeah...  I think it belonged to that snowman in the snow globe.  I think it might have been his nose.  But speaking of noses...  I mean, carrots... we should leave some out on the mantle tonight.  You know, next to the cookies and milk for Santa."

"Good idea, Seville.  But first...  SIVVERS!  PREPARE THE TELEPORATION DEVICE.  Let's head on home.  It's that-a-way," and Nerissa pointed south.  "Home, Sivvers.  Take us home.  Take us home in time for Christmas."


  1. YEAH!! HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! What a great ending!!

  2. I'm reading the whole thing to the boys tomorrow night!! Love it!

  3. Love this Catmas Tale! How did you do the sparklies?

  4. Merry Christmas to my buddy WAY up north!

  5. Oh Nissy what a pawsome advenshure. That Teleportation Device is the coolest. Flying through time and space. You are a bewe smaht kitteh. How mahvelus to meet Rudolph and hang out in the workshop. I am a bit envious. Except for being in the snow globe. What iz dat like Seville? So glad da Polar Bears didn’t think you wus da snack. MOWSES!! So you is home safe now wif da presents. Happy Crismus to all and to all a good Flight. Willy

  6. ★˛˚˛*˛°.˛*.˛°˛.*★˚˛*˛°.˛*.˛°˛.*★Merry*★* 。*˛.
    ˛°_██_*.。*./ ♥ \ .˛* .˛。.˛.*.★* Christmas*★ 。*
    ˛. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____.♥Everyone ♥ ˛* ˛*
    .°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •\.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛.*。
    *(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚ .˛ ...

  7. What a wonderfur story.
    We are having a watch fur Santa Claws with our posts today so hope you stop by and see how we finally see the big fellow

  8. What a wonderful end! Love this and great idea to read it tonight. Have a great holiday, Nissy!

  9. Yay! Great Christmas story with a happy ending. I love the accompanying pictures. Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you all have a happy Christmas!


  10. Good ol' Rudolph stepping in to help at the last minute yet again! Have a great Christmas... :)

  11. Oh what a wonderful tail...er tale of Christmas! We loved the happily ever after!!
    We wish all of you a Glædelig jul og godt nytår
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  12. Yay! We just love a happy ending! We posted about one at our bloggie today, too. :)

    Merry Christmas, dear friends. Wishing you a holiday season filled with peace, love and joy.

  13. That was a most wonderful story and we loved every word!!!

  14. Woo you made it,of cours you could have used the closet Travel and you would made straight to santa workshop,but I'm glad you sorted it all out for christmas and in the nick of time too,xx Speedy

  15. Nissy! That was almost a calamity!! Its such a good thing yous knew what to do and where to goes! Your peeps is the luckiest!
    We wish You and Yours a furry Happy Christmas from Us and Ours!
    Nellie, Kozmo, Jo-Jo, the Hairy Slobbery Sisters - Bob and Cinnamon an Mommy and Daddy

  16. Yay for a happy end to the adventure!
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  17. Love the ending! Merry Christmas! Lee and Phod

  18. What a fun story Nissy :) You are one creative kitty!

  19. Merry Christmas Nissy and family.

  20. What a great adventure Nissy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  21. Loved it. Merry Christmas.
    sue B

  22. Mowzers, that story had a little of everything - snowglobes even! MOL!

  23. Very cute story and graphics. We were surprised to find Nissy still using his old-fashioned teleportation methods and not the closet. Glad the gifts were recovered, Nissy and Seville returned home safely and Christmas was saved. MEOWY CATMESS. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  24. Meowy Catmas!

    Eat (ham) drink (cream) and Sniff Nip!!

    Love, The Katnip Lounge Kats and Mommy Trish

  25. Merry Christmas to all of you1 Have a wonderful day :) Pawkisses :)

  26. Wishing you and the family a happy holiday, a merry Christmas. We hope the day brings you joy. Have fun and lots of treats.
    Best wishes Molly

  27. Oh Nissy, leave it to you to present us with such a wonderful gift as this beautifully told Christmas story! What an adventure you had - and still managed to get home in time to spend Christmas with your family.....I hope Santa Paws brings you lots of fun stuff AND I hope there's more than enough love to pass around too!!

    Holiday Hugs from your Pal Sammy (and his Mom!)

  28. Merry Christmas! that was a pawsome story! We're glad you got home in time for Christmas!!

    The Florida Furkids

  29. What a great story, Nissy! Merry Christmas to you!!

  30. A very Merry Chrisnmas! Thanks for the very cute Christmas story! Wishing you all the best always.

  31. So glad you made it home in time for Catmas! Happy New Year!
    CJ and Mia

  32. Oh it must have been so cool to meet Rudolph, although this was quite an adventure again!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Nissy, and that you are having a merry holiday season.
    By the way, I have nominated you for an award on my bloggie =^.^=
    Many purrs

  33. Wow--what a story Nissy! You get to have ALL the fun adventures. I need to come with you sometime--my stoopy Human left me all alone for the whole MONTH [No, Spitty -- it was 2 days.] Pfft. Whatever. Anyway, I hope you and all your family, feline and Human, had a funtastic Christmas! XOXOXO


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