Wednesday 30 October 2013

the Hallowe'en party

"PEEPERS...  prepare the teleportation device!"

"She's not home, Nissy.  Saw her heading out in the car a few minutes ago.  You want me to help you teleport somewhere?" asked Seville.

Nissy peered at his brother through twitching whiskers.  "I thought you were cut off from usin' whisks after that international time meddling incident you caused in the sunroom a few days ago."

Seville shamefully hung his head and shuffled his paws back and forth.  "Yeah, I know...  I got in a bit of trouble 'bout that but this will be strictly teleportation.  Just egg beater technology.  Nothin' to do with the whisks."

Nissy hesitated for a moment too long and Seville took that to mean that yes, he could, in fact, help.  Seville's eyes lit up with excitement as he cried, "I'll go get an egg beater!"  Moments later, he reappeared with not one but two egg beaters in his paws.  "Ummm...  you think I could teleport with you?  I promise to be good.  We'll have fun!  Uhhh...  where are we going?"

Nissy rolled his eyes.  "Fine...  you can come.  We're going to Sammy's house.  He's havin' a party for Hallowe'en and it's gonna be fun.  Sammy's parties always are.  I'm sure it'll be okay if you come too but don't tell anyone else in the family, okay?  We can't ALL fit in the teleportation device.  Speaking of which,"  and Nissy inspected the egg beaters closely before asking, "Where did you get these egg beaters?  They look like they've seen better days and I thought there was still a world-wide egg beater shortage goin' on."

"Best you not ask, brother.  Let's just say I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a weasel."

"I'm gonna regret this but...  SEVILLE...  prepare the teleportation device!"

Stars appeared before the cats' eyes and lights flashed brightly.  Moments later, they landed on the street just outside a tall gate.  Behind that gate, off in the distance, was an old and decrepit looking house, falling apart at the seams.

"Oomph!  Ouch!  Get off my tail you big twenty pound marmalade cat!" cried Nissy.

"I am not twenty pounds!  The peep even said so.  I've just got a lot of fur, that's all."

Nissy looked at the house off in the distance and then at his brother.  Then back at the house again.  "This is NOT Sammy's house.  Sammy's house doesn't look anything like this at all.  You sure you used the correct coordinates for teleportation?"

"Coordinates?  Ummm...  Oohhh, let me brush some of that grit off your sparklin' silver tabby coat there, Nissy.  We've gotta look our best for the party."

The sole street lamp flickered momentarily before burning out.  All that was left was the light of the moon.

"Come on Nissy...  it's not so scary.  I'm here to protect you.  Bet there's a whole bunch of cats in that house havin' a party.  Bet there's nip..."

Nissy's ears perked up at the word nip.  "Fine, but you lead the way," and the two cats slowly and cautiously approached the house.

Once at the door, Nissy and Seville looked up.  They looked way, way up.  The door knocker was out of reach.  How would they let everyone know they had arrived?  Then, with a moan and a creak, the door slowly opened on its own.  The cats stood motionless, frozen in terror.

"Ummm...  Nissy...  maybe I did make an error with those teleportation coordinates," suggested Seville.  "Perhaps we should uh...  um...  leave?"

Under his breath Nissy hissed, "we can't leave, Sivvers.  I was countin' on usin' Sammy's teleportation tunnel to get us back home.  I don't have any spare egg beaters on me.  And where did you get those egg beaters you were usin', anyway?"

"I told you not to ask, brother.  Let's just say, they were refurbished egg beaters but if I get my paws on that weasel..."

Nissy breathed in slowly, straightening his spine and lifting his tail in a show of confidence.  "Come on Sivvers, I have a plan.  Follow me."  Together, the two cats padded quietly into the house.  "I am not afraid.  I am not afraid.  I am not afraid," Nissy chanted to himself.

"Glad you're not scared, Niss, 'cause I'll admit I'm shakin' in my boots back here.  At least I would be if I was wearin' boots."

Nissy sniffed the air, detecting a faint familiar smell.  "Come on Seville," he hissed.  "I think the kitchen is this way."

Sure enough, the cats found the kitchen.  It was dark and grungy and generally speaking, pretty disgusting.  "Help me go through the cupboards," Nissy instructed Seville.  "We're looking for..."

Seville cut him off with a squeal of delight as he cried, "one of these?" and held up an old egg beater.

Nerissa and Seville stared in awe at the egg beater.  It was old and dirty but it would do the job.  It would get them home from wherever they were which was clearly NOT Sammy's house.

Suddenly a ghostly apparition appeared in the doorway, blocking their way out.  Bats came from out of nowhere and darted this way and that over their heads.  A scream was heard from upstairs.  A loud, piercing scream.

Nissy snatched the egg beater out of Seville's paw and yelled, "RUN!  RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!  RUN FOR ALL NINE OF THEM!"

Together the two boys ran right through the ghostly apparition, through the living room and out the front door.  Using their tails, they swatted away the bats that were determined to dive at them as they made their escape.  They ran and ran and ran until finally, they reached the street where they had first landed after teleporting.

Nissy tripped and Seville stumbled over him.  "Oomph!  Ouch!  Get off my tail you big twenty pound marmalade cat!" cried Nissy.

