Wednesday 26 October 2016


"Er-hmm...   Er-hmm...   ER-HMM..."

"Excuse me Peepers, you're in my spot."

That ever happen to you?  You ever have a peep occupy your spot?  Peeps are always tryin' to occupy cats' spots. MOUSES!

"Uh Peepers, in case you didn't realize it, you're still there.  In my spot.  You're still in my spot.  My spot.  MY spot, with the operative word bein' my.  MOUSES!"

It can be very difficult for a cat to get a peep to move from their spot.  It's not like we can pick 'em up and plunk 'em down on the floor.

And speaking of floors...

Have you ever noticed that even though peeps seem to think the floor is a perfectly acceptable place for a cat to sit upon, when a cat asks a peep to sit down there, they complain?  Ever notice that?  I have.

Now I have be honest.  Peep #1 has, in the past, sat on the floor in order to not disturb a sleepin' kitty but seriously, she hasn't done so nearly enough.  Not NEARLY enough.  Enough would be like...  Well...  Well...  Well like every time the situation arose.  So as I said, not nearly enough, for sure.  MOUSES!

The chesterfield in my family room seats three.  Two peeps and one cat.  Well technically, it can seat four if two cats are willin' to curl up instead of stretchin' themselves out.  Well technically, five. Yeah, the chesterfield will fit five if three of the five are cats.  Cats who are curled up AND if one of those cats happens to be my sister Tobias, on account of Toby bein' really small.  Smaller than your typical cat.  It will also seat five if at least one cat is willin' to sit on a peep's lap 'cause if cats are sittin' on laps, it frees up some space on the actual cushions.  Frees up some space for me.

But the thing is...

The thing is, even though the chesterfield can, in fact, seat multiple cats, when I'm lyin' there, I like to get in a good stretch.  None of this curlin' up business for me!  I like to stretch out as far as I can stretch, and when doin' so, I alone occupy a good half of the couch.  At least half.  Maybe even two-thirds, as I have a very long tail, you see.  That leaves the other half - or third - for the peeps to share, and that works perfectly for me.  MOUSES!

But what does not work for me, is when I'm occupyin' my spot on the couch and Peep #1 decides to use me as a table.

Why just the other day, I was lyin' there on the chesterfield, mindin' my own business, while the peep was doin' some knittin'.  Then she decided that she had to take a peek at her pattern.  Well do you know where she put said pattern?  She put it on me!  Yup, right on top of me.  Like I was a kitchen table or somethin'!  MOUSES!

Next time she tries a stunt like that, I'm gonna tell her EXACTLY where to put her pattern, for sure.  MOUSES!

It is precisely because of behaviour such as this, that my brother Anderson's preferred spot on the chesterfield is at the far end, away from the peep's knittin'.

Of course, that rarely works out for him as it's Peep #2's preferred spot, too.

But the moment the end-of-the-chesterfield spot is freed up, Andy is in it in a flash.  You don't even see him goin' there.  You don't see him moving at all! One second he'll be lyin' next to Peep #1, sound asleep and purrin', and the next, he has fully occupied his very favourite spot.

Last night, Mason was on the chesterfield, all curled up, lyin' next to Peep #1.  Peep #2 was occupyin' Andy's favourite spot and  Andy realized that if he wanted to be on the couch, he'd have to curl up next to Mason.  So up he hopped before proceeding to lie down.

Now for the life of me I do not know why Andy did what he then went and did.  I do not know what in the world possessed him.  But right there and then, Andy decided to reach out and touch someone. Yup, he reached out a paw and touched my sister Mason.

Well that didn't go over too well.

Next thing we knew, there was a full-blown smacky paw session goin' on, right there in the middle of the couch.

To tell you the truth, I think my fur-sibs have been watchin' too many television shows with political pundits 'discussing' the upcoming election.  The pundits' behaviour is rubbin' off on them.  MOUSES!

But cats bein' cats, Mason and Andy had their little smacky paw take down, then when it was all over,  IT WAS ALL OVER, and they rolled over and went back to doin' what they had previously been doin'.

Well Mason did anyway.  She rolled over and went back to sleep.  Andy, however, ended up hoppin' down from the chesterfield to go sleep on the floor.  Apparently, neither peep wasn't willin' to give him their spot.  MOUSES!

And speakin' of rollin' over...

