Wednesday 8 May 2024

picture it

Picture it: my house; couple days ago; total craziness, for sure.


So it all started early Monday mornin' when Peepers put the heat on, upstairs.  She cranked it way, WAY up...

Okay, so she turned it up just a bit.  'Cause it was chilly, you see.  I didn't find it cold, of course, on account of my havin' such luxurious marmalade furs.  But peeps bein' peeps, are furless, you see.  They're more likely to feel the cold.


So anyway...

So anyway, Peepers turned the heat up just a tad, so that it would be warm in the house whilst we all had our brekkies and whatnot, before the sun warmed everythin' up.


Well no sooner had she turned up the heat but weird noises ensued.  There was tappin' and bangin'.  A metallic soundin' sound which was a VERY noisy noise, to be be sure.

It sounded like the hot water pipes that heat up the house were vibratin' this way and that, bangin' and crashin', and...

Okay, so more bangin' than crashin', but still...

But still, it was super scary, to be sure.


Now thinkin' those hot water pipes might burst or quite frankly, just blow the mouses up, Peepers ran to turn the heatin' system right off.  She ran down to the basement to check on the furnace, then back up to upstairs.  Then onto the main floor in the kitchen.  And even though the furnace was now off, the tappin' and bangin' and whatnot continued.  Not non-stop, mind you, but every now and then we'd hear that metallic soundin' peckin', and...

And THAT'S when Peepers thought to herself: that peckin' kinda tappin' noise sounds vaguely familiar to me.


So she did some investigatin' and do you know what she found?


Well, there were absolutely no noises in the basement near the furnace.  None whatsoever.  Lots of noises upstairs, but really, mainly at only the one end of the house.  And the noises were the loudest in the kitchen, of all places.  The kitchen!


Yup, the noises were the loudest in the kitchen, right next to the itsy bitsy teeny weeny chimney.  The chimney we never use 'cause it used to be hooked up to a small wood stove the peeps had removed.  It just sits there, that ol' chimney does, occupyin' space.  Space that could be put to far better use, I suspect, but who knows, maybe it's actually holdin' up the house.


But anyway...

But anyway, Peepers then had one of her rare - VERY rare, I might add - moments of brilliance, and outta the house she ran.

NO, she wasn't fleein' an impendin' disaster.

I don't think.

Well outta the house ol' Peepers ran, as fast as her tootsies would travel.  Once out on the deck, she looked up.  Way, WAY up.  And what did she see?

A STUPID OL' WOODPECKER, peckin' or tappin' or doin' whatever woodpeckers do, on the metal cover that protects the top of that chimney.


And so it went on, all mornin' and into the afternoon.  Every now and then, that ol' woodpecker would fly off but then he'd be back, and the noises would noisy up the whole house once more as he'd start woodpeckerin' all over again.

Apparently, the start of the noises with the turnin' on of the furnace was merely a coincidence.


But later that day...

Later that day, whilst bringin' in her plants that had spent time outside on the deck, Peepers discovered a big ol' white stain on a pepper.

Yup, there was woodpecker poop on Peepers' potted pepper.  

Try sayin' THAT five times, quickly.


The good news is, the heatin' system is fine.  The bad news is, two days later and I'm STILL hearin' her complain 'bout that bird poop.  Personally, I think she should be thankful the poop was on a potted pepper plant and not on a peep named Peppers.

I mean, Peepers.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Woodpeckers can be pretty annoying Seville! Hey, we had water pipes burst several years ago and we don't want to have that ever again!

  2. That's one pesky potted pepper pooping 'pecker, Sivvers.

    What a crazy coincidence that it did all that right after your peepturned on the heater! MOUSES!

  3. Woodpeckers can be a pain. I saw one on the news that kept ringing someone's door bell.

  4. Wow, if that woodpecker was smart he'd look for wood!! LOL!!

  5. Woodpeckers periodically attack the aluminum siding next to our suet feeder.

  6. Your life certainly is interesting! Imagine a woodpecker pecking on your chimney AND pooping on a pepper.

  7. dood if TT haz said it onze we haz said it 739,102,594 timez….burdz R total lee complet lee R.O.O.D 😼‼️🐟

  8. Thank goodness the bird had the sense to rap on the pipe to stop those green house fumes being emitted. Why, a hard-working Canadian woodpecker could have been gassed!
    Toodle pips and purrs


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