Sammy reached out a paw and helped Nissy out from underneath his brother.  "You okay there pal?  You guys had a rough landing after teleporting.  I think you might even have been knocked unconscious for a minute or two."

Nissy picked himself up and brushed some grit and a couple of leaves off his fur.  "Oh...  yeah...  yeah, I'm okay.  We're okay, Seville.  Just a bit of a rough landing, that's all."

"Seriously Niss," suggested Sammy, "you have got to get yourself a teleportation tunnel.  Those egg beaters are far too unpredictable.  Speaking of which, where did you ever find that grungy old one?"

Nissy looked down on the floor of Sammy's living room and saw, resting by one of Seville's hind paws, an old dirty, beat-up egg beater.  A shiver ran down his spine.  The egg beater looked familiar.  It looked exactly like the egg beater they had found in the kitchen of the haunted manor.  MOUSES!


  1. Oh Nissy! What an incredible Sam-O-Ween adventure you guys are having just trying to get to my pawty! Well, thankfully it appears you have things under control and WILL be able to get teleported to my house tomorrow for the pawty after all. Whew! Oh - tell your Peep my Mom's glad she's got that Pizap thingie DOWN! She's gonna be the Queen of Pizap before you know it!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  2. Goodness Nissy this was a very close call. Keep orange boy AWAY from and type of beater, whisk, and especially a spatula!! Oh My Cat what trouble he could cause.
    Well, see you at Sammy's later on. We are having a party tomorrow so please come by with Seville. You hold the beaters though
    Your Pal Timmy

  3. Time you got yourself a nice big teleporting tunnel, Nissy!

  4. We enjoyed hearing all about your adventures with the egg whisk tardis. Dr Who has got nothing to compare to you two.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. What a fantastic adventure. We loved reading all about it.

  6. Egg beaters? Hmm, must be a more modern way. That was scary.

  7. Mwwahahaha ha! Thank Ceiling Cat Seville did NOT use his whisks! Dangerous! I sure hope that world wide shortage is over before we go after the long forgotten Necata canipbis again

  8. Brilliant! I enjoy every word! Nice Job Nissy :) keep on it! :)

  9. Run for your life! All 9 of them!!! - Amazing. - Crepes.

  10. What a great story! Happy Hollow Weiner Dogs!

  11. Yikes! That's a story we won't soon forget! Purrs....

  12. Nissy ...Nissy....Nissy...How many times have I said you should use magic closets much safer,every home has a closet.I think I had better take you on an adventure...are you up for it Mate?xx Speedy

    1. Don't worry Nissy,I'll come and get you.Hehehe it will open a whole world if opportunities,xx Speedy

  13. Wow, that all sounds really scary. Sure glad you got back home. Great story. Take care.

  14. Maxwell: HOLY CAT! I can see why we need to hide our eggbeaters from Faraday. I shudder at the thought of his misadventures if this is what happens when Seville *cough* err, "drives"...!

  15. a plawz a plawz a plawz we LOVED de storee N hope this bee just chapter one guyz....

  16. OMC! That was crazy! That does it ... no more egg beaters around here! :)

  17. What a creepy and exciting story!

  18. OMC what a story,Speedy said next time use the closet, we don't have one Mawahwhha at least youz home safe. now pop by our pawty.. age restriction applies mawahhwhaha xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  19. That was a great story. Really enjoyed it.
    Sue B

  20. I hope you had fun because we sure did enjoy that story!

  21. We're going too but with MUCH less hassle! MOL! Love, Cody

  22. Was the weasel's name Mundungus?

  23. Glad that I am only reading about it! BOL

  24. BOL those unpredictable egg beaters.........go steal the Tardis we say. Bravo and a-plaws from us.
    Have a tremendous Thursday and Happy Halloween to all your family. Hope it is a spectacularly good spooky one Nissy.
    Best wishes Molly

  25. Just stopping by to wish mew all a pawesomely spooktacular Halloween!

    Bestest purrs


    Basil xx

  26. Thanks for that great story! Happy Halloween!

  27. OH MY! Happy Halloween and what a great adventure, a Halloween adventure you took us on. Um,Mom, where's the whisks?

  28. Oh Nissy!
    Mes was wondering why yous looks so REALLY SCARED!!! But then mes just thought that yous was extra specially in the spirit of Halloween.
    And that brother of yous is CUTE!

  29. How fun! I'm a big fan of teleportation. It would come in handy on rainy days. (I'm a dachshund and I get WBS -- Wet Belly Syndrome.)

  30. How fun! I love teleportation. It would be very useful on rainy days to keep my belly from getting wet! :)

  31. Yikes! We are scaredy cats and now we will never go near an egg beater again. Happy Halloween!

  32. Oh my cat! So so... so the haunted house was real... I am so glad I have a tunnel and do not have to rely on egg beaters!
    Have a great post-Halloween Friday!

  33. Glad you two finally made it to Sammy's house. Wasn't it a meowvalous party. So many great parties happening yesterday. We are a bit tired today, Are you sure that Haunted House wasn't a bad dream? Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  34. This is why I love Halloween!
    What a great story!


  35. I am getting better and now my poor Hubby is getting sick!!!!! This has to run the household I guess!!
    Thanks for your visit!!

  36. How fun! Me to are a big fan of teleportation !!
    It´s really handy on rainy days , like today :)


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