Sunday 19 October 2014

invasion of the marmies

As some of you may have heard, I have a new brother.  His name is Anderson and he's a marmalade cat.  My third marmie brother.  Yup, the marmies are invadin', for sure.  MOUSES!

Anderson showed up around here, sometime last winter.  Not sure exactly when but it was super cold out and there was still snow on the ground.  Not a good time for a kitty to be livin' out on the streets, alone.  Not a good time, at all.

When the peeps first saw Andy, they thought he was Rushton.  At a glance, they do look a lot alike. They're both marmies with some cream showin' through and they both have long fur.  They both have floofy tails, too.  But Rushy is missin' part of an ear on account of his havin' been TNR'd at some point.  Andy doesn't have a tipped ear.  His ears are totally intact and they're kind of horizontal whereas Rushton's are more vertically directed.  Plus, their faces and facial expressions are totally different.  Obviously, two very different cats.

Then there is their size.  They're both big boys.  You should see the size of Anderson's paws! They're like, three times the size of mine.  I actually have a sneakin' suspicion that Andy might be part cougar or somethin'.  But when Anderson first appeared, he was super thin. Rushton, on the other paw, is the size of a small half-tonne truck.  How the peeps ever thought they were one and the same is beyond me.  MOUSES!

I, of course, immediately recognised that Andy was a new boy in the hood.  I also happened to notice that he was of the marmie variety.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  "Not another marmie!" I cried. Unfortunately, no one was listenin'.

There was one other difference, too.  A big one.  Anderson was missin' most of his fur on one side. Yup, you could see his skin and everything.

Andy has long hair and long hair, when not properly groomed, mats.  Anderson had let his fur go a bit but that certainly wasn't his fault.  Livin' out on the streets is pretty tough for a cat and all your time is spent lookin' for safe places to sleep at night, shelterin' from the cold and scrounging for food. There isn't time for daily groomin'.  So Andy's fur started to mat and all those mats grew and grew until they were one humongous, gigantic mat.  Then, with the longer days and more daylight, his fur started to shed.  But it was all caught up in that monstrous mat and eventually, his fur came off in one big ol' chunk.  Kind of like when a sheep is shorn, I suppose.

This lack of fur was very dangerous for Anderson.  He no longer had a thick fur coat on one side to protect himself from other animals scratchin' him or from the cold.  Did I mention it was cold?  It was. Like I said earlier, there was still snow on the ground!

Anderson has told me that the worst nights were the starry ones.  When the stars are out, the skies are clear.  And a clear winter sky in Canada is a cold one, for sure.  Sometimes, bitterly cold.  Hard to find shelter from that kind of cold 'cause it's everywhere.  You can shelter from the wind but not the bitter cold.  And when you're missin' all that fur....  It must have been terrible.  Anderson says it was so cold, it hurt.  That poor, poor boy.

Well the peeps immediately started attemptin' to befriend our boy, Andy.  They started puttin' food out at the front door, hopin' he would find it.  If they caught a glimpse of him, they would immediately drop everything and run out with some food.  Usually, they put it out at the front door but if they saw him at the back, they'd put it there, too.

Anderson was really scared.  He wouldn't let the peeps anywhere near him.  Truth be told, he didn't even like 'em lookin' at him!  He would hide the moment he saw my peeps but, eventually, he learned he could come back for the food and that's exactly what he started doin'.  The peeps watched from inside 'cause he wouldn't go near the food until they were behind closed doors.

The peeps were thinkin' that Anderson was a feral lad on account of his fear.  He was terrified of humans as feral cats are.  They figured they had their work cut out for them, for sure.

Eventually, Anderson got to the point where he would allow the peeps to see him.  He wasn't runnin' quite so far when they appeared with food.  Sometimes, he didn't run at all.  Sometimes, he stood his ground, waitin' for them to go back inside so that he could eat.

By early September, Andy would actually come up to Peep #1 when she fed him.  He even started meowin' at her.  Just a little meow.  He has a pretty little voice for such a big boy.  But he would meow and then the meow would turn into a fizz.  Ol' Peepers had to bite her tongue to stop herself from laughin'.  The meow fizzes were pretty funny, I suppose, but really, Andy was just lettin' her know he was still in charge and she wasn't to get any ideas.

Then one day, in late September, Anderson showed up at the back door.  Peep #1 opened the door and spoke softly to him.  She kept talkin' to him and Andy must have been listening 'cause paw by paw, he padded right into the house.  MOUSES!

Well Ol' Peepers can be pretty fast on her paws when she wants and that ol' back door was closed behind Andy, lickety split.  Anderson was not amused.

So Anderson moved in, upstairs.  Yup, he lived upstairs for over a week.  Peeps had to install a new litter box and everything.  They were even servin' him breakfast in bed!  Well, in a bedroom and not actually on a bed although that is where he was sleepin'.  Lunches and dinners were served up there, too.  Anderson, you see, was refusin' to come downstairs.

