Wednesday 9 January 2013

proof is in the pudding

The proof is in the pudding.  That's what my peep #1 always says.  And that's what I say, too, 'cause it makes a boatload of sense.  A boatload of vanilla puddin' sense, if you ask me.

Peeps are always coming up with ideas.  Sometimes those ideas are new and innovative and sometimes they're a little crazy.  But sometimes, they're just plain ol' stupid.  How do you tell the difference between the good and the bad?  Well...  you look at the pudding, of course.  You might have to stick your tail in there and swish it around a bit but eventually, the pudding will tell you the truth.  You can be sure of that.

It doesn't matter how good or impressive an idea sounds, if the intended result doesn't materialize, it's not so great an idea after all.  Peeps come up with ideas they think should work but if they don't...  well...  you've got yourself some lumpy ol' custard.  And, by the way - just in case you didn't already know - lumpy when it comes to custard, is yucky. 

Peeps often think that the potential of an idea is all that matters.  It's not, you know.  Potential is great if something comes of it but if it doesn't, that potential is worth...  hmmm...  let's see...  diddly squat.  Potential, schmential.  Potential is one of those words that peeps use to make things sound better than they really are.  You know what I mean.  If something is great, they'll just plain ol' say it is great.  When it sucks, that's when they say...  but it had such potential.

And we all know about potential energy, right?  That ol' glass ball sitting way up at the top of the Christmas tree...  it has potential energy 'cause it has the potential to fall from the tree when whapped with a paw.  That situation also has the potential for a cat to get yelled at.  Not so great, this potential energy, if you get my drift.  And all that potential energy is never gonna light up all the lights on the tree.  It's not like we can plug them into the glass ball.  Kind of useless, if you ask me.

Just 'cause something has potential doesn't mean that that potential is good.  Pudding, for instance, has the potential to be good but also has the potential to be bad.  Sure, you can get all the ingredients ready but if you forget to add the sugar, well... it's gonna be bad.  If the temperature on the stove is too high... it's gonna burn and well...  be bad.  If you don't stir it when it's cooking it's gonna get all lumpy and...  you guessed it...  be bad.  You see?  Potential can be bad.  And I can assure you, you're never gonna find a peep who wants to eat burnt, lumpy pudding to which there was no sugar added.  Just not gonna happen. 

Just as pudding has the potential to be bad, so do ideas.  Peeps come up with ideas all the time just for the purpose of coming up with ideas.  And peeps have this thing where they think their ideas are always good, just 'cause it's coming from them, or somethin' like that.  It never ever occurs to these peeps that some ideas are nothing but lumpy ol' pudding. 

Sure...  there are good ideas out there too but the word good cannot and should not be used to describe every idea 'cause every idea isn't good.  Just 'cause it's new doesn't mean it's better.  Peeps have to learn this.  And what would be best is if they would learn it without inflictin' a whole whack of damage to the rest of the world.  Sometimes, peeps should just leave well enough alone.  Sometimes, peeps should realize that if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it 'cause unnecessary fixing usually breaks stuff!  Why is it that cats understand this but not peeps?

And when bad ideas are implemented and you end up with a pot load of lumpy pudding, the only thing for it is to call in an expert pudding maker...  one who knows how not only to make pudding well but also to delumpify the lumpy stuff.  Peeps call them problem solvers.  Same thing, really.  But beware, my friends...  most peeps don't like the problem solvers...  especially when they're called in to solve problems caused by those very same peeps!  It's the way of the world, I'm afraid.  We all complain when the pudding is lumpy but we complain, also, 'bout the process of delumpification.  Well...  peeps do.  Cats know better 'cause cats are smart and all.

Here's my suggestion...  Whenever your peep comes up with an idea that sounds questionable, give one of those glass balls on the Christmas tree a good ol' whack right into a bowl of lumpy pudding.  This should get your message across, I think.  As a matter of fact, I think it should do that quite nicely.  Flying glass balls causing the spattering of lumps of pudding all over the house makes a statement, for sure.  Yes indeedy...  they really, really do.


