Wednesday 17 September 2014

they're sendin' coupons

Sorry 'bout that.  I had to check on my e-mail before writin' this post. Had to see if they had replied.  Nothin'.  Nothin' but a reply sayin' they would reply.  MOUSES!

Anywho...  Some of you may have heard about my dilemma.  It's a pretty big one.  And I'm sure you've all heard my tummy rumbling.  It's rumblin' on account of my dilemma. It's rumblin' pretty loudly, for sure.  MOUSES!

My little dilemma isn't little.  Not little at all.  Oh yeah, it has been happenin' for a while.  It's kind of an on-goin' dilemma but in the last few weeks, it has risen to catastrophic proportions.  If somethin' doesn't change soon, I'm gonna starve.  I'm already weak with hunger.  The situation isn't good.  It's as dire as dire can be.

As you probably know, all ten of us cats like a certain kind of soft cat food.  In fact, this particular food is the ONLY soft food we will all eat on a consistent basis.  The only one.  The one and only. And even though we do prefer it augmented with a little of the fanciest of the feasts, when it comes right down to it, the turkey stuff is our favourite.  Nothin' else compares.

We like our soft turkey food so much that some of us - myself included - would rather starve than eat somethin' else except, perhaps, for the super fancy stuff and even that is debatable.

The peeps have always had issues gettin' our favourite soft turkey food.  A lot of cats must like it 'cause it's always the variety that runs out first.  But even though the peeps have had issues, those issues have never been so serious as they are now and the consequences have never been so dire. I'm worried I'm gonna wither away into nothingness.  In fact, if it were not for our havin' a regular supply of good, healthy, dry food upon which to nibble, I would have withered away into nothingness, for sure.

I recently blogged about Peep #1 hittin' the jackpot at the outdoor livin' / hardware / automotive parts store.  Remember that?  She found a good ol' supply of our turkey food there and brought home a whole whack of it.  Well things have changed, my friends.  Things have changed...

Ol' Peepers returned to the outdoor livin' / hardware / automotive parts store to get in another supply of our food but when she went down the aisle where it was supposed to be she found...  NOTHIN'. There was lots of other stuff there but absolutely nothin' of what we wanted.  It was a very problematic situation for the peep.

So Peep #1 sought out a store employee and asked when they'd be gettin' more.  Of course, he didn't know but he was willin' to check on it.  He headed off to his computer screen and after a bit of searching, it was determined that there were two cases on standin' order.  He didn't know when they would arrive, though.

My peep was concerned that those two cases would be gone before she could get there so she asked if she could special order some and found out that she could.  So the order was placed. Four cases were ordered just for us. EXCELLENT.

That all happened two or three weeks ago.  Since then, every single time I have sent the peep out to get more soft turkey food, she has come home empty-pawed.  She has been unable to find our favourite food, anywhere.  Not at either of the grocery stores or the department store thingy that sells groceries as well or even what I thought was gonna be my new favourite store of all, the one sellin' outdoor livin', hardware and automotive parts stuff.  All their shelves are empty.  MOUSES!

This is not good.  Not good at all.  The peeps have been tryin' to pawn off all sorts of non-favourtie stuff on us and we're not happy cats.  We're practically STARVIN' to death!

None of us are eatin' well.  We're all just nibblin', here and there, tryin' to keep bodies and souls, together.  We're longin' for our favourite food.

So yesterday, the peep called the outdoor livin' / hardware / automotive parts store once more and asked about the turkey food she had ordered.  They told her it was on order.  Well, yeah...  SHE KNEW THAT.  When was the order gonna arrive?  That was what she was needin' to know. Apparently, so were they 'cause they didn't.  MOUSES!

Then Ol' Peepers got on the phone to the grocery store and asked to speak with the grocery manager.  He told her there was nothin' on the shelf but there would be some on the truck that would arrive overnight.  Peep #1 said, "Are you sure?"  Yup, that's just what she said.  Said it in a kind of snarky, sarcastic voice, too.  The voice she uses when she's past the annoyance stage 'cause we cats staged the reenactment of some historical battle in the family room overnight and she's in serious need of some nip although she never has learned to understand the healin' properties of a good nip mouse.  I offered her one of mine, once, but she just wasn't interested.

