Wednesday 27 March 2019

fly in my soup

Excusez moi mademoiselle, but there's a fly in my soup.

Okay, so it's not a fly.

Not soup, either.

And you, Missy, ain't no mademoiselle, for sure.


We'll start again.

Excuse me Peepers, but there's a hair in my kibble.

Right there.



For mousin' out loud woman, ARE YOU BLIND?

Oh.  Heh-heh...  Uh...  Never mind.


Okay, so the hair was actually fur, and it was kinda...




With spring just around the corner and the days gettin' longer, my fur IS shedding all over the place.  It's hard to keep track of it all, you know?  Hard to keep track of where I might be dropping said shed fur.  It's also hard to keep track of what might be my fur, and what might be some peep's hair.

Of course, in this particular case, the orange did kinda give it away.

I suppose.

Yeah okay, so it most definitely was orange fur in my kibble this morning, and not ol' Peeper's stupid ol' hair.

BUT HOW DO I KNOW SHE hasn't been shedding her hair, elsewhere?  Do the longer days of spring make peeps shed, too?  Inquirin' minds are gonna wanna know, for sure.


And speaking of shedding, I, Seville the Cat, am NOT taking responsibility for the fur covering the peep's black jacket.  Nope.  No way.  No how.  I'm not the only cat living in this here house, you know.

Okay, so Rushy never really sheds and Mason doesn't like being picked up, so maybe I AM the only kitty with access to the jacket in question, but still...

But still, I'm not taking responsibility for the fur on that jacket on account of my knowing that the last time the peep took that jacket in to be cleaned - you know, to get rid of SOME kitty's fur - most of some kitty's fur wouldn't come off.

Yeah, I'm tellin' ya, it was like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, the dry cleaner said.  Would make a good movie, I think.  If you're into that kinda thing.


But anyway...

Now where was I?

Oh yeah.

Hey Peepers!  This strand of orange stuff might be fur and not hair, but it IS in my kibble, so...

So what are you gonna do about it, Peepers?  WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO?  Enquirin' minds wanna know.



  1. Furry kibble really isn't good...MOUSES!

  2. Did you charge extra for furring up Peepers jacket? My cat and dog make me give them extra treats for that service.

  3. Geez, can't your human take a hint and get rid of that hair in your food?

  4. But orange fur on black jackets are da newest spring trend!

  5. Oooh I had a long white piece of hair in my kibble so do you think there is a connection?
    Well not a connection to me as clearly it wasn't—connected to me that is. Rather a connection to your hair and or kibble—like a hairy kibble conspiracy?

  6. Seville, tell her that they are magical fibers, not just 'cat hair'!

  7. Deny it is yours. The only way to prove it is DNA and the peep won't do that.

  8. Hey dude, nothing wurse than fur in your kibble! OOPS!!! MOL And dude, I totally agree with your comment the other day about only publishing real books, no E versions, we're going to do the same - mew know the original Basil book has been pirated 100,000's of times - we didn't get a penny - so no point in wurking that hard to get nothing! :( Anyhoo, Happy Caturday to all at Chez Seville! XOX

  9. I believe you, Severs. Your furrs are not the culprit. You should see all the furrs the Basset Hound gets all over my house. And when she shakes the air becomes filled with floating doggy hairs. EWW! How is a kitty with a a short nose like mine supposed to breath purr-openly when all that loose doggy hair is in the air?! Luv you.


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