Wednesday 27 November 2013

the past, the present and the pumpkin pie

"PEEPERS...  prepare the teleportation device!"  Hmmm...  on second thought, scratch that.  This will be an adventure about which the peep need never know.  Never, never...  not ever.

"SIVVERS...  prepare the teleportation device!"

"On it, Nissy.  We're almost ready for teleportation.  I'm just making the final adjustments to the whisks now.  Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1621.  That the right date?"

"Not quite, Seville.  I did some research on the subject and the pumpkin pies that were eaten at the very first American Thanksgiving were nothin' like the pumpkin pies that peeps eat today.  There was no crust or anything.  Can you believe it?  MOUSES!  We need to head back to the 1700s or so.  Any time before 1796 will do."

"Why 1796?" asked Seville.  "You pick that date out of a hat or something?"

"I told you, I did research.  I found a page from an old cookbook that contained a recipe for pumpkin pie.  One with a crust and everything.  That book was published in 1796 so we need to go back in time before then.  A few years before then would be great.  Aim for 1790 or so.  That should give us plenty of time."

Nissy shoved the page from the cookbook into Seville's paw.  "Here, you'll need this.  It should help with the locational co-ordinates.  Make sure we teleport to the right place."

"On it, bro.  Let me see...  Yup, yup...  yup, this'll work.  I'll squish the paper into the egg beater right about here.  Done."

"Excellent work, Seville."  Nissy snatched two bags from the kitchen floor and placed them carefully into the frying pan before climbing in, himself.  "Come on Seville.  Time's a wastin'!"

Seville began to rev up the egg beaters.  "Grab a whisk, Nissy and start whisking."

The kitchen lights flickered momentarily before everything went dark.  Suddenly, bright explosions of light flashed before the cats' eyes.  The small perpetual calendar Seville had attached to the frying pan dashboard started to spin wildly.  2013...  2001...  1978...  1902...  1841... 

Over the sound of  howling wind, Seville cried out to Nissy, "YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER THAT CALENDAR?  BE READY TO STOP IT AT 1790!"



The wind was creating terrible turbulence and the two cats found it difficult to hold onto the edges of the frying pan.  They were being buffeted back and forth between conflicting time lines.  Nissy held onto the pan with his back paws while using his front ones to empty out the contents of the paper bags he had secreted into the teleportation device earlier.  "PLANTING THE NIP SEED NOW," he cried out to Seville.  The nip seed was dispersed over the fields below by the winds of time.  "NOW GET US BACK TO 1790!" he yelled to his brother.  "PUT US IN REVERSE!"

Seville grabbed the frying pan handle and swung it over to his left before yanking it upwards.  The teleportation device came to a screeching halt and the two cats were thrown into the field of catnip that lay before them.  Nissy breathed in deeply.  Ahhh...  the sweet smell of nip.  "The nip seeds grew well," he smiled smugly.

"How did all this nip get here?" asked Seville?  "You just planted it a few seconds ago."

"Au contraire, mon frere," Nissy grinned.  "I planted the seed in 1775.  We're in 1790 now."

Nissy breathed in deeply again.  How he would love to just hang out in this field for a few hours but there were things to be done.  They couldn't afford to get nipped now.  "Come on Sivvers," he said, hauling his brother through the field.  "Part one of my plan is complete.  Now for part two."

The boys trudged through the vast field of nip.  European nip that had now been successfully introduced into the Americas by none other than Nissy, himself.   What an accomplishment for a little sterling silver tabby cat.

Before long, they came upon another field.  One in which pumpkins grew.  Pumpkins that were perfectly sized for using in pies.  Nissy knew then that his plan was going to succeed.  This was clearly pumpkin pie making territory.  All that needed to be done now was to make a few adjustments to the traditional recipe for making those pies.  A few adjustments to the recipe that would one day be published in the cookbook he had found in the local library's archives. 

After walking another half hour or so, they spotted a small house off in the distance.  The boys instinctively knew that this house was their destination.  In this house, the future of pumpkin pie would change forever.

Although near exhaustion, they ran toward the house as quickly as their paws would carry them.  They stopped short at the door.  Nissy knocked, politely.  A woman named Amelia answered but looking only straight ahead, she didn't see the two cats down at her feet.  She glanced both to her right and to her left, never noticing Nerissa and Seville padding softly into the house and hiding behind various pieces of furniture.

Night fell and the woman retired to bed.  Nissy prodded at Seville who had fallen asleep under a large chair.  "Come on Sivvers.  This is our chance.  We've gotta help Amelia with her pies."

Nissy found Amelia's notes for her upcoming cookbook and got to work right away.  "We just need to make a few changes to this recipe," he told his brother.  "Just a few changes here and there before the manuscript is sent off to the publisher."

Grabbing a pen on the writing desk, he began to write.  "Hmmm...  cloves?  Nah, scratch that.  We'll replace the cloves with nip.  Nutmeg?  Nope, don't need that either.  We'll replace that with nip, too.  Cinnamon...  I definitely think that could be replaced with the nip."  Nerissa scratched out the unnecessary ingredients and quickly did some mental calculations as to how much catnip would be needed and wrote it down.    "Okay, we've got pumpkin, eggs, sugar, cream and a cup of nip."

"A cup?  That sure is a lot of nip, Nissy," mentioned Seville.

"Don't worry, Sivvers.  The effects will all cook out...  MOUSES!  We don't want that to happen.  Hmmm...  we had better add another quarter cup of fresh nip to the whipped cream that goes on top," Nissy muttered before finishing his task.  He tucked the recipe back into Amelia's notebook and placed the notebook exactly where he had found it an hour before.

