Wednesday 15 October 2014

crazier than a squirrel makin' nut pies

My neighbourhood has gone to the dogs.  Yes, you heard that, correctly. It has gone to the dogs. MOUSES!

You know, there are an awful lot of doggies livin' in my neighbourhood. They appear to be everywhere.  To the north, to the south, to the east and the west.  Like I said, they're EVERYWHERE.

And not only are they livin' everywhere, but they're walkin' everywhere, too.  Every single day, I see doggies bein' walked past my house.  Big ones, little ones, in-between sized ones and even teeny-tiny almost minuscule ones that would seriously fit inside a teacup although, perhaps not so small that they could fit into one of those demitasse cups the peep has but never uses.  Those aren't even big enough to hold a cup of coffee.  MOUSES!

And where did they all come from?  And who let them out?  Yeah, who did let all those doggies out? Anyone ever figure that out?

Who let the dogs out?  One of life's greatest mysteries.  Still unsolved, to this day.  MOUSES!

I'm tellin' you, havin' all those dogs livin' in and wanderin' around my neighbourhood is crazy. CRAZY, I tell you.  Crazier than a squirrel makin' nut pies and believe-you-me, that's some serious kind of crazy.

And speakin' of squirrels.  They're everywhere, too.  Those grey squirrels are drivin' me crazy.  Not as crazy as them but crazy, nonetheless.

We have that big 'ol oak tree at the end of the driveway.  That big ol' oak tree that has been leadin' a double life.  By day, an oak tree.  By night, a squirrel magnet.  Or maybe it's the other way round. Hmmm...

Yeah, it is the other way round 'cause I only ever see the squirrels in the daytime but see them, I do. That ol' oak tree must be usin' its magnetic powers of persuasion to attract those squirrels durin' the daylight hours.  At night, it's just a tree.

The squirrels are after the acorns, I do believe.  They collect 'em to make pies.  Nut pies, of course. Don't know what other ingredients are required but they sure do need a lot of acorns.  They've been collecting 'em for ages.

You ever seen a squirrel makin' nut pies?  To tell you the truth, I haven't, either.  But if I ever did get to witness the squirrels bakin' their pies, I can assure you that the sight would be pretty crazy.  That's right...  CRAZY.  Crazier than a squirrel makin' nut pies kind of crazy.  After all, that's where the sayin' comes from.

Funny how we know that squirrels makin' nut pies is crazy and yet, so far, no one has discovered who let all those dogs out.  MOUSES!

Do you know somethin' else that's crazy?  Red scarves.  Yup, it's true.

A few weeks ago, the peeps were goin' shoppin' or somethin' when they noticed that hanging on one of the trees in my garden was a scarf.  Yup, there was a red scarf hangin' there, makin' itself right at home.  MOUSES!

Now the tree in question stands right at the edge of my garden and the scarf was hangin' on a branch reachin' over the ditch between my garden and the road.  I'm not allowed on the road and that's why I didn't discover the scarf, myself.  If it had been hangin' on a branch on the other side of the tree, I would have spotted it in a flash.

Anywho...  Peep #1 was drivin' and she stopped the car and stared at the scarf.  At least, that's what I was told, after the fact.  I wasn't actually in the car to witness the event, myself.

I do believe it was one of those "Wha???" moments that we all experience from time to time.  I mean, who the mouses goes around hangin' scarves on trees?  Discoverin' one hangin' there has got to lead the discoverer to cry, "Wha?" in dismay.  Seriously.

Well the scarf didn't belong to anyone livin' at my house.  Not to the peeps and not to any of us cats. We cats don't wear scarves, you see.

So another mystery had presented itself.  Who hung the scarf on the tree?  To whom did the scarf belong?  And what were the peeps gonna do about it?

Turns out, they chose to ignore it.

Well that ol' scarf hung there on that tree for a couple of days until finally, Peep #1 declared, "If it's still there on garbage day, it's going out."

I immediately called up the squirrels and said, "Sorry for interruptin' your baking but if you wanna keep your scarf, you had better go collect it, immediately.  Peep #1 is seein' red."

The squirrels denied any knowledge of the scarf hangin' in the tree and went back to bakin' their pies.  MOUSES!

But before the scarf could be chucked in the garbage, it disappeared.  Or did it....

The scarf was no longer hangin' in the tree and Peep #1 forgot all about it.  Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.  Garbage day came and garbage day went and the scarf was never thought of, again.

Then just the other day, while my claws were clickin' away at the ol' computer 'cause I was workin' on my blog, I happened to glance up and look out my office window.  There was some movement on the road, just beyond the trees.  Hmmm...

I could see a dog out there on that road.  He was movin' about a little but not really walkin'.  I said to myself, "I bet he's poopin'.  There had better be a peep with him to do some scoopin'!"

Eventually, the dog started walkin' again and I saw, that followin' a few feet behind him was his peep. His peep was walkin' rather slowly.  She was walkin' slowly, holdin' a piece of fabric out in front of her.  Yup, his peep was admirin' her new red scarf.  MOUSES!

I have given a lot of thought to this latest mystery.  I do believe that the scarf must have fallen to the ground, unnoticed by my peeps.  Being peeps, they immediately forgot about it.  The woman walkin' the dog must have spotted the scarf and climbed down into the ditch to retrieve it.  Finders keepers, as they say.  At least the scarf has a home now.  Better with her than in the garbage like my peep was gonna do.

