Sunday 17 May 2015

Nissy's stash

I've been snooping.  I admit it.  It had to be done.  MOUSES!

Actually, the peep is the one that says I've been snooping.  Originally, I was investigating. Apparently, according to the peep, investigating and snooping are the very same thing.  I disagree but as Peep #1 was dishing up breakkies at the time we were having the snooping versus investigating debate, I decided at the last minute to allow her to win.

Actually, I allowed her to win round one.  After I ate my breakkies, I informed Peep #1 what I was doing was far more like investigating than snooping after all.  MOUSES!

Snooping and investigating really aren't the same thing, you see.  If they were, why would we need two different words?  Doesn't make any sense to me at all that there would be two words if snooping and investigating were one and the same.  Don't you agree?

Synonyms...  MOUSES!

But they're NOT synonyms at all.  Well, at least not in my book.  Maybe in someone else's book but in mine, they're not.  They're not cinnamon, either.  Or cloves or nutmeg or...

Gosh this blog post is getting a little spicy, even for me.  MOUSES!

But back on topic.  In my mind, snooping is done when someone is minding someone else's business out of curiosity or mischief making or whatever.  Investigating is when the cat making the enquiries is doing so out of necessity and as we cats are by nature curious, snooping is always necessary.

MOUSES!  I think I just admitted that snooping and investigating are one and the same.  Gosh darn it.

Well investigating sounds way better than snooping so I think I'll stick with that no matter what the peep says.

You know, Nissy was a bit of an investigative reporter.  He was NOT a snoopigative reporter. There isn't even such a thing as a snoopigatvie reporter.  Is there?

But also, Nissy was a cat.  Snoopy is a dog.  Totally different species.

And isn't there some Snoop Dogg person out there? See?  Snoop DOGG.  Clearly snooping is not for cats.  Must be a peep and doggy thing, I think. Makes sense to me!

Anyway, I was snooping...



While INVESTIGATING Nissy's office the other day, I came across his stash.  I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking I came across a big old stash of the nip or something and to be perfectly honest, I was thinking that I would come across something like that, too, while snooping... INVESTIGATING Nissy's office.  Unfortunately, no such luck.

What I did find though was a whole whack of books.  You should see them all!  I always knew that the peep and Nissy had shelves and shelves of cozy mysteries and I had a couple up there, myself, from taking that Kitty Lit. 101 course with Niss.

Oh, by the way, I'm going to be attending summer school classes on the Kitty Lit. 101 front so I'm currently in search of some good summer reading material but I'll write more about that in another post.

Anyway, Nissy had a stash of books that I didn't even know about.  Not cozy mysteries but...

No, he did not have a stash of questionable reading material and calenders and stuff.  Nissy was a gentleman, for sure.

What Niss had was a stash of books that helped him write.  It's true.  For starters, he had multiple dictionaries.  One of them was three volumes big.  Can you believe it?  It took the dictionary peeps three whole volumes to write all the definitions of all the words out there and even with all that space, they still didn't manage to include the word MOUSES!  Some peeps and their dictionaries...  MOUSES!

But Nissy's stash contained more than just dictionaries.  He had several books on grammar, too. No wonder he always knew whether to use lay or lie or me or I although to be perfectly honest, he did sometimes mess up on the was and the were.  Not the simple cases but with those tricky ones. You know...  When you're talking about one thing that contains more than one item.  Always a trickster for sure.  Were?  Was?  MOUSES!

And by the way, I looked through his entire stash and every single book on grammar had all comments about run-on sentences inked out.  Not nicely inked out, either.  No ruler-straight line crossing out the paragraphs.  To be honest, I think someone just took a bottle of ink and tossed it all over the pages.  Someone was a little touchy on the run-on sentence subject, if you ask me.

I think it was the peep.  MOUSES!

And speaking of Old Peepers, I found a few notes of Nissy's, some of which pertained to her.  He had written down some laws. I'm not sure if they were his own personal laws or laws he was going to try to get passed once he was appointed to the Senate.  Or maybe both.  I'll blog more about these laws in the future but I think there's time to tell you about a couple right now.

Nissy's Law #2:  When in doubt, ask the peep.  It's an interesting law because, as you know, Nissy's Law #1 was, "when in doubt, BLAME the peep."  Seems to me that these two laws are slightly contradictory but I suspect that contradiction in law is nothing new.  But he had this specific law written down on a scrap of paper in one of his grammar books.  I think perhaps it applied only to grammar.  I think that maybe the peep was his back-up grammar book but - and I'm going out on a limb and just thinking aloud here - I'm not sure what good the peep would be with any of his questions. As Nissy always said, his grammar was far better than that of the peep's and it's no wonder.  Look at all the books he had on the subject!

Of course, I have no evidence that he ever read any of those books...  MOUSES!

