Wednesday 25 October 2017

wanna play?

Hey Peepers!  You wanna play a game?

Too late.  TAG!  You're it.

Uh Peepers, are you coming?  You do realize you've gotta chase me to catch me, right?  And you've gotta catch me to tag me back.  That's like the whole point of this game.

Uh Peepers, IN OTHER WORDS, you've gotta get up off that butt of yours.  You've gotta get a move on.  You've gotta...

Hmm...  Perhaps Tag is too difficult of a game for you.  Let's find somethin' easier.

How 'bout...   I know!  How 'bout a nice little game of Hide and Go Seek.  I'll hide first, and...

Scratch that.  I remember playin' Hide and Go Seek with you once before.  I did my part: I hid.  Several hours later, I realized you hadn't even started lookin' for me yet.

What a stupid peep.


But on the other paw, I did get in a really nice nap that afternoon.  Wasn't even bein' pestered by any peeps.


What's that?  What's that you're babblin' on about now, Peepers?

Oh.  You wanna play that kinda Hide and Go Seek.  Are you sure?  Do you really want me to go hide your stuff, and...

But I thought you said I WASN'T to go 'round hidin' your stuff anymore.  You know, after the little incident with the spare car keys that went missin'.

And just for the record, they weren't actually missin'.


And I knew where they were all along.


You know, I'm thinkin' you're tryin' to TRICK me, by suggestin' we play the game where I hide your stuff all over the house and make you go find it.  Yeah, trickery like that is just the kinda thing a peep like you would do.


So let's see...  What other kinds of games are there to play?

Got it.  We can play Fifty-two Card Pickup.  Be right back.

Okay, Peepers.  I went first.  Now it's your turn.  Go check out the family room floor.

What?  What's that you're babblin' on about now, Peepers?

Oh.  That.  Well...

Well the two decks of cards were in the same case, you see.  It was almost impossible for me to knock one down, without knockin' down the other.  Besides, it's not my fault.  I'm not the one who put 'em together in the first place.  That, my peep, would have been you.


Try thinkin' of it this way, Peepers:  Twice as many cards to pick up, is twice as much fun!


Hey Peepers!  You finished pickin' up all those cards yet?

I'm only asking 'cause I found another game we can play.  I went first.  Now it's your turn.  Go check out the kitchen floor.

NO.,.  No, it's not another game of Fifty-two Card Pickup.  For mousin' out loud, who the mouses wants to play the same game twice in a row?  Exactly what kinda cat do you think I am?

Plus, there were no playin' cards on the kitchen counter to knock down.

But I found somethin' else.

What?  What's that you're babblin' on about now, Peepers?

I WAS JUST SAYIN', I found another game for us to play, and like I said, I've already made the first move.  It's your turn now.

You are familiar with the game, Pick up Sticks?

Yeah, well there were no sticks in the kitchen.  But have no fear, for I, Seville the Cat, am here.  And I'm pretty sure toothpicks will work as well as sticks.  Their names even rhythm.


Hey, don't complain to me, Peepers.  You know perfectly well that if you leave stuff out on that end of the kitchen counter, said stuff is bound to get knocked down.  It's like a law of nature, or somethin'.


Uh Peepers...  What's that look you're makin'?  Why is your face all screwed up like that?  That some kinda game you're tryin' to teach me?  'Cause in all honesty, although it's very thoughtful of you to teach me a game, there's no way MY face can be made to look like that.

And as a matter of fact, you wouldn't be makin' your face look like that, either, if you were to see yourself in a mirror right now.  But to each his own, I suppose.  To each his own...

Seriously, Peepers, stop it.  Stop makin' that face.  You're creepin' me out.  Plus, you don't want that look to stick.

Oh, so NOW you're ready to play Tag, huh?  So NOW you're ready to...


New game, Peepers.  It's called King of the Castle.  I'M THE KING.  You can be the stupid, dirty ol' rascal.

And FYI, Peepers, I'm not comin' down from the top this here fridge 'til you wipe that stupid look off your face.

Let's just hope that look hasn't already stuck.



  1. You are so much fun :) How clever to double the fun with 2 decks of cards :)

  2. I think your Peep needs to make up her mind as to which game she wants to play. I think I would have picked up the pick up sticks/toothpicks before I slipped on them.

  3. Human don't have any good games, really! I had to teach mine how to fetch.

  4. Engaging ones peep in activity is supposed to be so good for them... but do they take the hint, do they like heck they do. And then they moan at us for laying around all day. Mouses!
    Toodle pip and purrs

  5. MOL Seville that was hilarious, we play hide the peeps stuff too and she still doesn't get it... actually she's looking fur a flash drive we hid in 2011, several floppy disks from 2005 and a tin opener from 2009 among a few other choice items. Who knew how rubbish peeps are at finding stuff! MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  6. You inspire me, Seville. I think I'll play a game of Pick-Up-Sticks with my mom. It seems I spied some toothpicks there in her cupboard one day. I'm sure they're still there, too, 'cause she spills them herself on the floor every once in a while! Maybe your momma is contorting her face for All Hallows Eve? Tee hee hee. Paw high fives & purrs.

  7. Seville,
    Mommy says I am NOT allowed to play your games anymore...I knocked everything off the top of the cupboards in the kitchen...Mommy did NOT like picking up the empty boxes she had stored up there...wait, a couple of them were NOT empty and some of the stuff inside was glass and got broken...
    at least MOST of the glass stayed in the boxes...
    I think I shall go and play hide and seel and hope Mommy does not find me!!!
    PS Mommy is feeling better so I am hoping I will be able to comment on my furrends blogs more!

  8. Oh my Seville, yoo are brillyent. I play knock stuff off da counters. My brofur played hide mom's stuff. Took her rings n dropped dem down da floor vent.😲 Yup all peeps are not bewe bryte.💡MOL 😸😸 ~Willy


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