Wednesday 31 January 2024

the arrival

So, so far in this so-called winter, we've had rain and we've had wind.  And yes, sometimes we've had rain and wind together.  We've even had slush.

Yeah, that's right, I swear that one day, it rained slush.


And we've also had snow that changed to rain, before changin' to more slush.

And the wind!  Did I mention the wind?  Boy-oh-boy have we had wind.

And sometimes it has been cold.  Not super-duper cold, but cold enough that I wanted to be inside all day where it was nice and toasty.  And sometimes it has been mild!  We broke a mildness record in January, I do believe, on account of it bein' so mild.


But two days ago...

Two days ago, on Monday...

Winter officially arrived.


It snowed and it snowed and it snowed.  Then it snowed again, some more.

Did I mention it snowed?

And this time, the snow stuck around.  Here it is, Wednesday, and there's still a whole whack of snow on the ground, with no sign of it meltin' and disappearin' any time soon.


Now as a Canadian kitty, you'd think I'd be used to all of this snow.  Truth be told, I kinda am.  But the fact is, snow is snow, and it makes it awfully difficult to get around.

You have any idea how hard it is for a kitty to wade through a foot of snow?  I mean, I'm only like...  well, around a foot tall.  How the mouses am I supposed to lift my legs high enough to walk through that kinda snow?


But luckily for me, Peepers went out first thing Tuesday and shovelled all around.  Oh sure, snowplow guy came late Monday, but he only plows the driveway.  I, Seville the Cat, was in need of some paths just for me.  And Saffy, of course.

But, you know...  Mainly for me.


Well I've got my paths, now.  A kitty can now walk from the front door to the back, and back 'round to the front, once more; without havin' to wade through all that freezin' cold snow.  I can walk out to where Peepers feeds the birdies, too.  I can even walk over to the compost, if I want.  Which I really don't.  But if I want to, I can.



And Peepers managed to shovel all that snow without slippin' or slidin'.  Or trippin', for that matter.  She didn't fall down.  Not even once.  Not once!

And if I'm bein' totally honest, that was kinda disappointin'.  Her not slippin' and fallin', I mean.  'Cause let me tell you somethin', my friends...

Let me tell you...

Let me tell you somethin', my friends; when a kitty gets all comfy on the windowsill, EXPECTIN' a fun-filled humorous show, A KITTY EXPECTS TO SEE HIS PEEP SLIP, TRIP, AND EVENTUALLY, FALL DOWN.

At least one time.

Instead,  Peepers put on THE MOST BORIN' SHOW of all time.




And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Seville, We are shivering just reading about all that snow! Much better to stay indoors and curl up by the heater or under the duvet with Our Human!

  2. Oh my snow! It is nice that you have staff to shovel the pathways Seville. Y'all keep warm!

  3. You really wouldn't want her to fall and get a broken leg- who would cater to your every whim?

  4. It is kind that humans dig out a path for us. It has rained slush here too, then it freezes.

  5. That sure was nice of your peep to shovel those paths for you, Sivvers! Maybe it's best she did not fall -- remember, she's the one who can open the canned food. Amiright?

  6. We are glad our petcretary shovels paths in the grasas for us too...but mostly not until the driveway and the walks get cleaned up....sheesh!

    Right now we still have only left over snow...but winter isn't over....yet!

  7. Despite the lack of entertainment for you, Seville, we are glad to read that your meowmy shoveled paths for you, and didn't damage herself in the process.

  8. The peep slipping would be one rerun, or re-fall, worth watching. What I want to know is why is it, generally speaking, that only peeps slip over? I mean, I've never seen a bird slip around a branch and hang upside down. Or a squirrel slide down a tree trunk. That I would pay to see, for sure :)
    Toodle pips and purrs


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