Wednesday 23 February 2022

hey ho!

Hey ho, Sivvers the Cat here, reportin' LIVE from sunny...

Nope, not sunny at all.

But it is mild.

Hey ho, Sivvers the Cat here, reportin' LIVE from mild and rainy Nova Scotia.

But hang on a minute or two, and the freezin' cold winter will be back in no time.


Let me tell you somethin', my friends.  Let me tell you!  Let me tell you 'bout this weird weather we've been havin' as of late.

Rain.  Cold.  Freezin' rain.  Warm and sunny!  Snow and freezin' cold.  It's the weirdest weather I ever did see.  And the thing is...

The thing is...

The thing is, due to all these ups and downs - Winter.  Spring.  Fall.  Winter.  Fall.  Spring! - over the course of a matter of weeks, I no longer know what season it is.  It's like Mother Nature decided to go into hyper drive and we're experiencin' five or six years in three or four weeks.


And Saffron?

Well, Saffy Saffron Saffers is payin' a premium price due to this weird weather, for sure.  One day he thinks it's spring and starts howlin', lookin' for girls, and the next day he's doin' the winter thing and is snuggled up on the big green chair in the livin' room which, by the way, he has commandeered as his own.  And then the the next day...

What?  What's that you're askin' me about?

Oh.  That.  The thing 'bout his lookin' for girls.


Well the thing is, even though Saffron has a girly-girl name, he is most definitely male.  But you already knew that, right?

Too bad the peep didn't know before callin' him Saffron.


And not only is he a boy, which you already knew, he has most definitely not been neutered.

Thus, the bit 'bout his lookin' for girls.

Peepers called Dr. T as soon as she had Saffy in the house, but my hospital was booked up solid for weeks.  AND WEEKS!  First appointment for surgery she could get was in early April, so...


So mid-March, Saffy Saffron Saffers is goin' in for an appointment to get his vaccines and things, and then...

And then...

Then a couple weeks after that...

Snip, snip.



Can't come soon enough, either.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Saffron will not like being taken to the veterinarian, but he'll be much mellower once his hormones are out of his system...which your peeps already know.

  2. Yoo must call him Da Saffronator. He's out prowling for a good time. No sissy bizness about him. I'm thinking a good nootering will simmer him down in no time. I was just a baby when Fwank joined my family. He was loud and proud, waving his tail high in the air while picking fights and hitting up the easy grrrls hanging around the local colony. But after he was "fixed" he simmered down to enjoy a nice life without stress. Looking forward to reading about Life with The Mew and Improved Saffron. Love, Dori

  3. doodz.....itz crazed heer two; minuz 400, 873 in de shade, snoz up two de heavenz, ice on de grazz, sun on de roof, pavemintz dry; pavemint will kill ewe ta walk on ~~~~ YEOW !!!

    saffy; best fishez two ewe dood...itz knot a bad thing....we haz all ben ther !!! ☺☺♥♥

  4. Dang, that's a long time to wait for a snip!

  5. We have that yo-yo topsy-turvy weather too. Make up your mind already, weather!! As if, LOL!

    Saffron will be a fine kitty with a chill attitude eventually!
    Wait and see, Sivvers...wait and see...

  6. Well, Saffy Saffron will feel much better after that visit to the vet. We are purring and praying that the time until then goes quickly (even in cat minutes). XO

  7. least he gets his snip, Seville, better late than never😸Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞

  8. That is a long wait to be neutered. I bet you are sick of him looking for ladies.


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