Wednesday 10 August 2022

Saffron, Saffron, Saffron...

Saffron, Saffron, Saffron...

Saffron, Saffron, Saffron...

*shakes head*

Saffron, Saffron, Sa...

What?  What's that, Peepers?  What's that you're babblin' on about now?

You wanna know what I'M babblin' on about now?


Well for starters, I, Seville the Cat, don't babble.  I always have VERY IMPORTANT things to say.


But since you were wonderin'...

Since you wonderin', I was tryin' to explain to Saffy Saffron Sassafras the difference between doors and windows.  He appears to be confusin' the two.


Don't look so dumbfounded there, ol' peep of mine.  I know it's a look you often get but let me tell you somethin', Peepers: it's not a good look for you.

And that goes for you, too, Saffron.  Although truth be told, I know you really can't help it on account of havin' a dumbfounded look comin' so naturally to you.  ALTHOUGH TRUTH BE TOLD, Peepers can't really help it, either, on account of havin' a dumbfounded look comin' pretty naturally to her, too.


So anyway...

So anyway, there I was upstairs in a bedroom mindin' my own business, doin' not much of anythin' other than thinking 'bout the great mysteries of life and whatnot and attemptin' to solve 'em, when...

When all of a sudden, Saffron appeared at the window.  You know the one.  The window from which SOMEONE took out the screen while cleanin' way back when and had issues puttin' it back in.  You know who I mean by SOMEONE, Peepers?  DO you?  Don't bother answerin'.  It was a rhetorical question, for sure.


But anyway...

But anyway, Saffron must have heard me solvin' the great mysteries of life... 

YEAH, the great mysteries of life, Peepers.  That's what I said.  You know, like the mystery as to why-oh-why some peep can't figure out how to replace a window screen after takin' it out.  That kinda thing.

But as I was sayin'...

As I was sayin', Saffy must have heard me solvin' those great mysteries of life and thought to himself, "Someone is up there in that upstairs bedroom," because he jumped from the deck onto the railin', up onto the sunroom roof, crossed said sunroom roof, and jumped over to the teeny tiny itty witty overhang thingy under the bedroom window before lightly jumpin' up onto the window frame - which happened to be open on account of it bein' hot and peeps wantin' a breeze upstairs - and then the next thing I knew, THAT CAT WAS CLIMBIN' THROUGH THE WINDOW AND COMIN' INTO THE HOUSE.  Can you believe it?


But Peepers...

But Peepers...

But Peepers, YOU CAN'T JUST TURN A WINDOW INTO A DOOR LIKE THAT.  Windows are for lookin' through whereas doors are for WALKIN' through.  They're not the same thing.  If Saffy starts walkin' through windows like they're doors, the next thing you'll find him doin' is sittin' at a doorway in the middle of winter when it's like a million degrees below absolute zero and insistin' the door stays open, just so he can just look outside without actually goin' out, and...

Wait a minute.

Oh yeah.

Okay, so that sittin' at the front door thing, insistin' it stays open while I make up my mind as to whether I wanna be inside or outside or just sit there and look out for a good few hours is kinda what I've been doin' all my nine lives.

As you were, Saffron, my man.  As you were.  Looks like you've gone and discovered a new door.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. You've got to admit, Seville, that Saffy looks at life in a totally different way!

  2. That Saffron IS a cat, and cats are SMART, for sure. We hope everyone enjoys that new door at your place, Sivvers! XO

  3. Eric preferred to use windows instead of doors too!

  4. You are so funny, Seville!
    But Saffron is clever to find a so he can get back insidde!


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