Sunday 11 June 2017

for the love of mouses

Oh for the love of mouses.

No, seriously. SERIOUSLY.  It's not just an expression you know. My brother Rushton sure does love his mouses.


As you may or may not have guessed, Rushy caught himself a mouse this mornin'.

The peep, bein' a peep, was not amused.

On the other paw, Andy was.

That's right, Andy was right in there, stickin' his nose where his nose didn't belong, tryin' to see what Rushy had caught.  And then, with great amusement, those two long-haired marmie freak brothers of mine, just sat there, lookin' at the wee mouse lyin' on the ground.

Of course, Peep #1 was right in there too, checkin' out what Rushy had caught; but as I said earlier, SHE was not amused.


The other day, Tess caught a chippy.

Actually, she caught two.

Or maybe it was the same one, caught twice.  As chippies don't go around wearin' name tags, we'll really never know.  MOUSES!

Remember?  Remember way back when, when Nissy used to do that?

Catch chippies, I mean.  Nissy never wore a name tag and if he did, he didn't tell me, so I can't report about that.


So anyway, the other day, Tess came trottin' down the driveway with a chippy danglin' from her mouth. Well Peep #1 spotted her immediately, and was up and outside within minutes, encouraging Tess to let the chippy go.

And when I say encouragin', I REALLY mean that the peep beeped the car horn, which made Tess leap at least a foot into the air as she was walkin' right past the car at the time of the beepin' horn.  Once back on the ground, she spun 'round to face that ol' car, lifted a paw and shook it.  "YOU CRAZY DRIVER!" she yelled.  And that, my friends, was about when the chippy fell out of Tess' mouth, before scamperin' away.

Of course, the peep wasn't even in the car at the time, and the car wasn't even movin', so therefore, technically, there was no driver to yell at.   Realizin' this, Tess yelled again.  "CRAZY NON-EXISTENT DRIVER!" she cried, but by then, the chippy had managed his escape.

The peep, bein' a peep, tried to stifle a laugh but Tess spotted her smirkin', which caused her to stomp down the rest of the driveway, growlin' all the way.

Tess, I mean.  Not the peep.  MOUSES!

Then about half an hour later, it happened all over again.

And believe-you-me, the second time the peep beeped the car horn at Tess, Tess was wild with fury.  "YOU STUPID PEEP, BEEPING YOUR BEEPING HORN AT ME WHEN YOU'RE NOT EVEN IN THE BEEPIN' CAR!" she yelled.  "LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE.  YOU'VE MADE ME LOSE MY CHIPPY!  AGAIN!"

Talk about road rage.

I never even knew one could even have road rage on a driveway.  You know, without bein' on a road.

This, my friends, is one of the reasons Tess can't get her driver's licence.

That and the fact she can't reach the gas pedal and see out the window at the same time, on account of her bein'...  You know...  A cat.  MOUSES!

Of course, Tess is known for bein' enraged.  Why once, just the other day in fact, she was caught growlin' at herself.

No, seriously.  SERIOUSLY.  She really, really was.  She was the only one in the room at the time, and she was growlin' like no other kitty growls, so I'm figurin', Tess was growlin' at none other than..  Well...  Tess.

Some peeps talk to themselves, so I suppose it's reasonable to assume a cat might growl to herself.

Especially if the cat in question happens to be Tess.

Tess does enjoy growlin'.

And she does it really well.



  1. Tess should know not to talk with her mouth full...of Chirpy!

  2. Tess sounds feisty! Too funny about having road rage in the driveway and she doesn't even drive. We got a kick out of her growling to herself. Maybe she was thinking about the chippies she's lost on account of the peep.

  3. You need to take away the peeps keys!
    No beeping...

    Noodle and crew

  4. We would growl, too, if the chippy we caught got away because of a stupid beeping horn. But maybe not just growling for growling's sake at ourselves. :)

  5. That is so mean of the peep to make Tess lose her chippy. I figure when a cat catches something and digs it's teeth in, then it will be injured and in pain so why not let it get it over with. Your peep could have you wear collars with bells and that would warn the chippies.

  6. Humans are always insinuating themselves into our hunts! I'd almost think they were jealous.

  7. The kit has spirit! They catch chippies, lick their butts, and then kiss us. And we're fine with it.

  8. Oh my dropping your Chippy is so NOT the thing to do. Twice is just dire! I hope Tess gets over it, else there may be more growling to come, divine growling retribution in fact! Maybe she was practicing for a showdown when you saw her?
    Purrs, ERin

  9. That peep of yours has no appawciation for the work you kitties put in catching those chippies and mouses. And we feel particularly sorry for Tess, we've heard the car horn once in awhile that thing is loud!!!

  10. Oh gosh, could you imagine if cats were allowed to drive - AND honk horns?

  11. Poor Tess. A girl's got to eat you know ;)

  12. Aw darn! I'm so sad to hear the chippy got away. Years ago I had a brother who knocked a hummingbird out of the air...twice! I think the hummer was just asking for it. I mean...twice! Maybe the hummer and the chippy are related. At least mentally.


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