  1. Nissy, you have certainly been thinking a lot. Good thoughts!

  2. I bet pudding is tasty. :)

  3. We would like some nip pudding...and no, we don't want it lumpy. Unless the lumps are little mice. :)

  4. why don't you taste the pudding then decided if its good or bad wouldn't that be easyier like doing a review?xx Speedy

  5. so this is what you kitties have on your mind when you sit sunning yourself on the windowsill?

    cat mama of Emma and Buster

  6. A lot of things thats goes on your mind! Nosbuff

  7. You have good thoughts and use your thinking time to good use! We ought to sleep less and think more like you do. Purrs....

  8. dood...ya wanna reeely noe what haz poe ten shulll

    air freshnerz..

    take for eggs sample a week ole piece oh herring; snapper, perch, trooly any fish will due.....

    stick de fish in de ac/heatin vent

    masheen turns on ta heet ore kewl yur houz

    ahhhhhhhh !!! aroma fied :)


  9. I just need to keep my human focused so she can get to work on some of these supposedly great ideas of hers!

  10. FaRADaY: Canz we borrow one of those glass balls since we don't have a christmas tree? Daddy got the *cough* BRIGHT IDEA to refinish the hardwood floors. Hisself. With LOADS of sawdust flying and getting in our furs. We think it's time to whack a bit of potential energy his way.

  11. ok, so Nissy, I assume (VBP) you are like keeping a journal or something, right? I mean seriously dude, you have a management development book and leadership assessment tool all wrapped up in THIS ONE post! And Nissy, like my Mom KNOWS THIS STUFF!, no...really man...she does...she can see it all now..."Assess Your Leadership Potential: Is Your Pudding Lumpy or Smooth"...and, okok, ok, here's another one..."Getting From Lumpy to Smooth: The Puddin' Cat's Concept of Problem Solving"...huh? huh?...are ya with me Nissy??...this is gonna make you like totally rich, famous...ummmm...need an agent???...just askin' paw pats Savannah

    1. I'm with you Savannah... I'm with you...

      Peep needs an agent. What's your cut? Do you work for nip? purrs

  12. You are a VERY wise cat. I wish more of my human friends thought like you.

  13. Nerrisa! yous Da Man Cat!
    Loves your answer

  14. And even if it doesn't really make your point, at least you will keep the Humans busy sweeping up glass and mopping up pudding and while they are doing that, they can't really get into too much other stupid Human trouble.

  15. Replies
    1. No, but I played one on TV.

      Just kidding. Kitty lawyers. hehehe...

      Wait a minute! What a fabulous idea!!! purrs

  16. We cats gotta keep our peeps in line! Theys come up with a lot of bad ideas, you know!

    Carmine and Milita

  17. What a fab statement!! I hope everyone adopts it BOL

  18. You are a very thoughtful cat and we like your wise suggestions :-)

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  19. We whack our Pops ideas about daily!

  20. Yeah, when people at school say So-and-So has potential, the Human sometimes thinks, Uh-huh. Sure does. For disaster.

  21. That's very true and wise.
    Amazingly, the humans tend to think that what we want to do has potential for bad while their ideas always have potential for good. You know what I mean? Double-standards.

  22. I wish more of my human friends thought like you !
    Have a pawsome weekend :)

  23. Thank you for the additional statistical analysis of my Human's neglect. I will consider it further ammunition when I bring my case against her to the purrlice.

  24. We are sending purrs to your sisfur - we didn't know she had been tortured too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. Oh Nissy you are such a deep thinker! You put me to shame....the deepest thoughts I have lately seem to be able where to grab the best nap...sun puddle/Mom's lap/couch/quilt....however I do want to say that I agree with one of the comments above about pudding. The only lumps I want in my pudding would be mouse lumps. So there - my deep thought of the day!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  26. So, you think I can get in the record books if I have a kitten or six? Hmmm. I just might, you know, because I'm SURE I couldn't have gotten so, um, "chubby" just from a little extra food since last September....


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