Wednesday 12 February 2014

love your kitties

Love your kitties for they're worth their weight in gold.  Yes, even the two tonne tessie marmalade brother ones.  It's a lot of weight.  It's a lot of gold!  But still, please...  love your kitties for they're worth it, for sure.

So Valentine's Day is comin' up. Everyone out there know about that? The day when peeps give one another flowers and candy and pretty sparkly bling-like things.  It's also the day when peeps give their kitties nip-filled toys, nip plants and extra treats and whatnot. Everybody out there know about that?

I read somewhere 'bout how this Valentine's Day was named 'cause of some Saint named Valentine or Valentinus or somethin' or other.  Kind of sounded like there might be more than one dude out there with the same or similar name.  And I found mention that some of this Saint's stuff was kept for a while at the catacombs of San Valentino in Rome.  Catacombs...  CATacombs.  Clearly, St. Valentine's Day should be more cat based than it is.  There really should be more nip involvement, if you know what I mean.

Anywho...  nowadays Valentine's Day is all about love.  Everywhere you look there are hearts and cupids and all sorts of things symbolising love.  That's why, on St. Valentine's Day of all days, you should be lovin' your kitties up.

Personally, I've devised a schedule for my peeps for February 14th.  We're gonna start with a breakfast including extra Fancy Feast 'cause you know...  I do love my Fancy Feast.

After breakkies, we're gonna have some play time.  We cats got a lot of toys at Christmas, some of which we've barely touched.  Time to try out the new Cat Dancers, for sure.  I have noted on my schedule that special attention should be paid to any toys that include cat - peep interaction like wand toys, dancers and teasers.  I've scheduled Peep #1 for an hour of actually playin' with me and not just tossin' me a bag full of nip.

But don't you worry, there will be nip.  I suspect that after an hour of chasin' a mouse on a string, I'm gonna be pretty worn out.  Nothin' like a little nap with my head gently restin' on a nippafied biff bag. I've allotted two, half hour slots for just such an activity.

While I'm nappin', the peeps can wrap my prezzies.  I'm expecting some prezzies.  I'm hopin' for some prezzies.  Maybe a new nip toy?  Perhaps a nip plant?  Oohhh...  maybe some shares in a nip farm, complete with samples of the nip, of course.

That's the mornin' taken care of and, I suspect, the afternoon will be pretty much the same.  All in all, Valentine's Day is shapin' up quite nicely.  I'm lookin' forward to it, for sure.

Now you're probably all wonderin' what I'm gonna give the peeps for Valentine's Day.  Got that covered.

As I mentioned earlier, Valentine's Day is all about love.  That makes it all about hearts and that, my friends, makes Valentine's Day all about purrs. PURRS!  Yes, purrs.

Did you know that a cat's purr can heal a human heart?  It's true!  I read all about it on the Internet. Well actually, I was simply confirmin' what I already knew.  I've read about it before in magazines and whatnot and, quite honestly, this is one of the things we cats are born knowin'.  It's a fact.

The purrs of a cat are known to be medically therapeutic.  Purrs vibrate in the range of 20 to 140 Hz which is known to benefit cats and peeps, medically.

Purrin' cats can heal both bone and soft tissue.  In fact, there's even an old veterinary adage that says, "If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal."  I didn't make that up.  No sirree...   found it on the Internet on several sites.  Apparently, doctors have been sayin' this for quite some time.

But what about the heart?  After all, it is Valentine's Day we're talkin' about here.  Can a cat's purr really heal a peep's heart?  You bet.  The purrin' of a cat has been known to lower blood pressure and stress.  Purrs can also help heal infections and swelling.  All of these things, I think, can affect the human heart.  In fact, there was even a study somewhere that found that peeps livin' with cats are forty percent less likely to have a heart attack.  MOUSES!  We cats are like medical geniuses with our purrs.  Hope you all knew about that.

Then, of course, there's the fact that we cats simply fill our peeps' hearts with love.  Love that bursts at the seams.  You cats out there have all witnessed this, I am sure.  Your peep takes a look at you nappin' or playin' or just...  you know...  breathin'...  and the next thing you hear are the oohs and ahhs 'cause we're just so irresistibly cute and adorable and, quite simply, we take our peeps' breath away.  We're that cute.  Yes indeedy, we are.

Anywho...  that's what I'm plannin' on givin' the peeps for St. Valentine's Day.  I'm gonna purr for 'em. I'm gonna purr and purr and purr and then, after all that purrin', I'm gonna purr some more.

My brother Seville also has a gift for the peeps.  He's gonna revise his role as poet and recite that ol' poem he wrote for the peep a couple of years ago after his first bout with the crystals. Remember that poem Sivvers wrote? No?  Oh.  Well...  it was called Easy Peasy and went somethin' like this...

     The more I drink,
     the more I pee.
     The more I pee,
     the easier it be.
     Easy peasy.
     That's the key!

And then, if I remember correctly, he peed on the peep.  Yup, it's true.  I'm thinkin' that Seville hasn't quite yet grasped the whole St. Valentine's Day gift givin' thing.

                                          HAPPY ST. VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL!


  1. Well it sure sounds like you got Valentines day all covered! Wish we were that organized! Ha!
    SO interesting about the kitty purrs!!! WOW! You kitties should be right in the ER with them doctor folk! If I could have a choice between being opened up and having some lovely kitty purrs, i'd take the purrs any day!
    Oh and love the poem from Seville! PAwsome!!
    ((husky hugz))
    Frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky

  2. I hope you get some nip! I've tried it, but it did nothing for me. Yes, really - I live with two cats and when I saw the effect it had on them I sniffed really hard - but nothing happened. I like watching them enjoy it though.
    I think a cat's purr is the purrfect gift for bipeds.