From where the scarf originally came, we will never know.  That mystery shall remain unsolved like all the other great unsolved mysteries of our time. Mysteries like, exactly who built Stonehenge and why?  How did the Egyptians build the Great Pyramid and could aliens actually have been involved?  And yes, my friends, who did let all those doggies out?  And were those doggies in question ever sittin' in a window and if so, how much were they?

So many unanswered questions.  So many mysteries.  It's enough to drive a kitty a little squirrelly, if you know what I mean.

Hmmm...  I wonder if those squirrels top their nut pies with whipped cream.  Bet they do.  Yup, I'm almost certain of it.  Anythin' else would be...  CRAZY.


  1. Oh dear Ceiling Cat! So much stuff going on - and all of it crazy!

  2. Oh Nissy! The life you lead! It is so exciting! You should write a novel about the Flying Red Scarf! BTW if you want a quieter life I suggest you get in the travelling whisk thingy and zoom over here as we have lots of dogs, but not on the streets off leads and NO, that's right, NO GREY SQUIRRELS!! Plenty of mousies though MOL xox

  3. Da saga of da red scawff huh, Nissy. Vewy innewestin', vewy innewestin' indeed. And yous know what els? Lately weez been seein' a lot mowe doggies runnin' wound too. and they're not always leashed up and bein' followed by a peep to scoop up their poop. One left a deposit wight in fwunt of ow door one day, and mommy made daa manager come and clean it up cuz hers dusn't make hers doffie stay on a leash eevew, so da culpwit kulda been hers doggie. MOL

    Luv ya'


  4. So what kind of pies were the squirrels cooking?? Now that is a dumb question, bet, they are making acorn pies. The story of the red scarf is great. What a great mystery. Have a great day.

    1. Yup, acorn pies, for sure. If we had a pecan tree, perhaps they'd make pecan pie but since we don't, they have to settle for acorns. purrs

  5. There are some very strange goings on in your neighborhood, Nerissa!

  6. What a mystery! And I bet da cats let the dogs out cuz they were sick of the barkin. I get tired of it.

  7. You have a brilliant brain, oh wise Nissy! You ask such deep questions!
    Deeper than that ditch!

  8. Nissy you sure do know how to keep things stirred up (bwaahahahaha) around your house. That scarf has a home and those squirrels are surly gonna share some of that whipped dream topping with you!

  9. dood....may bee de vizshuz squirrelz put it ther ta warn off burdz....for once...just this once...we will give de vizshuz squirrelz sum credit for tryin ta warn burdz...

    "thiz izza squirrelz zone N if ya due knot want uz goin all vizshuz on yur burd azz...better stay a way..."

    then sum dawg came by chasin a rabbit...knocked de scarv flew inta de ditch, de naybor picked it up, kept it, N de squirrlez canna due a thing coz oh de hole dawg vizshuz squirrelz cycle oh life N de bass terd burdz iz bak in de tree...

    just guessin ♥♥

  10. lol those squirrels must be a delight indeed. Doggies everywhere though could be rough on the ears, barking and marking haha. Aliens built the pyramids and bigfoot let the dogs out.

  11. Bwah ha ha! You crack us up! We got lots of those stupid squirrels too and not only do they bake nut pies, but they practice Riverdance on our roof! I hope you find out one day who DID let those dogs out. . . . . and we're glad that the orphan scarf has a home now.

  12. You should see the squirrels in our pecan tree without whipped cream!

  13. OMC, squirrels making PIES? You're too funny, Nissy. What a grand adventure things are around your place.

  14. Have you been having a lot of nip lately Nissy?Squirrels making nut pies-oh my.

  15. Squirrels?? Those things are crazy around here right now!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  16. What a mystery ! It's very strange... What kind of pie were cooking the squirrels ? Purrs

    1. I believe squirrels will cook up any kind of nut pie but at our house, they only have access to acorns so the squirrels livin' here can only make acorn pies, for sure. purrs

  17. hehehe may be you should meet my friend Veve,he's a pet red Squirrel,xx Speedy

  18. You do know typist now has that 'who let the dogs out' song going round and round and round and round in her head. Thanks to you.

  19. Hi Nissy! Too many woofies is NOT a good thing....I'm all for animals rights BUTTT they don't have the right to invade my yard! Squirrels are rather pushy little things too aren't they....and the nerve of them leaving a red flag signal in one of YOUR trees - signifying what?? That there's a cat there who does NOT appreciate them? Maybe....but who cares right? It is your TERRITORY!!!!!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  20. Sweet Nissy we thought for awhile as we read you were in our neighborhood, but all the dogs around here aren't on leash and most of them don't have a person with them. We didn't see a red scarf either but we know all about those squirrels. We have two big oak trees and the squirrels are constantly gathering nuts but we have never seen them bake a pie either. A lot of mysteries at your place, hope you can solve them all soon and let us know about them. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. So do you think those crazy squirrels might make some whipped cream to go with those pies Nissy? Some nice whipped cream sounds good....yummmm......MOM I need some whipped cream please!!!!!

  22. Fun! The cats come out to play while the...

  23. There's a whole lotta stuff going on there, isn't there, Nissy? Acorn pies? Next thing you know, they're gonna be stealing your whipped cream!

  24. Did the pip the red scarf who was following the dog scoop the poop? Another mystery.

  25. That is one great mystery! And I sure would love to see a squirrel making pies too :) Sounds like you live in a fun neighborhood!

  26. Maybe the squirrels were playing matador with the red scarf and the dogs...I have to brainstorm further about this during the weekend :) Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend :) <3

  27. Whoa! Your neighbourhood has gone to the dogs and the squirrels for sure, about what's up with red scarves? If I was a squirrel, I would definitely put whipped cream on my nut pies...


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