Wednesday 17 April 2024

time's up

Time's up.  That's it for the day.  Your allotted session is now over.


What?  What's that, Peepers?  What's that you're babblin' on about now?

Saffy did WHAT?


But to tell you the truth, Peepers, I think maybe I did overhear.

The incident, I mean.  I overheard what Saffy Saffron said and then did.


So anyway...

So anyway, that ol' brother of mine, Saffy Saffron Sassifras, has taken up a few habits.  Two of which he exhibited today.

Habit number one: the sharin' of oneself with the peeps.

That's right, Saffy now shares himself with the peeps.  He likes Peep #1 - aka Peepers - the best, of course.  All cats do.  That's how she became Peep number one, and not number two.  Peep #1 serves us our brekkies and din-dins, not to mention numerous snacks in between.  Plus, she does the shoppin' which would include shoppin' for fuds.  AND she gives THE BEST chin scritches a cat could ever get.  And she takes us to the doctor and...

Wait a minute.  That's not really a plus.


But besides the drivin' of us to see Dr T, who's really very nice - for a doctor, that is, everythin' else Peepers does is the best.  Stupid, sometimes.  Scratch that.  Stupid, QUITE OFTEN, but still she is truly the best.

But sometimes...

But sometimes, Peep #1 might not be around.  SOMETIMES she's off doin' her own thing.  Or runnin' errands for us.  Or doin' whatever peeps get up to when left to their own devices and things.

So it's best to keep in with Peep #2.

And that's why, I suppose, Saffron has taken to sharin'.  To sharin' himself with the peeps.

That's right, if there are two peeps in the room, Saffron now goes from one to the other.  He'll spend some time with Peep #1 gettin' tummy rubs and such, then get up and move over to Peep #2.  After givin' the second peep the opportunity to give him attention and lovin', he'll then go back to Peep #1.

But then...

Well that brings up to newly acquired habit number two.


So this mornin', Saffy was doin' his back and forth routine as he usually does.  Back and forth between the peeps, he was goin'.

But then...

But then their allotted time came to an end.

Quite abruptly, in fact.  One moment he was purrin' and the next...


That's right.  Saffy Saffron Sassifras is now timin' the peeps.  Once the previously determined allotment of time for cuddlin' and scritches has ended, he simply gets up on all paws and exits the room.  Exits without even givin' a by your leave.

Although technically, NO CAT should EVER have to ask for permission.

And once he has left, that's it.  No amount of cajolin' will make him return.

Not even beggin'.

Okay, beggin' with treats might work, but so far the peeps haven't cottoned on to that trick.


'Cause IT'S ALWAYS good to get treats.


And that, my friends, brings us to what I think I overheard.  The sound of Saffron jumpin' down from the chesterfield, followed by the statement, "Time's up.  That's it for the day.  Your allotted session is now over."



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. That is funny. I am glad our cats don't limit our time. Well, the ones that bond with us, there are 3 that we can't even touch.

  2. Saffron sure goes to the beat of his own drummer Seville!

  3. MOUSES! Saffy knows what Saffy wants, I guess!

  4. Hmm, I think this could be a precursor to the introduction of a tariff, maybe a series of tariffs! Best keep an eye out for paper being stuck around your place indicating charges for respective peeps. Better yet, get in on the ground floor discussions of what the charges should be and, more importantly, what the extended use of feline charges are. Naturally, there will need to be late charges too . . . What a gold mine this could be for a wise cat in a managerial position, Seville. Food for thought...
    Toodle pips and purrs

  5. Saffy is the one in control, for sure.


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.