  3. I posted a comment a few moments ago and I don't know whether it worked or not because there was a blip in my internet connection.
    I said that I think a purr is the purrfect gift for bipeds.

  4. Purring is just the best sound that any kitty can do. It is very soothing. We sure hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day with lots of love. Take care.

  5. lovely post!! have a blessed, pawsome Valentine's Day Nerissa!! love you from myself and my 11 kitties -- all adopted or rescued. . . <3

  6. have a blessed, pawsome Valentine's Day Nerissa!! lovely post!! <3 <3 love and prayers from me and my crew of 11 kitties -- all adopted or rescued. . .

  7. Lovely post ! We hope you'll have a pawsome Valentine's Day full of love ! And the poem is great, even if we're not sure that is the best choice for that day... Purrs

  8. Nothing like a day of getting and giving that lovey dovy lovin! The Dad has a good big batch of the FF left over from the big Buddy Budds B Day so we shall be gettin, and, round robin like we shall then commence the purrin and give back.
    Our house is loaded with loving
    Yes it is
    Purrs Nissy

  9. I know you all will have a grand Valentine's Day...maybe even pee-free!

  10. Aww, adorable! :-) I remember Jools telling me about the healing benefits of a cats purr before. I so believe that! I have been upset over situations in my life before, and my friends cat would sit near me the whole day and not leave my side until I felt better. :) Beautiful souls! Thanks you cats!

  11. Have a happy feline Valentine's Day this week.

  12. It sounds like you kitties have Valentine's Day covered! My human already had Valentine's Day with her boyfriend 'cause he had to go out of the country with his band. We don't really have any plans here... she is just hoping none of us are going to give her hairball gifts!

  13. We hope you get tons of pressies and, of course, a nip farm!!! We'll help you prune it if you need us to. :)

    The Florida Furkids

  14. Sounds like you guys have a whole bunch of plans for Valentine's Day! I agree - cat purrs are very healing. I enjoy kitty purrs very very much. :)

  15. I healed my Mummy Janey's broken arm by sleeping next to it for three weeks..the purring worked a treat! The Drs did nothing.
    Abigail from The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  16. It's a fact that the cats that normally sit on my lap INSISTED on laying by my left leg when I broke my kneecap last May, and I credit my excellent recovery to their attentive nursing! ~The Mommy

  17. happee heartz day oh love guys !!!! we hope if ewe dont get toys frum de peeps they hand out looze 50's & 100' is all ways a grate optshun !!!.. N seville....ewe bee a poet N ya just dont noe it !!!! happee whitefish wednesday :)~~~~

  18. We got the pee thing covered and yes to PURR POWER! Thanks for stopping by with your healing wishes!

  19. We're all planning to spend the day and evening at The Queen of Hearts Dance. If purring can keep the humans from having heart attacks, Mom found out today that whining can get on her last nerve and put her in tears. We tag teamed her with our whining today 'cause we wanted to go out, and she wouldn't let us 'cause it was only 22 degrees F and snowing. We could get up to 20 inches, which there could be several days of whining ahead. We plan on teleporting to the Dance. Hope you get all that playtime and you spoil your peeps with purrs. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  20. We had a sweet white angora kitty that we adopted @ 3 mos. She purred for us untill she was 19 1/2 yrs old. She was a loved and sweet girl.

  21. Well Nissy I do hope your "plan of the day" for tomorrow comes about as you wish it to. Publishing a schedule is a good idea! I have a feeling we'll just have the usual kind of day here. We had a big snowstorm overnight and my Dad was smart enough to go out and get Mom flowers EARLY since he usually gives her roses on Valentine's Day. Smart guy......taking care of business before snowmageddon. I do hope that you get all those prezzies you're expecting - after all - it is a day of love and that means prezzies right?

    Hugs, Sammy


  23. oooh you need to let us know how this works for you. We'd LOVE to schedule our mom's day!

  24. Purrs have all kinds of healing powers, fur sure!!

  25. What a schedule. A busy one !
    I wish you a very nice Saint Valentin Nissy.
    My human Nat à chat does not really care about Saint Valentin, but she loves me. I am sure that tomorrow she will spend a lot of time with me.
    It’s about love !
    Plein de ronrons.

  26. What an awesome post Nissy! Hey we do have some nip for you on Valentine's at our Catnipalooza on Friday...Have a great Valentine's Day!

  27. Sounds like you will have a brilliant day!

  28. Nissy, that schedule of yours is purrfect! Please let us know how that works out for you, 'cause we have to try that with our mom and dad! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  29. That was why Mommy's heart attack wasn't so bad a few years back.. She had brandi to purr for her!
    And I'm keeping up with the program! So far, no high blood pressure and no heart attacks and her cholesterol is fine!
    I DESERVE my scritchies!

  30. Happy Valentines Day to yous and your siblings and your Mommy!

  31. Happy Valentines Day, Nissy!!! To you and your sweet family.
    We hope your day was purr-fectly LOVE-ly.

  32. Happy belated Valentine´s Day to you too , Nissy !
    Hope you had a purrfect day !!


  33. Blogger loves to eat our comments when we sign in, but here goes again.

    We love the poem but we hope your brother kept any surprise gifts to himself this year.

  34. A very Happy Valentine's Day, Nerissa, Seville and family!!

  35. Me and mum loved this post on so many levels, but mainly cos of the purrs and lurve and how kitties make EVERYTHING better!! Yep! That's about as right as you can be!! xoxoxoxox


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