Sunday 20 February 2022

one hundred AND ONE

One hundred...


Weeks, that is.


Which means, my friends, that I've been stuck here with the peeps now for five hundred and forty nine million, seven hundred and sixty-three thousand, two hundred cat seconds.


But there's hope on the horizon, there is.  Yup, hope on the horizon, for sure, 'cause spring is just around the...

Well, spring is nowhere to be seen, I'm afraid; but the calendar says it's gettin' closer which means ol' Peepers has been plantin' seeds and things, and is therefore generally in a pretty good mood these days.

'Cept when Saffron knocks those seeds and things down.


But we're workin' on that!  Yup, I've been workin' on trainin' Saffron to not knock stuff down from the windowsills.

Unfortunately, Saffron isn't easily trained.

But luckily, Peepers is!

Okay, so she's not THAT easily trained.  I mean, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, you know?  And it turns out that it's hard to teach an old broad...  I mean, peep, new tricks, too.


What I should have said is that Peepers is easiER to train than Saffron.

It's not sayin' much, I know, but it is somethin', I do believe.


So in order to avoid heartache and my havin' to invest in earplugs for when Peepers expresses her grief at the loss of her plants, I have been workin' on trainin' that ol' peep of mine.  Trainin' her to not leave her seeds and things on the windowsills, that is.


And it seems to be workin', for Peepers has managed to confine her spring planting to the sunroom and our..  I mean, MY office, and the doors to these rooms are remainin' closed so that Saffron cannot get in to do damage and so far, so good, I think.

Of course, ol' Peepers almost walked into our...  I mean, MY office door the other day, forgettin' it had been closed but hey, accidents happen, you know?

And who cares if Peepers bangs her head on a door?  It's not like it's likely to do any damage.


Okay, so maybe it is, on account of Peepers carryin' a big ol' paper bag of groceries at the time which, I believe, contained packages of treats; and treats can get crushed between doors and a peep and that IS A DISASTER OF MONSTROUS PROPORTIONS, for sure.

No cat likes his temptations crushed and turned into rubble.


And speakin' of rubble...

Yeah, I've nothin' for that.



And remember:



Continue to practice SOCIAL DISTANCIN' measures



Remember to mask up, too.


  1. Dang, maybe Saffron needs some gardening lessons.

  2. Oh Seville, we hope your peep did not injure her noggin too badly, and there is actually no way on Heaven or Earth to convince a cat to stay off windowsills.

  3. Well, that sure is nice of you to let your Peep use your office for her seeds, Sivvers. We hope she doesn't smash into the closed door, though. Can't have her incapacitated, since she is the one who can open your food cans!

  4. Oh, wow, Minko and Toki before him, used eat any plants that were in his vicinity...edible or not, so we had to do away with them all...and just buy 'ready made' plants in planting season.

    But now we only have us hardly any plants. let alone seedlings, we have NO windowsills...LOL!

  5. I all ways say peeps are as broad as the are long, or should that be tall. Or maybe long is right when they are lying down? But then, would the broad bit change too?
    Anyways, sounds like you have got that peep almost sorted on the training and seed positioning front. Now, if only you could make the postal service reach the same high heights of service?
    Toodle pips and purrs
    ERin X

  6. Hopefully those are catnip seeds. :)

  7. Why on earth would she leave the seeds on the windowsill???
    That's ASKING for trouble!!!

  8. You certainly don't want crushed treats.


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.