Sunday 12 May 2019

happy peeper's day

Mornin' Peepers.  Happy Peeper's Day.


Boy-oh-boy Peepers.  Are you hard of hearin' or somethin'?



What?  What's that?  What's that you're babblin' on about now?

Yeah, it is six in the mornin'.  And yeah, it's a Sunday, too.  Nice to know you can tell time.


But OF COURSE I had to get you up early today.  It's Peeper's Day, Peepers.  A day when kitties like me celebrate by bringin' joy to their peeps.  And the sooner I get you up, the sooner you'll be able to join in on the celebratin', too.

Makes sense, no?


So anyway...

So anyway, since today is Peeper's Day and all that, I have a full day of excitement and entertainment in the works for you.  Today is gonna be a fun-filled day, for sure.


We'll start off by your gettin' me my breakkies, and...

What?  What's that?  What's that you're babblin' on about now?

Well you didn't let me finish, did you.  Not a question; statement of fact.  Yes, I know that on Mother's Day, baby peeps usually get their mama's their breakkies and stuff.  But that's not how cats roll, ya ol' peep.  On Peeper's Day, you, the peep, still have to get me my breakkies, but...

But I'm not gonna complain or anythin' if I don't like it.


Then after breakkies, I figured I'd give you your Peeper's Day prezzies.

By the way, you LIKE nip mice, right?

Just checkin'.

Oh, and don't worry, it's only slightly used.  You'll hardly even notice.  In fact, had I not mentioned the used part, you probably wouldn't have noticed at all.  I mean, there's just a teeny-tiny bit of slobber on one little part.


Now after the openin' of the prezzies, I'll be ready for my mid-mornin' nap, and...

Let me finish, would ya?

AND, if you would care to take a nap with me, I shall allow it.  You know, on account of it bein' Peeper's Day and all that.


Now when I wake up from my mid-mornin' nap, I'll be expectin' a snack or somethin' like that.  And since it's Peeper's Day, I'll share!


We'll probably wanna work some playtime in about then.  You know, after my post nap snack.  Peepers, would you prefer chasin' a knitted ball, a nip mouse, or a feather toy?  Oh, I know!  How 'bout a tasslerope?  Better yet, how 'bout my teaser?  Oh yeah, that's one of the best toys of all.  I'll stand on the chesterfield and dangle it before your eyes, and you can try to grab onto it, and...

What?  What's that?  What's that you're babblin' on about now?

Oh yeah.  I forgot how you, bein' a peep and all, weren't all that good at chasin' and catchin' cat toys and stuff.  Hmmm...

Tell you what.  We'll play with my toys in the traditional way.  You know, where you do my biddin' and dangle whatever toy I want to chase at the time.

Sound good?

Of course it does.


Now about lunch.  Since it's Peeper's Day and all, I'll let you choose which kinda fanciest of the feasts you'd like to prepare for me.  No questions asked.  And by that I mean, I won't complain 'bout your choices.  Then after lunch...




You're wonderin' how come Peeper's Day is very much like any ol' regular day around here.  You're wonderin' how come you, the peep, are still required to do my biddin' on Peeper's Day, just like any other day.


Well did you not hear the bit 'bout how I was gonna let YOU choose what kinda tins you'd open?

And did you not hear the bit 'bout how I wasn't gonna complain 'bout your choices?

What's more, did you not hear the bit 'bout how the nip mouse I'm givin' you is only SLIGHTLY used?

Mouses, Peepers.  You know, I was kinda joking earlier when I asked if you were hard of hearin', but I'm tellin' ya, I'm thinkin' you really are hard of hearin', for sure.  I mean, YOU DIDN'T HEAR ANY OF THE IMPORTANT STUFF 'bout the plans I made for you on Peeper's Day, or anythin'.  You really must be SUPER hard of hearin', for sure.

*sighs in a huffy, fed-up-with-the-peep kinda way*

So Peepers, why don't we play it like this:  You accept this slightly used nip mouse as a gift from me for Peeper's Day, and for the rest of the day we'll just do what we normally do.



After all, when you think about it, EVERY day is Peeper's Day, when a peep is lucky enough to live in a house with such a wonderful cat as me.



  1. Seville, I have something for your Peepers!
    You are the best!
    You are AMAZING!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Love Marv and Mom

  2. What a cheeky boy you are, Seville.
    Love you anyway.

  3. Happy Peeper's Day, Seville's Peep!

  4. We did not know it was Peepers day and now we are going to demand some pressies. Thanks for the info. And Happy Mother's Day.

  5. You are such a sweetie Seville. Happy Peepers Day to your very special Peep!

  6. Severs, that is super gracious of you to offer your nip mousie to your momma as a Peeper's Day "prezzie." What momma wouldn't roll over for that?! And allowing her to choose which lunch tin she opens for you - I bet that made her day! Kisses for your momma.

  7. Sivvers, it does seem like Peeper's Day is way better than Mother's Day. As long as you're you. MOL!

  8. Oooh, now a slightly used nip mouse is a real treasure as there can't be many like that in your place. I do hope the peep stuck to the schedule, too. Around here we don't have that, but I do did get Mrs H an assistant 'ALEXA' the only problem is she doesn't yet answer the questions I ask. Do you think I should sack her?

  9. Seville dear pal we think your Peepers Day is Purrfect! What more could anyone ask than be with we furry friends. They do get a bit huffy when they can't do exactly what they want but remember, we are providing structure for our Peeps. Structure they Need

  10. Truly, a human living with felines has it made in the shade, Seville!

  11. Sorry I am a day late. I hope your Peeeper had a nice Peeper's Day!


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.