Wednesday 29 May 2013

she just doesn't understand

So the other day, total chaos erupted in my house.  And when I say total, I mean total.  And when I say erupted, I mean  ERUPTED.  For a moment there, I thought Mount Vesuvius was gonna blow its top or something. 

"THERE'S A MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!"  Yup, that's what I heard.

I, of course, was in the livin' room, still under house arrest and therefore did not get to witness the events first hand.  I have, however, interviewed all those who did witness the catastrophe of catastrophic proportions and even those who might be considered persons of interest.   Or in this case, cats of interest.  Actually, there's no big mystery here.  No mystery at all.  Everyone has fessed up to what they did or did not do and no one is denying a thing.

From what I understand, my sister Constance appeared at the kitchen window and very nonchalantly, waltzed in with something in her mouth.  Peep #2 was witness to this event but, I am told, thought nothing of it at the time.  Why, I don't know.  I mean...  when one sees a cat walkin' around with something in his or her mouth, one might want to investigate further.  Especially if that cat happens to be my sister Constance.  Connie, you see, is an habitual snaker.  Yup.  Peep #1 is always rescuing garden snakes from Connie.  She thinks they're toys or something.  Connie, I mean.  The peep doesn't think snakes are toys.  The peep feels sorry for the snakes and, like I said, rescues them.

Some time passed.  Exactly how much, I do not know.  As I was being held hostage in the living room, it felt like an eternity, I am sure.  Everything feels like an eternity when being held hostage in the living room.

Connie was then spotted nosing around the door leading to the basement.  There were a couple of bags of papers gettin' ready to head downstairs for the purposes of recycling.  They were leanin' up against the wall and Connie was stickin' her nose in between them.  Obviously, there was something there of interest.  It could have been a toy, perhaps.  We cats do tend to have toys scattered around the house.  Peep #2 noticed the odd behaviour on Connie's part but, again, thought nothing of it.

Peep #2 really needs to start thinking more about what is going on in this house.  There is evidence of illegal activity all around and the second peep never seems to do anything about it until it's too late.  I mean...  this could have been really serious stuff.  Constance could have had one of my pens from my pen collection.   She might have managed to get one of my pens from my pen collection out from underneath the refrigerator and bat it all the way over to the doorway.  One of my precious pens!  The door leadin' to the basement and the refrigerator are only a few feet apart and I, being locked in the living room for eons upon eons, have not been able to inspect my collection or guard it from potential cat burglars such as my siblings.  I shudder at the thought of what could have happened.

Anywho...  eventually, the second peep must have become curious regarding Connie's odd behaviour and decided to check things out.  That would be about the time when I heard, "THERE'S A MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!"

So, as usual, it was Peep #1 to the rescue.  The first peep is the rescuer of all things needin' rescuing in this house.  It's just the way things work, I suppose, although I, myself, seriously need some rescuing from this darned living room and would appreciate it if the first peep would do something about rescuing me!  I mean...  I've been stuck in here for the last millennium or so and she has had plenty of time break me out of my jail cell and yet, here in this cell, I still am.  MOUSES!

But I digress...

Peep #1 emptied out the little garbage can in the downstairs bathroom and headed over to the door leadin' to the basement.  She put the garbage can on it's side before pulling out one of those bags of papers for recycling.  There, behind the bag, she found the mouse.  The first peep used her paws to encourage the mouse to go into the plastic can.  In less than five minutes, she had the mouse in the garbage can and was heading outdoors.

I do want to mention that although the peep used the garbage can to catch the mouse, in no way did she consider the mouse to be garbage.  The can was simply used as a transportation device to take the mouse outside for its release back into the wild.  Release...  RELEASE...  How I long to be released from the captivity of the living room!

Peepers probably took the mouse over to the brush pile or perhaps the compost.  She never said where.  Didn't want us cats headin' over for a second go at the little critter.  She could have told me, though.  It's not like I can go find the little guy.  I'm still locked up behind bars in the living room.

Ol' peepers said the mouse was fine.  A little slobbered over but fine.  The little guy scampered away when he realized he was, once again, free.  Free...  Freedom...  Lucky mouse.  I haven't tasted freedom in what seems like centuries...

For at least half an hour after the incident, Constance was still nosin' about around the door leading to the basement.  She was looking for her mouse.  She just doesn't understand...

Obviously, Connie doesn't understand that once the peep takes a mouse outside, the mouse can no longer be found in the house.

But more importantly, Constance doesn't seem to understand the whole concept of mousing.  I mean...  cats catch mice all the time.   For some cats, mousing is our job.  Usually, what happens is that there already is a mouse in the house and the cat's job is to catch that mouse and remove it from the house.  Remove it from the house.  Connie was doing stuff backwards.  Apparently, she's a backwards mouser.  Connie brought the mouse into the house.  What she was gonna do with, I do not know.  Maybe she was gonna have him over for tea and sandwiches or something.  I just don't know.  And Connie just doesn't


  1. Love all of Connie's photos.

    So sorry you missed all of the fun. I mean the terrible trouble that Connie caused.