But back to the grocery store.  Peep #1 said, "Are you sure?" followed by, "because you haven't had any on the shelf for several weeks."  Apparently, accordin' to the man at the grocery store, their computer keeps orderin' it - every night - but it never seems to arrive.  MOUSES!

That's when I took over.  I immediately fired off an e-mail to the peeps who make our favourite turkey food.  Only reply I have received is the one tellin' me they will reply.  Again I say, MOUSES!

But after I sent the e-mail, I asked Peep #1 to call them up on the telephone.  I figured it would be best if she called.  Peeps workin' there might not understand my meowin'.

Well Peep #1 got an answer right away. Apparently, there is a temporary shortage of one or more of the ingredients necessary to make my favourite turkey food.  I'm hopin' it's a shortage of turkey, if you know what I mean.  Got my paws crossed on that one.

The lady on the telephone said they were thinkin' our favourite food would be available by the end of the month. The end of the month?  That's two whole weeks away!  A cat could STARVE in two whole weeks.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Then the nice lady on the phone said she would send some coupons.  Coupons.  Hmmm...

It was extremely nice of the lady on the telephone to send those coupons but what I wanna know is this...  CAN YOU EAT COUPONS?  I'm asking 'cause let me tell you, I'M STARVIN' OVER HERE! MOUSES!


  1. holy-moly! that was a punk response frum the food maker. coupons? them's just paper! you could get sick from eatin' paper, let alone starve! they coulda at least sent you a turkey or two fur a do-it-yerself meal. or maybe coupons fur a "Jennie-O" frizzen turkey yer peeps could get an' take home an' cook fur you!

  2. My favorite dry cat food has changed several times since I came here to live. I want it to stop changing! Not the brand, the kibble itself. They keep changing it and changing the name so you really don't know what to buy. MOUSES!
    Good luck with the foodies. Does Chewy dot com have it? Do they deliver to the lovely country of Canada?

  3. Dang, coupons for what you can't get doesn't sound very useful!

  4. Poor kitties! No fun eating second-best stuff day after day, especially when their little bellies are used to the Crème de la crème! Silver lining on this dark cloud- there is going to be a lot of purring going on in the house when it comes in (hopefully) by the crate!

  5. We don't like's not us who's taking it...wouldn't want to upset you ,Nissy!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  6. Dear Nissy.Have you ever thought of keeping turkeys ?I am sure they'd love your peeps flower bed.How can I put this delicately I am not sure who would dispatch said turkeys for you to eat!It was just a thought!!It hasn't been your week especially with the "accident" in the office.The flowerpot was a great idea though!Love and purrsXX

    1. Yes!! The turkeys could turn the flowerbeds into a loo and Nissy would have his loo back.

  7. dood...frank lee yes....we wood eat couponz bee fore eatin burd...guaranteed

    haz peepz one checked at amazon, pet smart, petco, chewy, wag, petfood direct, petflow, fosters & smith, ore only natural pet ? they mite bee abe bull ta help

    ore peepz one could go out N shoot a turkee burd N pree tend it bee thanx be givin an cook up sum...


    oh kay then


  8. OMC Dat's just pawful Nissy. So sowwy yous havin' so much twubble. Weez unnewstand cuz weez be purretty picky owselves and hav been fwu these fings a time or two owselves. Suwe hope yous can get yous noms weally soon. And like yous, meez might wundew just what ingwedient be in da turkey dat not be in da udders dat they ran out of. Weez not heard of any turkey showtages wound here.

    Luv ya'


  9. That. Is. TERRIBLE!!! We can't even imagine. Nissy, we hope your for comes in very soon. We don't want you to waste away into nothingness!!! Keep us updated.

  10. I'm not sure what good coupons can do when there is no food to buy them with!

  11. No wonder you staged the reenactment of some historical battle! We hope that your turkey food shows up soon!

  12. Your peeps are far more determined to get your food then our Lady. She would have gotten us something else.

  13. The horrors! I feel your pain. My favorite dry food has been nowhere to be seen. Except in that one store in 15 lb bags. 15 lbs! That would be all well and good except that Mom buys the small bags because she knows I can't stand stale food. Do they expect you to eat the coupons?!
    My question is this: Why don't they make nip flavored food? >^.^<

  14. Watch it indeed, have to nibble at stuff. Cassie's food got out of stock for a while and she would not eat anything else what so ever, ended up getting a fatty liver and having to have a food tube put in. So nibble away at your bay.

