Sunday 9 December 2018

the appointment

"He went thataway, Peepers," and I motioned with a flick of my tail.




"To your right, Peepers.  He went to your right."  I watched the peep turn and nearly run into the wall.  "No, your OTHER right.  The other...  Hmmm...  To my right, I guess.  Hehehe...  Yeah," and I sighed.  "He went that way," and I pointed to uh..  The peep's left.

The peep took off, and out of the kitchen.  She looked kinda frenzied.  Somewhat frazzled, too.  She didn't look good, just between me and you.

"Did he go downstairs or up?" she asked from the front hall.



Tryin' to keep my cool, I reminded myself 'bout the peep's lack of skills when it comes to comprehension and stuff.  "I said, yes."

"Yes he went upstairs, or yes he went down to the basement?"


Then I thought for a moment.  On the other paw, maybe he went into the livin' room.  I wondered if I should I tell the peep 'bout that third possibility.  Nah, she was already out of the kitchen.  Best thing I could do was let her search through all the bedrooms, upstairs, first.  If she didn't find Andy up there, I would suggest she check the livin' room.

I sauntered into the livin' room, myself.  You know, to check if Andy was there.  And lo and behold, he was.  "I see you're hangin' out here in the livin' room," I said.

"DON'T TELL THE PEEP!" my brother cried.  "I have a doctor's appointment this morning, and I do not want to go."

"I know all 'bout that doctor's appointment of yours.  Peep #1 is currently upstairs looking for you, you know.  She'll be lookin' under beds, and in closets, and who knows where else."

"Yeah, I saw her heading up there but managed to duck out of sight in the nick of time.  Whew!"  My brother wiped his forehead with a paw.  "She's...  OH NO!  She's coming back down the stairs, Sivvers.  I'VE GOT TO HIDE."  And with that, Andy disappeared under the chesterfield.  It was surprising, to say the least, as I had no idea he could fit under there.  MOUSES!

The peep poked her head into the livin' room.  "Any sign of your brother in here?" she asked.

"Ummm..."  I looked about.  "Not at the mo," I replied, which was true, on account of my not actually bein' able to SEE Andy under the couch.  There was no trace of him.  Not even the tip of his tail.  MOUSES!

The peep sat down on the arm of the big chair to catch her breath.  "Well he isn't upstairs.  I looked EVERYWHERE."

I nodded, wonderin' if I should tell her where Andy was.  Nah, best to let the peep keep on lookin'.   Peeps do like to feel a sense of accomplishment, I've found, and to point out Andy's location would spoil all my...  I mean, HER fun.  MOUSES!

"Did you check in the basement?" I nonchalantly asked.

"Not yet," and she stood.  "I'm heading there now."

"Thanks for not squealing on me," Andy said over my shoulder once the peep had left the room.  "To be honest, I thought you were going to tell."

"If we're bein' HONEST, so did I," I replied.  "But Andy, didn't you say you had a sore tooth?  You know, the only way to make that feel better is to go to the doctor.  Total fact.  Not alternative or anythin'.  MOUSES!"

Andy narrowed his eyes, obviously thinkin' about what I had said.  "But I don't LIKE going to the...  MEEEOOOOOWWWWW!" my brother loudly screeched.

"That tooth botherin' you again?"

Before he could answer, I understood exactly why he had yelled.  The peep was swoopin' into the livin' room like a condor or somethin'.  Never before had I seen her move with such swiftness.  Andy frantically looked in all directions, but there was nowhere to hide, and moments later, the peep had him in her clutches, and was holding him to her chest.

"Lemme go!  LEMMO GO!"

"No way, Buster.  You have an appointment at the vets."

"I KNOW!  That's why I need you to let go."

The peep and my brother each tried to stare the other down.  The peep won, of course, because...


Because she cheats, would be my guess.


And then, without further ado...

Okay, so there was another good five or ten minutes of the peep strugglin' to get Andy's harness on.  He doesn't make it easy, that lad.  Believe me, I know, 'cause I heard the peep cry MOUSES! at least thirty-nine times.

A little while later...

'Bout an hour or so later, the peep and Andy returned.  The peep looked a little worse for wear, with her hair all kinda askew.  And her sweater was COVERED in fur.  Andy, on the other paw, looked kinda...  Hmmm...  Loopy.

I know, it's hard to tell with that boy.  But he really did look MORE loopy than usual.  Peep said the doctor gave him some pain meds.  In other words, MEDICAL NIP.


So it's a wait and see kinda situation, from what I understand.  He has an abscess, but the antibiotics will deal with that.  And there are pain meds on board 'til those bio-ants do their thing.  The peep and my doctor will have a chat early this week.  Probably 'bout clothes and makeup and other GIRLY things.

On the other paw, they'll probably just talk about Andy, discussing how and when Dr. T. will attempt to track down his naughty tooth.



  1. Oh dear, been there, done that, got tooth fairy shirt. All the best purrs to Andy from all of us.

  2. Awwwww! Poor Andy. He is much better of having gone to the vet and hopefully he starts to feel better very soon.
    You, almost, sounded envious of Andy being on Medical Nip!? No sneaking Seville!

  3. Poor Andy, we hope he feels better soon ! Purrs

  4. Poor Andy! It was noble of you to help him avoid the Peep for a bit, Sivvers, but when it comes to teeth, there's no getting around the need. Purrs and prayers for your brother.

  5. Nice job of misdirection, Seville! If there was an easier way to get veterinary care to kitties, we'd do it!

  6. Poor Andy! I hope the antibiotics and medical nip help with his tooth so he is soon feeling better.

  7. I hope Andy is feeling better soon!

  8. I hope Andy is feeling better soon. Andy, I know you didn't want to go to the vet, but it's a good thing that you did, abscesses can be dangerous.

  9. Yup I would say to Andy that he needs to bite the bullet, but I guess that could be a sore point, MOL
    Toodle pips

  10. Ouchies on Andy's bad tooth but congratulations on making it as tough as possible to get the vet visit done - hiding/wiggling when the harness comes out, screeching all the way to the vet, etc. - good moves but in the end we still wind up at the vet! Sigh.

    Hugs, Teddy

  11. Poor Andy, I hope he feels better soon. Tell him if he gets it removed, the Tooth Fairy will send him crocheted nip toys.

  12. Oh, poor Andy to have to deal with a bad tooth and before xmas even. Good thing he has something now to take off the edge. I think he deserves an extra something in his stocking fur having to go through that. Purrs.


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