Sunday 11 August 2019

the boomies

There were boomies yesterday.


Yesterday started out like any other day.  The sun was shining, and big white fluffy clouds dotted the bright blue sky.

But off in the distance...

There were clouds of a more sinister kind.

And there was rumbling, too.


Now don't get me wrong.  I like a good rumble, myself.

Like uh...

You know...

Like the Jets versus Sharks kind!  Complete with good music and a fun little dance number on the side.

But the rumbling I heard yesterday mornin' was more like...


Like the rumbling in an Ottawa media scrum.

Minus the eye rolling and polite - sometimes not so polite - insults, of course. 


So anyway, there was some rumbling off in the distance, yesterday morning.

But I said to myself:  I, Seville the Cat, am not gonna get upset about that.


But a few hours later...

A few hours later, the rumbling was gettin' louder and louder, and it was sounding a lot closer, too.  Then off in the not-so-distant distance...



You ever hear of a scaredy cat, my friends?

Well that was Rushton, for sure.


Okay, so I admit it, I was a tad scared, too.

But who can blame me?  I mean, SERIOUSLY!!!  The boomies got louder and louder and there were flashes of light in the sky.  My gosh, I thought it was a reenactment of the 1st of July!

So I uh...



So I ran.  Okay?  I admit it.  I ran like no kitty has ever run before.  I ran and I ran and I ran, all the way over to the good ol' basement door.  Down the staircase I went, as fast as my paws would take me, until...

Until I met up with Rushton, cowering on the laundry room floor.

But after the boomies subsided, and the peep called from the top of the stairs, we both came a-running, to check on the...




Turned out, there was no mess.  Well no more so than usual, I guess.  I must admit, the bowl of dry kibble had been overturned when some kitty's tail and hind legs hit it while racing downstairs.  But other than that, things looked pretty normal.  I was rather surprised to see the peeps hadn't uh...

You know...

Missed the ol' human litter box out of fear.

'Cause let me tell you somethin', my friends, that's happened to more than one KITTY, before.

Actually, the peeps were somewhat complacent 'bout the loud crashes of thunder and flashes of light, and...

And it makes a kitty wonder if THE PEEPS were behind what gave me such a terrifying fright.

That would be just like peeps, you know?  Ordering up an afternoon thunder storm just to scare the wits out of us cats.


Well I'll teach them.  I know just what I'll do.  Let's just say, sometime this week, in the wee hours of the night, there'll be some crashing and booming and smashing of stuff.


And on a totally different topic...

DID YOU KNOW, glass objects rarely break when hitting a carpeted floor?  Fact.  But knock a plant pot onto the sunroom tiles, and...

You've got instant boomies, for sure.



  1. Yes, some boomies are scarier than others!

  2. I have yet to be scared by thunder. But we don't get it often here, and I've rarely experienced it on our travels.

  3. Oh yes, them boomies are caused by nature, but perfected and honed by mankind. Why oh why they do such things I do not know. Still will serve them right if the boomies turn nasty one day. I for one will be snuggled up amidst some nice sound proofed underbed bedding. Purrs

  4. Those are some crazy boomies Seville. I admit I run like Rushton when they are really loud. Wow maybe record that plant pot boomie to share

  5. Scary stuffs, Seville! Our Angel has multiple hidey-holes to clamber into, when boomies are going off.

  6. That sure would be mean of a peep to order up a thunderstorm.

  7. Oh yes and drinking glasses make for good boomies when they fall on ceramic tile. I know 'cause I've tested gravity out on lots of them. And you know what? Melamine mixing bowls make soft boomies on tile too. Winks and purrs.


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.