But was he ever gettin' friendly with the peeps.  They could touch him and pet him and love him up and everything.  He did have a bit of a wayward paw, though.  Both peeps got a few scratches and Peep #1 suffered from a little nip.  I don't think Anderson was bein' mean or even tryin' to attack 'em. I think, he was tryin' to keep 'em!  He was lashin' out when they passed by or had been pettin' him and got up to leave.  He didn't want the attention to stop.

After about ten days, Andy came downstairs.  He moved right into the ol' family room and sort of took over the chesterfield.  Started takin' over the peeps, too.   You should see how lovey-dovey he is with 'em.  He even lets him rub his tummy!  Okay, so do I but that's beside the point.  I've known my peeps for eleven and a half years.  Totally different situation.

Clearly, Anderson was not a feral boy.  No way, no how would he make that kind of peep progress had he been feral.  Obviously, he had been abandoned.  Left behind when someone moved or dumped 'cause he was not longer wanted.  Don't know which.  Andy's not tellin'.  Bad memories, I suppose.

He had some pretty bad experiences when he was livin' on his own, for sure.  Peep #2 went to use the broom to sweep somethin' up in the kitchen - likely some spilt kibble - and Anderson ran.  He's terrified of the broom.  Peeps think someone must have chased him or even hit him with one when he was livin' outdoors.  Only a truly nasty person would do somethin' like that.  They had better never show their faces around here 'cause let me tell you, if they do, I'm gonna pee on 'em, for sure. Maybe even poop.  They sure would deserve it.

Anderson is becoming more and more sure of his surroundings every day.  He has learned that, if he wants, he can go outside for some fresh air and sunshine and then come right back inside.  I kind of think that when he was holed up, upstairs for those ten days, he was afraid to come down in case he was tossed out on his tail again.  I'm kind of thinkin' that he was driven into the country and dumped all those months and months ago.  Stupid, ignorant peeps have been known to do things like that. Peeps who think a kitty can survive outside on his or her own, after havin' had a home. MOUSES!

But still, every now and then when Andy wakes up, a strange look will cross his face.  He looks around in a panic.  He's wondering if he is still inside.  Still inside a house, warm and comfy and with a full tummy.  He's lookin' to see if he really does have a home with lovin' peeps or if it was all just a dream.

You see, when Anderson was livin' outside, sometimes he would dream of having a home once again like he did when he was a wee little kitten.  He would dream of having peeps who loved him, warm places to sleep and food to eat.  Dream of being inside a warm and loving home on those bitterly cold, starry nights.  The dreams were wonderful but then, in the mornin', he always awoke to find that it was all gone.  That he had nothing.  That he was still cold and hungry and all alone.

Even now, with the peeps lovin' him to bits, he wonders if it's all still a dream. Wonders if he's gonna wake up to find everything is gone.

Well that is not gonna happen 'cause Anderson is part of my family now and he's gonna have a lovin' home, forever. A loving home where he will always be safe.

And his wayward paw is no longer wayward so I think he's gettin' the idea that the peeps will always be there for him.  They trust him completely, now. They put their faces right up to his and kiss him on his forehead and tickle his tummy just like they do with the rest of us.  Yup, we're all suckers for those tummy tickles.  We all love 'em, for sure.  And do you know what?  We love Anderson, too.  Purrs.


  1. We are so pleased that Anderson is part of your family now and have settled in well. Thank your peeps for caring for him andshowing him love..
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Anderson, welcome to your new forever home! We think you made a great choice by adopting this family.

  3. What a wonderful story....we love happy endings! We're so glad Anderson has a loving home with you and your peeps.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Oh Wow, Anderson, sure did find the right house. That is such a great story and it just warms our Mom''s heart to hear how all of you took Anderson in the house. Really good stuff. We love stories like this. Yay Anderson.

  5. *sniff* I love happy endings!
    Rescuers rock!

  6. We didn't know you had a marmie brofur. He's so handsome! Our Mommy has a soft spot for marmies... well, she has a soft spot for all kittehz! MOL!


    Pee Ess - we hope to hear more from Anderson.

  7. Welcome to Anderson ! What a lucky boy to have found a loving family like yours ! Purrs

  8. Good for you and the Peeps, we need more of folks like you to rescue kittehs!

  9. Dear Nissy.The story of Anderson has moved me to tears,Tears of sadness for his past life and peeps who were so cruel to him and now tears of joy that he has landed on all 4 paws.He is a beautiful boy and you have all welcomed into your are all the best!!!Love and purrsXXX

  10. That is quite the story and we are so very happy that Andy is now right where he belongs.

  11. What a great story about your new marmie bother, Nissy. Mom especially liked it because he looks a lot like me, and I get mats in my fur too.

    I am back to being able to comment again!

  12. So you'll come and pee on Pat? He chases the cat with the broom, after I try to eat it of course lol Awesome that he is so settled in and a member of the family.