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  2. Perhaps Connie brought the mouse in for YOUR entertainment? :)

  3. That mouse would last about ZERO seconds at our house!

    1. Iknow! I read about your bird. Must be the season or somethin'. purrs

  4. We were going to say the same thing. Maybe she was bringing the mouse in for you to play with not knowing that you really can't play yet. We bring birds and things in to our Mom. Hope all of you have a super day.

  5. oh dear never mind Nissy you'll be free soon,xx Speedy

  6. dood...gurls R like that...understandin stuff...noe oh fence two ewe connie coz we think yur gorgeous, talented N most gurlz woodna touch a mouse witha ten feetz pole....tho we dont understand what that iz...but itz like tryin to eggs splain quantum physics....put sum gurls in class N they R all like....


    ask dai$y ....her failed...epic big time....

    hope yur reelease paperz come soon buddy !!!

  7. Dang, what a thing to miss! Maybe you will get another chance really soon!

  8. ha ha - M is sitting here laughing cuz she's never had an outside kitty so she doesn't know about mousing. I want to come live there - it sounds like a blast around your house. We have mice outside on the patio, but one has never gotten in the house - darn!!

  9. Well we don't fink dat Peep #2 is bery observant at all and bein locked away you shoorely could not take charge so it's just a funny fink fur me an Juliet to laugh at and we did! MOL *Purrs & Paw Waves*

  10. I just think it is awesome that Connie got a mouse! She probably wanted to give the humans a snack. Or maybe you, since you are still confined.

  11. Nerissa! It is just an OUTRAGE that Peep #1 stole--yes, STOLE--that mouse from Constance. If she wants a mouse so bad, why doesn't she go catch her OWN mouse! I mean--seriously. Mouse rustling's a hangin' offense out here in the Wild West.

  12. Nissy, it is definitely time for you to be released from captivity. All types of crazy activity is taking place in your house un-monitored, That just cannot be allowed to continue. Let us know what we can do to help you break free from your captors. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  13. So it sounds like your coping just fine with your confinement? BOL!!

  14. So Nissy! Can you remind us again how long you've been held captive like in captivity? There might be some kind of law which states how long a Nerissa can be held against his will! Well you never know. Check out the Canadian constitution. There must be a claws in there! ;)

  15. LOL we don't know what is worse mousies or sneaky snakes. Yikes our peeps are with your peeps. She'd rescue them too but I'd dead em no sweat. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. No I think my comment got gobbled up. We were just saying we don't know what is worse mousies or sneaky snakes? I'd dead em all no sweat but our peeps would try and rescue them too. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  17. Poor Nissy.....all this excitement going on around you and you're trapped in the living room in recovery mode. Well for what it's worth I believe Connie was trying to bring you a pressie - yep - a mousie for your VERY own to play with and/or snack upon. Just a little gift to show you she misses you keeping watch over the entire household. That's my story and I'm stickin' with it!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  18. Mom says none of us better bring a mousie or (even worse) a snake to her!

    The Florida Furkids

  19. Poor Nissy, we sure hopez you healin up quick! ^..^ we kinda thinkz dat Connie waz bringin da mouse inside fur you dude ^.,^ da mom sayz in "her" experience, when we kittiez bring creaturez inside they are giftz ^..^ da mom sayz when she waz little she used to have a kitty called Snooper, who used to bring chipmunkz home all da time, sumtimez live, sumtime not!
    Da mom sayz chipmunkz are better dan snakez :O da mom does NOT like snakez!!!
    Anywho...., maybe Connie thought you could use sum excitement in your day ^.,^

    Get Well Soon dude ^..^x3

    ♥♥xoxo from da girlz ^.,^

  20. Fantastic photographs, kitten is beautiful:) Greetings

  21. Connie and my brofur Sooty have much in common then. He also likes to leave mousies in the house and lizards too. Don't know who is was (not me of course) but someone left a dead rat on the patio this morning. The peeps of course were not impressed. >^..^< Love and Purrs to you Nissy.

  22. Hi Nerissa, I hope you are feeling good these days...I mean, besides the obvious outrage of being held prisoner in the living room or whatever. Sheesh.

  23. Happy weekend Nissy :)

  24. Gosh! Constance was bringing you a mouse and could not get it into the living room because yous is still under house arrest!?! Me is sure she was bringing it for your physical therapy, and the peep tooked it back outside!?!
    Why does they does that!?!
    It happens here too!

  25. Hey Nissy my pal! High four paws...whap, whappity...sorry the peep #1 is keeping ya all tied up in the living room...peeps are pretty silly calling a room "living" when it's more like a "jailing" room...and Constance, well I'm sure there is an online course you can get her into Nissy to teach her about proper mousing protocols and whatnot...just a thought, paw pats, Savannah

  26. We have had the odd mouse wander into our house. Big mistake. By the time Dad comes to investigate it is over as either Rumpy or myself give the neck nip asap.
    Timmy T


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