Sunday 19 May 2019

the scare of my life

Hey ho, it's me.  You know, me, Seville the Cat.  MOUSES!

Well that was a close one, for sure.

What was close, you ask?

Well I'll TELL you what was close, my friends.  I had the scare of my life yesterday.  The scare of my NINE lives, for sure.

Okay, so maybe it was more like the scare of four of my nine lives, but four out of nine is almost half, so that's super scary to say the least.


So anyway...

So anyway, yesterday evenin' I was out and about in the garden and I thought to myself, "I think I'll go munch on some catnip plants for a bit.  Haven't done so all day."  So over I went to where my nip plants are growin', and what did my wanderin'...

Okay, so it was actually my feet that were wanderin' and not my eyes, but you get the picture, I am sure, and...

Scratch that.  I think I meant WONDERIN', not wanderin'.



So anyway, the sight before my WONDERIN' eyes was the most frightful sight I had ever seen in my life.  There, where my potted catnip plants had been growin', was...





Well right there and right then, I raced over to my little nippers to see if they were okay.  To see if I could rescue 'em from all that snow.  To see...

Then I said to myself, and anyone who was listenin', "I think I'll PEE on that snow to make it all go away."

And that's when I heard ol' Peepers.  "Seville!  Don't spray on those plants again.   They're not covered in snow."

Now as odd as this sounded - for all that white stuff sure did look like snow - it kinda made sense, too.  After all, the white stuff was coverin' only the plants, and the plants alone, whereas snow is usually not so uh...  Locationally specific.

And THAT'S when ol' Peepers explained.  "I've covered the plants with fleece because there's going to be frost tonight.  The fleece is protecting your nip."


Of course, catnip is tough as nails and DON'T NEED NO PROTECTIN', if you'll pardon my grammar.

Scratch that.  Catnip is tough as nails and doesn't require protection from frost.  From the peep?  YES.  But from frost, no.


Turns out, the fleece wasn't really protectin' my nip plants at all, but rather, it was protectin' the peep's stupid ol' vegetables she has growin' there.  For life of me, I cannot understand why.  I mean, what's the point of growin' cabbages and cauliflower and...  Brussel sprouts?  She doesn't even like brussel sprouts!  On the other paw, they are round so maybe they'll be good for rollin'.  But the thing is, the veggie pots are next to my pots of nip, so the fleece ended up on my catnip, too.

Well most of it, that is.  I found two plants close to the edge that were not under the snowy white fleece.  Those plants were there for the takin'.

Or the munchin'.

You know how it is.



You know...

You know, the other day ol' Peepers saw a woman drivin' a car who looked like she might have had the scare of her life, too, 'cause she was clingin' to that steerin' wheel for dear life.  She looked like she had seen a ghost!

Or maybe she just saw the peep.

'Cause the peep can be scary, for sure.



Or maybe she was just a grumpy ol' biddy.

Probably grumpy due to a lack of the nip.

'Cause that would me ME grumpy, for sure.



  1. Tell the peep to roast the Brussels sprouts wrapped in bacon and she will love them!
    Glad the nip is okay!
    Many Claws In St. Croix and Mommy Person

  2. Well that was something different. Guess it looked just like snow. At least it wasn't snow. You all have a great week.

  3. SNOW!?!? That is seriously scary Seville!

  4. Lack of nip would make anyone grumpy, though whether they should be driving under the influence of said nip is another matter. Of course maybe being grumpy was an illness and she needed nip and was going to get some when your peep saw her? Still as long as it wasn't your nip she was headed for that was OK, I mean that would make you grumpy too. Right?

  5. That really is a scary thought Seville! Glad those Nip Plants are free and clear from snow and the Peep will take that fleece off in no time at all as spring is just about here. You know Dad says he saw that same woman, gripping the wheel like she was hanging over a cliff, staring straight ahead and driving 10 miles under the limit. She sure can cover a lot of ground

  6. Oh no ! Snow ?!? That's scary indeed ! Purrs

  7. That must have been scary. :)

  8. Seville, you are hilarious...or rather, your life is hilarious! Glad you didn't sprinkle the fleece, 'cause your momma would have been perturbed!

  9. I hope your nip plants didn't get to warm under the fleece blankie, but if their tough as nails then they can probable take anything that comes to them. Purr purr purr.


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