Wednesday 27 May 2015

up on the rooftop


Oh yeah, I've got some red spell check squiggles there, for sure.  MOUSES!

It's just a made-up word.  I think.

Nissy used to make up words all the time. Some of his made-up words are classics like, you know...  MOUSES!  Yup, Nissy had the gift.

Anyway, let me tell you about the kink. The kink in the hose.  The kink in the kink-proof hose.  MOUSES!

Peep #1 has had to replace a few garden hoses in the last couple of years.  One got left out all winter and winter was not kind to it at all.  Another one just got old and split a gasket.  No, that's not right.  It actually blew its top.  It's true.  The end with the metal part that connected it to other hoses and sprinklers and stuff just blew right off and water started spewing all over the place everywhere,  Everywhere except where it was supposed to be spewing, that is.

Oh yeah, and then there was the hose that...  Never mind.  We don't need to talk about that one. Let me just say that the claw marks were not mine.   MOUSES!

Bottom line is, the garden hoses needed replacing.

So last year, the peep decided to start replacing them with those kink-proof hoses.  Have you ever heard of those?  They're supposed to never kink.

I don't know who dreamt up that little marketing scheme but let me tell you, he or she should first have actually invented a kink-proof hose before going around, selling them.  MOUSES!

Let's just say...  THEY KINK.

Have you ever watched a peep struggling with a garden hose that's kinking up all over the place?  I have.  Good times, for sure.

Actually, I was wondering if I would see the peep going through the garden hose hijinks this year. For two or three weeks, she carted watering can after watering can all over the garden.  I thought that maybe she had surrendered to the kink-proof hose that kinks even though it's kink-proof and given up the battle.  Turned out she was just being lazy.

Apparently, Peep #1 thought it would be easier to make a million and one trips back and forth with the watering can than to make one trip hauling the garden hose out of the garage.  Silly peep.

Eventually she figured out that it was actually easier to deal with the hose, once, than the watering can a million and one times so after a couple evenings of the watering can relays, she hauled out the hose. That's when I got to see her in action.  She was half dragging it, half carrying it, half tripping...  Scratch that.  She was one third dragging it, one third carrying it, one third tripping over it and stumbling all over the place but eventually, she managed to get the first garden hose out of the garage.

The other two are still in there.  MOUSES!

Watering can relays are still taking place however their track has been somewhat shortened.

You'd think that she would figure out that it's easier to haul out a second hose than to fill up hundreds upon hundreds of watering cans that need to be lugged way over to the far end of the garden even if she is now lugging them only half the distance.  Sometimes I wonder about that peep.  MOUSES!

And you know, some of the plants over to where she's lugging those watering cans are getting really thirsty.  It was 28C today which is pretty hot.  Too hot for thirsty plants and way too hot for lugging cans full of water.  MOUSES!

Weatherpeeps said that it was 28C but felt more like 33C.  Humidex, they call that, I think.

Most people check out the weather forecast to find out about the humidity but I just look at the peep.  I always know when it's humid outside on account of Peep #1's hair.  If there are any stray little hairs around her hairline, they get all curly when it's humid.  Well some say curls.  Others might say frizz.  But it only happens when it's humid.  Yesterday her hair was straight but today... BOINNNGGGGG!!!!!

My fur doesn't do that and thank goodness for that.  MOUSES!

But did you hear what happened to me the other night?   Has nothing to do with garden hoses or humidity but is very important, nonetheless.  Very important as what it does have to do with is me. MOUSES!

The other night, I got stuck up on the roof!  It's true.  I was up there on the roof of the house and the peep was down on the ground calling and calling and calling my name.  She called me for goodness knows how long.  It seemed like forever.  An eternity!  Maybe ten minutes or so.

I was answering her but not very loudly and the peepers were out in full force so the peep couldn't hear my pitiful cries above the noise those peepers were making.  Then their throats must have gotten hoarse or something or maybe they just decided to take a coffee break because after the longest of times, they paused their peeper cries and Peep #1 finally heard me.

I should just clarify that peepers are not the same thing as peeps.  Just saying...

Anyway, the peep thought she heard me and she thought my soft cries were coming from the roof but she couldn't see me as it was dark.  So she ran inside the house to get a flashlight and when she returned, she shone said flashlight way, way up and lo and behold, there I was.  Then she made some stupid joke about Christmas in July being in May this year and my being up on the rooftop. There were no reindeer present.  Too bad, had Rudolf been around, the peep could have had him shine his nose up at me instead of going in to fetch that flashlight.  MOUSES!

Luckily, the peep and I have done this before.  She went inside and opened the upstairs bathroom window at the back of the house.  It's a small window but an okay size for a cat to get through. Even a marmie cat like me.  A peep wouldn't fit through it.  Peepers might though.

