Wednesday 12 June 2019


If you've been religiously readin' my blog as of late, you probably heard 'bout how I uh...



Now how can I put this nicely?

You probably heard 'bout how I, one day, peed on my catnip plants.


Did I say one day as in just the one?  I meant to say...


Never mind.


So anyway...

So anyway, I had my reasons at the time.  I think.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did.  Whatever they were, I can't really remember, but I'M POSITIVE I must have had at least one.  I mean, what kitty goes around sprayin' their own nip plants without good reason, and...

OH YEAH, I remember now.  I was marking 'em.  Makin' sure the peeps and neighbourhood cats, not to mention my brother Rushton, knew those plants were mine.



So anyway, the other day, I was checkin' on my nip plants, and what did I find?

I found, some other plants had been marked, too.


That's right, my friends, someone had been out there markin' the peep's brokali and broccolini plants.


Only they weren't marked with pee.



Can you believe it?


Now before you start makin' any accusations, IT WAS NOT ME who did the poopin'.  I, Seville the Cat, would NEVER, EVER mark the peep's brassica plants, in any way.

For starters, why?  I mean, it's not like I'm gonna want to eat that crap...  I mean, stuff, or anythin' like that.

What's more, I don't believe the plants were marked by any cats, at all.  The poopies looked suspiciously like the poopies of...

Wait for it...



No, not mice.  Just birds.

Now the first thing I said to myself was, "Way to go, Peepers.  You've gone and put your pots of veggie plants right in the middle of a flight path, you have."

And the second thing I said to myself was, "Oh my mouses, Sivvers, your pots of nip plants are right there in that same flight path, too!"

But then I realized...

Then I realized, there were no poopies on any of my nip plants at all.  Not even a trace.  All poopies were confined to Ol' Peepers' stupid old veggie plants.

And THAT'S when I came to the conclusion that...

That's when I came to the conclusion that there was one of two things goin' on out there.  Either the birds were makin' those veggies for themselves, or...

Or the peep had been out there doin' a little markin', herself.



  1. Oh, good gravy, Seville! Poop and pee are all over your place; what's a cat to do?

  2. Oh no! That might explain why we don't have a garden here Seville!

  3. Yikes! You think maybe the Peep was doin' poopies in the garden? That wouldn't be so good. What if the neighbours saw her? Oh my! don't let Grammy hear this... we don't want her to get any ideas. Glad your plants are okay, Seville. Hugs, Sweetie

  4. I'm thinking that the birds have their eyes on the peeps plants. ;)

  5. See, this is why the Trout Towne Tabbies don't like burdz. MOUSES!

  6. Yikes, the stakes sure are being raised in the gardening wars..... I wonder if the peep will resort to knitting fake plants to put the nasty plant eating critters off? Just think where that could lead to—why the peep could open up a whole new industry in not just dummy plants but also winter sweaters and scarfs to help the plants over-winter!
    This could be a real money maker for you, Seville!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  7. dood....we haz been sayin thiz for like 18 yeerz, 492 dayz, 89,302 minitz anda few hourz...burdz iz ......bass terdz

    now ewe N de peepz haz proof ~~~~~~~~

  8. Birds! ARGH! I guess those plants need to be taken to the grinder and made into the next plants noms or, well, maybe just wash em with a hose. Now as to the peep markin I got nuthin dude nuthin

  9. Had to be the birds- the peeps would never do that.

  10. It was the birdies. The humans let them get away with things, 'cause they have pretty colored feathers and sing pretty songs, but they are lil' criminals - making graffiti on plants and stuff. Winks.


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