Once, not all that long ago, Mason was in her spot on the chesterfield when she rolled over and... And...  And...  AND SHE ROLLED RIGHT OFF!  HAHAHA...  HAHA...  HAHAH....

Yeah, it happens more often than you might think.  MOUSES!

I would love to see a peep roll off the chesterfield.

I would laugh and laugh and laugh...

And laugh and laugh and laugh...


Why, I'd laugh so hard, I'd probably roll right off the chesterfield, too.  MOUSES!


  1. Oh Seville , the cats here, hear you. Now I have to say, my cats are pretty good about MY Chair. MY Chair is a no hissing, spitting, paw smacking place. They all know this and so does Blue the dog. There is to be only friendliness in my chair. So my lap is a revolving door, one cat comes up gets some loving and then when that one gets down the next cat moves in. There could be as many as six cats on my lap at a time. Blue the dog then likes to sit at my feet. Interesting enough my lap only holds six, well, that means the arms of the chairs are used too, so long as they can touch me. Now if I get out of my chair, my seat will be taken by the cats, but when I come back they move aside, let me sit, then sit on top of me. After a cat gets some love they will move and another cat will then join us. LOL, that is how it is in my house. However, they do have a whole couch all to themselves here, well almost, Blue usually occupies one end and the cats take over the rest. Hope you find your spot on the couch tonight and be careful not to fall off.

  2. Oh goodness, poor Mason. We hope she didn't get hurt. Now, one time Mommy almost rolled off the bed because she was trying to get out without disturbing me. Oh, it was funny!

  3. Our cats never got out of people's spots, but us dogs know and hate the command off.

  4. Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! Mes could sees that!!! Wes don't shares the chesterfield. Its a Cat or the dog, never 2 cats, 3 cats or a cat and a dog or 2 cats and a dog, or even a peep! Mommy has her own chair .. but sometimes Me is with Mommy in the chair!!!
    Anyway...mes gots to goes knock Koxmo off the chesterfield...

  5. The office chair here is the prime real estate. Nobody goes into smack mode over it, though... although I was pretty disgusted to find Binga there this evening! She's only supposed to have it in the morning.

  6. What you need is a two tier Chesterfield, maybe even three tier. Of course you will need another for the peeps #1 and #2, or maybe have the floor padded? purrs ERin

  7. Would have been cool to see that for a change! He! He! He!

  8. That chesterfield sounds like it's the happenin' place to be in your house, Seville! I'm glad Mason showed Andy what's up :)

  9. Being an only cat the entire house is "MY SPOT"......but I had to giggle about the chesterfield and Mason falling off - - - I fell off our couch once while head just tipped over the edge and kind of started pulling the rest of me off and WHAM, on the floor I fell. That's about when I quit sleeping ON TOP of something and became a "floor sleeper" !!

    Hugs, Sammy

  10. My mum does the same. My dad has a recliner chair and I have one also. My mum keeps trying to take my recliner! Once she would sit on the floor but she says her knees are too cranky now and she is like a crab trying to get up again.

  11. That's almost musical chair like, without the music!

  12. The humans have no spots here. Everything is ours...we just let them use it occasionally. :)

  13. Yeah, Our Peep does that too. Expects Us to move if She wants to sit on the sofa. What IS it with Humans?
    Mind you - there are certain places here - such as the top deck on the Cat Tree, that We Kitties also squabble over.
    Mind you, We've at least never been subjected to the indignity of being used as a Table! Now that really is going Too Far. I mean to say - MOUSES!!!

  14. Avery did this just a couple weeks ago! Poor thing was trying to get just the right spot to lick himself clean and all of a sudden... well let's just say I'm glad he landed on his feet!

  15. Poor Mason ! Our humans are pretty well trained, they don't ask us to move. Purrs

  16. It sounds to me like your peeps need to invest in another chesterfield so there will be room for everyone and you can still stretch out- just a suggestion :)

  17. Seville dude, having your 'spot' taken is no good, no good at all - would there be any way to add a second level to the chesterfield thus leaving the ground floor level to everyone else while mew occupy the penthouse? Now that would solve so many purroblems! MOL Purrs Basil & co xox

  18. Oh no, Mason rolled right off? Now that would've been something to see. No rolling cats over here. But I'll be sure to let you know if that happens!


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