So the peep shone the flashlight up into the air and waved it about while calling my name.  I headed up and over the roof of the house and round to the back and climbed inside.  Got some cuddles for that.  Couple kisses, too.  MOUSES!

Now last night, Rushton was out late and the peep was walking around on the driveway at midnight, in her nightdress, calling and calling his name. Talk about a peep show!  Did that for ages and ages but Rushy wasn't answering.  Peep #1 wondered if perhaps he had managed to get himself stuck up on the roof just as I had, the night before, so she came inside for a flashlight but before heading back out, she quickly checked upstairs.  Turned out he had been inside all along.  Yup, sound asleep on a bedroom floor. MOUSES!

Tonight it will be Anderson's turn to make some mischief.  I wonder what he has planned.  I shall blog about it if it's funny, for sure.  MOUSES!


  1. Seville, I have to say your life is so full!! I am getting a bit confused, though, between , peeps, peepers and peep shows!!?? It's a mystery for sure!! Perhaps you could clrify a little bit more for those of us who are, ya know, thick!! ;) xoxox

    1. Maybe you don't have peepers in the UK. Hmmm... Don't really know what they are. Noisy critters. Frogs? Not really sure. purrs

  2. Hey Austin, I know I am replying to Seville's blog, but peepers are indeed tiny little frogs that make lots and lots of noise, usually the males to call the females. Back to Seville's blog, You cats sure are keeping your Peep in good shape, would have been nice had you hauled the hose out for your peep instead of laughing at her for carrying all that water in buckets. I guess you need something to blog about though LOL. Have a great night, peep #1 may not have needed to water those flowers, looks like rain, feels like rain, but is it going to rain. Hugs and purrs from all of us at The ARC

  3. Dang, I'm so impressed you came in through the bathroom window. Joe Cocker would be proud!

  4. Sounds like you're all on a rotating schedule to keep the Peeps (and peepers) on their toes! :)

  5. Wow, Seville, it does not take much to cause mischief at your house! In fact, Rushton didn't even have to LEAVE the house!

  6. MOL, bet Anderson has somefin good up his furs.

    My momma's hair gets crazy curly when it's humid out too - dat are why I calls it "humoridity" - becuz her hair are so funny lookin.

  7. Hi Seville....Seeing "Kinkamarinky-dinky-dink-a-shinnamasinky-cowinky-dink" made me think Mr Anonymous Spam had been at work! What with your peeps kinking non-kink hose & my peeps fold flat "Cassette" hose that doesn't play music & wont fold flat, I think we needs Miss Description to investigate? purrs

    1. Oh he WAS back, Erin. Mr. Anonymous Spam, that is. And he's being super rude, too. Said something about my blog needing fresh content and that if I was too lazy to write fresh content daily... MOUSES! And do you know what else? He spelled 'too' incorrectly. Yup, it's true. Instead of 'too' he wrote 'to.' MOUSES! purrs

    2. Mouses! How rude indeed! And to be rude with the wrong to (or too) too is really too much. Mouses! (Thats Mouses x two if Mr Spam is reading!)

  8. Well I do think it's good to keep humans on their toes and provide a thrill once in a while like hiding on the rooftop! I also think it's nice that you "rotate" mischief-making in your house....that REALLY keeps the humans guessing !!! Mouses!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. Well I for one just love your new word!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Little tiny frogs called peepers - hmmm we never heard of them before and we wondered if they are tasty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. We're in hair frizzland Nashville for Blogpaws and just want to say how happy it made me see you blog again. MOUSES forever!

  12. dood....we bet anderson getz de kinkz outta de hoze...& puts it thru de window ewe climbed in, while ewe bring de hoze further inta de houz ....just enuff.... knot ta pull it frum de tap, while rushton ternz de faw cett on & runs bak ta pree tend like himz iz sleepin...


  13. Great trick with the window, you and your peep. I do hope she gets those other two hoses out soon and joins them to the first one.

  14. You kitties sure do keep your peeps busy. We heard a lot of peepers about a month ago. :)

  15. At least, your peeps don't get bored ! Can't wait to read what Anderson has planed ! Purrs

  16. Hoses, Humidity, and roofs! Sounds like yous guys is just like us guys!!! Who knew wes on opposites sides of the country!

  17. Lots of Peeps in your story. It's confusing....
    My sister Loustiquette loves hoses. She says they are snakes no hoses. She keeps on attacking them. Crazy !
    You don’t know how to go down the roof by yourself? Or you just want to annoy your Peep?

  18. You guys are gonna be the death of your mommy if you keep that up! Mouses!


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.