    1. Yup, one must do what one must do. I think it's a law or somethin'. purrs

  13. I am so glad that you and your family are sweet enough to accept another kitty. He is a pretty boy. I am glad his ears didn't get frost bitten. Our orange kitty, Prancie showed up here in January and her ears were froze, so the tips fell off :( She is still a cutie though.

  14. What a lovely story! I am glad that Andy has a safe and loving home with you. He is a handsome Marmie.

  15. Glad Andy has moved in and has a great place to live. Gingers rule!

  16. Glad Andy's got a pawsome home now.

    And marmies are da best. ;)

  17. What a wonderful, heart-warming post, it made our day! Welcome to Anderson, we are so, so happy that he ended up in your home with you Nissy and your fursibs and wonderful Peeps, he won the kitty lottery for sure! What a beautiful, sweet boy he is! Yay for happy endings!

  18. Pawsome! We love happy stories too.
    His experience is so similar to Julie's.We do not know how long she was outdoors.
    She was found in our Auntie's neighbourhood in June of 2012 and she had blotches of missing fur. She was pretty friendly. Still is and has no wish to live outside anymore :)
    Welcome Anderson!! You will be happy in your pawsome home.

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  19. Agreed! Great choice Anderson! So glad that your not out in the FREEZING cold anymore!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  20. You got a Anderson and we got a Ralphy.
    Today the world is a better place!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  21. Our mom bean got leaky eyes for Anderson - she says sometimes beans are the true animals. We is all furry happy he has found his furever home with you!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  22. hip hip HURRAH for Andy!! Mommy is all weepy thinking about what a terrible time he had outside.. May good Karma heap all about your peeps.

  23. I loved hearing Andy's story! I'm so glad he came to the right house.

  24. This post made me tear up. What a little sweetheart. You are so lucky to have found each other :)

  25. Wow, Anderson sounds like an excellent addition to the furmaly. Mom says he reminds her of our now angel, Madison. Not in looks but in background. Madison wandered about our neighborhood for about six months, stopping here and there, but mostly just here after a while.The humans fed him but didn't push trying to get to know him. Eventually he started warming up to Mom, and he was finally invited to join the family. It was then that the humans figured out that at one time he'd had a home as he was the most well mannered cat (unlike us) they'd ever known, and the sweetest and most gentle and loving. He was about two years old when he came to live here. He died ten years later of lymphoma. Mom is still heartbroken. Take good care of Anderson. He knew just where to go to get the bestest and most loving home. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  26. Oh Nissy dat's so pawsum. Andy is such a handsum mancat. And weez awe so happy hims found yous all. Fank yous so much fur givin' hims a wunnewful luvvin' furevew home. Weez all hav da leaky eyes and hopes hims nightmawes go way away weal soon. Yous so special to shawe yous peeps and home and noms wiff hims.

    Luv ya' bunches

    Dezi and Lexi

  27. What a sweet story Nissy......So happy for Anderson AND for your family to have such a handsome marmie dude join the household. It took some time to gain his trust but you've all got it now and he's got you and a wonderful forever after home. We just love stories like this!!!! Please give Andy a hug and high five from me. After all, he's ginger and we gingers ROCK.

    Hugs, Sammy

  28. Hey Nerissa and family, thank you so much for taking in and looking after Anderson, you are doing a wonderful job and I just know he is so Happy to be there.

  29. Welcome to the Family Anderson - you have landed on your paws finally!

  30. Anderson, you sure are lucky to have been taken in to such a family! Such a nice story and we are so happy to hear this.

  31. Nissy my dear furend you made my day with this story. We love a happy ending and happy is surely how Andy feels every day when he strolls around and jumps up and get some of that really nice fuss.
    Thanks so much and tell your great pawrents that they really have built up a ton on good karma and all that there stuff
    Why I'm getting a bit misty so better say

  32. What a wonderful story, Nissy! Mum and I all teared up. We are so glad Andy is part of your family now!! xxx

  33. well there are leaky eyes here cuz ole Andy sure does look like Mom's heart cat Popcorn...he war feral...she brought him inside and they were besties for like 14 years! And then of course Andy also looks like my Cuzin we are all happy Andy is home at last...another Happy Tails Ending

    1. That's what I thought, too! I think Anderson looks a lot like your Leo, Savvy. I really, really do. purrs

  34. Hullo! We is your elected Purrime Ministerettes of Planet Purrth serving all anipals except snakies!

    We is so happy you was in PM office yesterday. Next time you bringing all furriends?


  35. Welcome Anderson!

    Noodle and crew

  36. ConCATS on your new brother, and welcome, Anderson! He sure is a handsome boy. We can't wait to learn more about him!

  37. Oh, sweet Nissy what a beautiful, loving story. We are so happy for Anderson and for you and the family how wonderful that you all live together. Anderson is a very handsome mancat. Thank you for introducing him to us. Hugs and nose kisses

  38. Your new brother is absolutely handsome :)

  39. Oh Anderson, we are so glad you decided to come inside where it is safe and warm. You are a very handsome boy.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew


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