Seville sniffed the air.  "Nissy," he began.  "I'm sure I smell some yummy smells coming from the kitchen.  I think that Amelia lady roasted up a turkey or something.  Do you think we could have a bite or two before heading back to 2013?  A cat doesn't wanna teleport on an empty stomach, if you know what I mean."

"I know exactly what you mean, Seville and you're absolutely right.  Let's go enjoy a little snack.  It's a long walk back to the egg beaters and we need to keep up our strength."

Munching on roasted turkey, the boys thought about all they had accomplished on their adventure.  Nissy knew that if all went as planned, they would return to a new version of the year 2013 where pumpkin pies were filled with cream and catnip and not ruined with all those spices that couldn't possibly equal the brilliance of the world's greatest herb of all time...  nip.  Oh, they had done well on this adventure.  So very, very well.  Thanksgiving dinners would be changed forever but changed for the good.  Most definitely changed for the good.  It would be a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING for everyone.


  1. Haha lol what a great post!

  2. Puurs of thanks for this. Shared with <3 and a dollop of whipped cream.

  3. Whoa, that made my head spin, Nissy! I was just expecting some thankfulness and turkey and I got an adventure!

  4. That was such a great post Nissy. Great adventure and such a good idea for the pumpkin pies. Yummy Nip in the Pie. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  5. Nissy, that's the bestest everest Thanksgiving story we have ever heard (and we know it's true).
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  6. Great post, as always Nissy!! If I'd known mew were going time travelling I'd have beamed myself over and gone with mew!!! Purrs Basil xx

  7. Pumpkin, cream and nip…sounds like a dream come true. Thanks for taking on the dangerous mission of changing the traditional pie recipe. You two are such brave explorers and culinary artists. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Meow!
    Now I know why Dad got that big tub of Nip delivered that he so poorly hid from all us cats. He furgets that the lovely scent of nip pervades all.
    Cannot wait for a big slice of Pumpkin/Niip pie!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours my furends
    Timmy and Family

  9. Great job Nissy and Seville
    Now I know why Dad ordered that huge tub of Nip! He thought he was secreting it from us but furgot that the sweet scent of Nip penetrates all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours
    Timmy and family

  10. Kitties, I'm deprived! We're having apple pie this year! Would you kindly share a but of your wonderful pumpkin catnip pie with a nice American Kitty? I can bring extra roast bird!

    1. Gladly! But you know... I think apple pie might be improved with a little of the nip, too. Next year! Next year Seville and I can go in search of that Johnny guy who had those apple seeds. purrs

  11. happy thanksgiving! don't forget to hop on over to This 'N That Thursday tomorrow for a thanksgiving edition!

  12. Good Call, Nissy and Seville! Nutmeg is poisonous to us, I've heard. Excellent job replacing it! i look forward to the pie momFOD's making tonight. I think I'll slip her your recipe! - Crepes.

  13. Ha fun photos. My dad is always in charge of making the pumpkin pie!

  14. How about bringing one of those nippy pies over here pals? Our food could use a little creativity. Good job.

  15. PS My WW entry is #95. Come by and vote for us?

  16. Forget the pumpkin, I just want catnip in my pie!!

    Great story Nissy :)))) xx

  17. All I care about, Nissy, is the whipped cream for the pie. Srsly...I've got a one track mind at this time of year.


  18. Oh boys...I'm afraid, very afraid, that something, some evil and unknowable ripple in the force, intervened to thwart the best laid plans. I wouldn't get your hopes up TOO high just yet. You might have to make another trip or two.

  19. I see the international egg beater shortage has finally been resolved... :)

    1. Not yet but soon. Apparently, Seville had stashed away an emergency supply of the things. We broke into the supply. purrs

  20. hehehe that was fun!so are you ready for a christmas adventure with me Nissy?are you ready for some closet traveling?If you are then let me know,I'll come and get you!xx Speedy

  21. Nice one Nissy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family. We hope you have a swell Turkey Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  22. MOWZERS Nissy! Think of all the other recipes we could change for the better, too! It's giving us IDEAS.

  23. Nissy you have the best posts!
    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ManxMnews.
    *Angel*Abby, Ping, Jinx, Gracie, Boo & Mom Debra

  24. Mom Linda and I were breathless reading this incredible return to the past adventure. Nissy, do you think Sivvers has enuff control built into those whisks now so we can use them next time we go "you know where, to look for you know what??"

    1. I'm hopin'! He really has become remarkably good with his whisks. purrs

  25. All we can think of is the *instant* nip field....mmmmmmm.

  26. What a great story, Nissy! Do you think there are other recipes you can change, too? :)

  27. Happy Thanksgiving from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  28. Nippy whipped cream yumm, sure does improve an old recipe!!


    PS thanks for the purrs for our furcousin, Tillie.

  29. Oh wow! If I had known before I would have asked my human to bake a pumpkin pie! She always complain about the spices, maybe with the nip...

  30. That's the BESTEST Thanksgiving teleport/time trip EVER Nissy......I do hope you had a happy Thanksgiving......My "thanks" really included ALL of my blog buddies this year as always - my life is so much FUN with all of you in it. Nissy you're one of the BEST of the BEST too.......

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  31. Well, what happened? Was the pie filled with Nip....or not?

  32. Pawesome! Pawesome! Pawesome! Everything was just purrfect, the story, the photos, the pumpkin, the nip...I feel like I'm in the 17th century...can you get me out of here :D
    I'm sure you and Seville had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Extra Pawkisses on the way :)

  33. I could not resist commenting. Well written!


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