Sunday 31 March 2019

writer's block

Of all the no good, good for nothin' antics.

Of all the stupid ol' stupid things a peep can do.

Of all the...

Awww...  MOUSES!

As many of you know, I, Seville the Cat, have been busy writing my first full length adventure these last few months.  Busy, busy, busy like a bee, I've been.  Only busier, of course, on account of bees not bein' able to write books.


So anyway, the other day, I encountered the age old problem WE WRITER TYPES sometimes encounter.



Okay, so it wasn't so much writer's block, as it was...


Writer's barricade?


Now what, pray tell, is writer's barricade, you ask?

Good question!  And luckily for you, I have an answer, too.  Writer's barricade is when a bloggin' kitty such as myself who is authoring his very first book, goes to work on said book, and finds some STUPID OL' PEEP using HIS computer for her own selfish needs.

Needs.  Reasons.  Excuses.  Whatever.

Well she called them reasons, but really and truly, they were nothing more than excuses and FLIMSY excuses at that.


So I, bein' the Gentlecat that I am, GRACIOUSLY left Peep #1 to work on whatever stupid ol' stupid stuff she was workin' on, and politely stomped out of the room sayin' mouses this and mouses that under my breath.


A whole ten minutes later...

Ten minutes later, I again entered the room, ASSUMING the peep would be done with whatever stupid stuff she was doing, and that my writer's barricade would be gone.

But OF COURSE, she wasn't.  Wasn't done using the computer, that is.  OH NO, the peep was still typing away without even a HINT of concern about MY NEEDIN' that computer to work on my book.  Inconsiderate or what?


So I sat there and stared at the peep.

But alas, she paid no attention to me.  *Sighs, LOUDLY*

So I sat there even longer, continuing to stare at the peep.

And when I say stare, I really mean, I was boring into the back of her head with my laser sharp vision.

EVENTUALLY, the peep relented and my writer's barricade was gone.

I KNEW my staring at her would do the trick!

Now unlike MY gracious and polite Gentlecat behaviour, the peep, bein' a peep, muttered something stupid about something undoubtedly stupid, and stormed out of the room.

Okay, so it wasn't so much a storm as a...  Um....  Unsettled weather.

But rude?  Oh yeah, it was rude, all right.  The peep was rude as all get out!

Which she did, eventually.  Get out, that is.  The peep GOT OUT of my office and left me alone to work on my book in peace.

My writer's barricade was finally gone.

And THANK GOODNESS for that, 'cause I, Seville the Cat, have an incredibly important novel to write.



  1. Sure glad the writers block went away. Good job Seville giving her the stare. Have a great day.

  2. I sure am glad the blockade is over!!!

  3. Seville, you need to get a hold of your Peep's credit card and order yourself an iPawd to work on.

  4. Wow, Sivvers! You can cure writer's block just by starin' at your Peep??? You could go pro, and make serious money doing that. Think of all the nip you could buy! MOUSES!

  5. Now I always thought writers block was like a block of that scented deodorant that Mrs H uses, that you wiped on under the ol' arms—if you be human, that only writers use on account of them getting so het up emotionally with there work they needed extra protection. Clearly I got the wrong end of that stick, MOL

  6. Humans! They need to learn about priorities!

  7. Seville I know that your novel will be very novel so I am awaiting the novelty that is sure to come

  8. Seriously, Seville...that's the first time I've heard of a writer actually being BLOCKED!

  9. I can't wait to read your book Seville.

  10. It sounds like to me that your human needs to get her own computer. Better yet, she needs to buy you a shiny new computer and she can use the old one. Tee hee hee. Luv you.


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