Wednesday 5 December 2018

the scandalous cad

So there I was in my office, workin' hard on my blog and totally mindin' my own business, when...

Yeah, I was TOTALLY mindin' my own business.

When alarm bells started doin' their dingin'.  There were alarm bells and sirens, EVERYWHERE.  There was even an alert on the television.


Okay, so maybe there weren't actually any alarms or sirens doin' their dinger.  And maybe there wasn't a TV alert, either.  MAYBE it was really more of a case of the first peep walkin' into my office and openin' her mouth.

Of course, when Peep #1 opens her mouth, what comes out can kinda sound like the screechin' of a siren, for sure.

It's a proven fact, you know.  And I'm not the only one who says it.


But I digress.  Let's get back to that alarming message.

So there I was, hard at work on my blog, when Peep #1 said, "Hey Sivvers, did you read what some guy wrote on your Facebook page?"

Of course, I immediately raced over to my fan page, on Facebook, and started reading.

My jaw dropped.

My pallor paled.

My eyes started burning.

A torrent of tears streamed down my face, and in dismay I watched as they formed a puddle right there on the floor beneath me.







I looked at the post I had previously made 'bout how I was writin' a book-length adventure, and just below my good news...

Some STUPID GUY wrote...

He wrote...


Of all the good for nothin' guys out there...

In all the no good gin joints of the world...


Okay, so my Facebook fan page isn't exactly a gin joint.

Isn't exactly?  It isn't at all.

And it certainly isn't no good.

But still... 

But still, I, Seville the Cat, was annoyed.

And rightly so, too.

Of course, that was AFTER my heart had been broken.


But the peep said to me, "Don't worry, Sivvers, keep your chin up.  There's always going to be that one guy who just can't help himself but to say something nasty."

And you know somethin'?


Which just goes to show you, there's a first time for everythin', for sure. 


I mean, who does this guy think he is, anyway?  Has he written any books?  Does he know how to write?  Does he even know how to READ? 


So even though this stupid guy went and TOTALLY SPOILED the announcement 'bout my writin' a book... 

TOTALLY spoiled it, for sure. 

And even though he went and TOTALLY RUINED my good mood...

You know what?

I, Seville the Cat, am gonna forgive him.

'Cause truth be told, maybe, as the peep said, he just can't help himself.  Maybe he's just naturally nasty.

And MAYBE I can work his name into my book.

As a villain, of course.

Or perhaps as the victim.


Who ends up at the bottom of very deep river, wearin' blocks of cement-fashioned shoes.

'Cause you know somethin', else?

THAT'S the kinda thing we writing types do.



  1. If someone like that comments on my Facebook page (it happens to everyone), I just delete them. If anyone was really nasty, I would block them. Then forget about them.

  2. Well Gosh Seville, that was NOT a nice thing to say on his part. Sounds like a very mean person. Rise above for sure . We love your writing here in Serenity and a lot of my pals do too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm sorry that idiot had to ruin your book announcement. I am still super excited about your book. The internet, where all the village idiots go to live. :p

  4. MOUSES! How rude of that cad, Sivvers. Your Peep is right ... there are some who can't say anything nice.

  5. Oooh, I like the sound of a scandalous cad. And every book has to have a victim–a bloated body that is found washed up on an isolated beach. Or the skeleton found in a plane crash in the Florida everglades, having been chewed on by alligators. Mrs H says if I put some of my pocket money in to your endeavour I could maybe get the plane to fly as far as and Indonesian jungle! have you thought of a name? Anders will be available in a year or two.... Anyways, Seville, I know whatever you write, it will be AWESOME, and I for one will be buying a copy. ERin . PS I haven't for sometime seen a victim being boiled alive by a remote African tribe of cannibals, so that could work?

  6. So sorry to hear that you were so rudely treated, Seville. I for one am looking forward to your book. All the very best and may the words flow as the river to the sea!

  7. Your Peep is right Sivvers. Some people find their amusement by leaving nasty comments, and they do so all over the place just to cause trouble and upset. He is showing his ignorance and nasty personality and is not worth a second thought.

  8. Seville, you have our permission to cough up a hairball on this flaming comment!

  9. I'm glad I stopped by your blog because that stupid guy got right on my fightin' side with what he dared say, and that's not my best side, either!! The housekeeper's first book review was a doozy. Heartbreaking, but she got over it. We're here for you and for your book, Sivvers!! - Tom x

  10. Kitty SoftPaws Pawsum Rescue Page8 December 2018 at 14:49

    In his next life he will come back as a mouse perfect karma❤ for saying such a nasty comment

  11. He sounds like he came out of a gin joint. You are an excellent writer.

  12. Purr-sonally, I think he is just a sad, bitter soul begging for attention by saying mean things. Don't pay him any mind, though 'cause he just wants to get under your skin like a tick and fluff your feathers ... err... furrs. You just focus on you and your writing and don't worry about that nay sayer. Purr purr purr.


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