  15. Oh my. you might try eating the coupons, see how that goes. I recently saw a sign a the local pet store saying some foods are only available in limited supply due to shortage. weird. hope this gets resolved sooner than soon for your sake - yikes!

  16. Your poor starved kitties- that is so awful. Could your mom order some online at or someplace like that?

  17. YIKES - Maybe we should ship you some of my diet food. It's pretty tasty - won't quite be turkey, but you could close your eyes and pretend it was. I do hope your food comes soon cuz I want to see you again.

    Oh, please visit my blog as there is a surprise over there for you.

  18. OMC!!! No turkey stuff, I know you must be starved. I have trouble finding my 2 furkids there favorite food at times. I try to make sure I have a few extra on hand when the stores are out of the food. But we love tuna and chicken in this household.

  19. Nissy that is horrible. Let us know when some comes in!! Mom fears my only fave will also go away as there are times when there are few cans. I like one flavor only and my horking is way down now. Let us know, xxx

  20. What are you supposed to do, Nissy ... eat the coupons???

  21. UGH! That's just no fun at all!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  22. Wow, this is not cool at all! We may have to FedEx you some of your favorite Num-Nums if things don't change pronto...paws crossed you get some of the good stuff soon, which exact flavor and brand is it? Seriously, maybe we have to send some to you kitties?!

  23. It's a cat-astrophe ! Horrible ! We miss the words ! Two weeks to wait for it, will you survive ? And we think of the future : be very careful next month (or next next month, not sure) : humans are going to celebrate Thanksgiving by eating turkey ! What if there is a turkey shortage again ?!? Purrs

  24. This is indefensible!!! Does not the peep understand about online ordering? I do it all the time and she-who-must-be-ignored, to this very day, has no idea where the five cases of boneless wild atlantic salmon came from!! ;)

  25. Hi Nissy. Oh Cat! Hope the chow comes NOW!!!

    Thank you so much for coming to my birthday pawty. Kitty (((hugs)))!

  26. Wow Nerissa I really feel fur you and the family.
    Way back when Buddy first came around we all loved certain noms and would have no other. Well due to the blue boys bountiful bum Dad started looking at food a bit diffurently and got us all eating the wet good stuff but not only that but varied wet good stuff. Now we all have favorite favorites, but, scratch comes to paw, we will eat a few other flavors as well. In fact Dad tries to have at least 4 different per day between the 7 cans we suck dry.
    I truly mean suck dry as Toby is a, shhh, can licker. Dad says he likes it as the recycle can no longer smells to high... ARRR I be changin...

  27. How awful is this! Don't hoomins understand how impawtant our favorite noms are??? This is just scandalous.

  28. OMC can I send you some birds, Nerissa? Even if the coupons content some eatable try outs, that is never enough to fullfill your asking tummy. Pawkisses :)

  29. BREAKING NEWS... My WONDERFUL pal, Sue, found an outdoor livin' / hardware / automotive parts store right here in Nova Scotia that still had some turkey soft food on their shelves and she went out and bought it all! Peep #1 picked it up from her yesterday and last night, I had my first good meal in ages.

    There's enough to tide us over 'til the end of the month. I'm not gonna starve. I'm gonna survive!

    Thanks be to goodness for my pal, Sue.


  30. have you thought about ordering it off the interwebs?

  31. Hmm may be its time you went on an adventure with Sivvers and bring some from the past or somewhere else,xx Speedy

  32. Oh dear, that does sound like a major dilemma! Tales from the Foster Kitties is right, have you all tried online?
    Marty and Mom

  33. Nissy...dude! Get a grip! We all have to go through changes in food now and then. MANCAT up buddy...lap up some gravy from the chunky stuff, you can do this. Or, go get a nip high on and that outta get you through next two weeks

  34. Nissy, we read the comments above and saw your tummies have been saved by a small supply of turkey goodness. We hopes it last until the end of the month.

    On the coupons, what is that woman thinking. First coupons taste like paper. Second how can you use a coupon for a product you can't find?

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  35. Nissy, This is absolutely pawful. Some of us are too, too picky and will hardly eat any canned food at all. Still our humans only buy the two flavors most of us will eat, and sometimes they have trouble finding it. We are going to keep our paws crossed that your foodables arrive sooner than later so that you all don't waste away. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


I love hearin' from my pals. I really, REALLY do. PURRS.