Oh no, I do.  He blacked out all that stuff about run-on sentences but then, like I was thinking before, I'm not sure that Nissy was the one who did that as I find it far more likely to have been the peep who did it which means I have no evidence at all as Nissy had a true love of writing and books and I just can't see him making a mess of the books with ink like that. Gosh, he didn't even like my turning down the corners of the pages.  Always insisted that a bookmark be used.  Always said he didn't want any of his books to have dogs' ears.  Or maybe he said dog eared... Boy, this subjuect is making me dog tired, for sure. MOUSES!

But you know, asking the peep for help with tricky grammar is pretty smart.  If she gets it wrong, it's all her fault.  And that brings us right back to Nissy's Law #1:  When in doubt, BLAME the peep.  My brother was a GENIUS, for sure.

Yup, Genius should have been his middle name.  MOUSES!


  1. I know you are doing a great job Seville - and Nissy left some good "investigative" material it seems.

  2. snoopigative reporter,,, there is now such a thing, isn't it a rule, once it is written it has life and there fore just is. Glad to see you are on a role and lining up stories to be told. You are doing a wonderful job Seville!!! Keep up the good work. Hey, have you gotten Anderson into the teleportation device yet???? Oh, yes, the pictures you have posted of you are just absolutely Handsome.

  3. Wow Nissy had one heck of a stack of books didn't he? Such discoveries too! He did a bit of Peep Blaming * grins * BUT he knew who to ask in case of doubt - right?


  4. Wow, Nissy sure took his writing seriously! We don'ts think there is even one dictionary in this house, let along three. Course, we don't bother asking the peep either. We just hope efurryone can read enough to get what we might be saying. AND if not, w blame to the bean 'cuz she's the one doing the tippy tapping anyway.

    Have a great long weekend efurryone!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. I thought of a big stash of nip too.

  6. Blame first and ask second is darn brilliant!

  7. It's good that you are "investigating" so you know where all the impawtent books and things are.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Sivvers, thank Ceiling Cat you found Nissy's book stash. Don't let ANY other cat touch it with even one paw pat...

  9. Nissy was a genius, for sure! We LOVE that Rule #1, Seville! :)

  10. Etude of Mischief & Mayhem Central18 May 2015 at 00:24

    Great blog, Seville. We must remember Nissy's rules. In fact, we are coming to a consensus that we should adopt them... We like the idea of Grammy taking the fall for our mistakes. Yes, that sounds like a great plan. Grammy's still giggling.

  11. Hi Seville your really warming to this investigating thing. I wish my grammar was better, in fact I wish she was still here.....oops sorry wrong mar! Did Nissy have a book in his stash on comma's you can recommend at all, it's for peep.....,

  12. My human serves as the editor here too. I'm not sure how she does it, because there don't seem to be any stacks of books, with the exception of the Chicago Manual of Style. She says everything else is online (actually, including the Chicago Manual of Style these days). Should I trust her?

  13. That must have been a surprise to find such a big stash of books. I expect Peep #1 went to him if she was unsure of something. You are right of course, snooping and investigating are completely different. I know you would never snoop. Snoopervising is different again and needs to be done to keep the Peeps in order.

  14. Nissy was absolutely a genius.....I didn't know he was such a BIG reader though! I have to wonder if he might have started a book club over the's a distinct possibility....."Nissy's Mighty MOUSES Book Club"......I can see the announcement in the Bridge Bulletin now. He'd be purrrfect leading that group don't you think Sivvers?

    Hugs, Sammy

  15. He was wise indeed!

  16. Those books will be a big help to you, Seville. Good think you found them. And, btw, snooping and investigating are not the same thing. ;)

  17. You should put all Nissy's notes and rules together and get a book published- on catnip paper of course. Keep up the good work.

  18. My first comment didn't show up :( I think you should gather all Nissy's notes and rules and publish a book- on catnip paper of course. Keep up the good work.

  19. Yes, Nissy was a genius and he is missed! But, Seville, you are doing him proud. :)

  20. Super interesting books you uncovered in Nissy's stash! And yes, I totally thought you were referring to a stash of nip!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  21. Seville, I am very happy to use dog ears as book marks! Spaniel ears would be the best I think!! I must investigate this! MOL

  22. Mew mew mew mee iss LadyMum'ss 'snoopverviser'...that iss what shee callss mee Seville.
    Snoopagative reeportin doess sound sorta funny ;)
    Nissy sure did like his werdss didn't hee?? Mee doess not have a big voe....voocab...vernac....know allot of werdss yet butt mee doess mee best.
    Maybee mee should ask LadyMum fur help...then if fingss go wrong mee could blame her mew mew mew.....
    Mee iss livin an leernin Seville...livin an leernin....
    ***nose bumpss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

  23. Keep on investigating Seville,you never no what you might find,xx Speedy

  24. Well Seville I wonder what the Dad would say about my snooping or rather investigating the goings on here and there in our domicile or maybe I could say home but domicile sounds much more investigative while home is something that a snooper would snoop in like snooping at home which I would never do as I investigate about our domicile so there you have it and what is wrong with those darned run on sentences so I am sure as you are that it was the Peep and no Nerissa so we have that hammered out.
    *Tim falls over and cat-ches his breath*


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