Wednesday 19 September 2012

I spies with my little eyes...

...  A SQUIRREL!!!  The biggest, most humongous, monstrous squirrel that I ever did see!

That's right...  the grey squirrels have arrived.  They're big, huge, monstrous sized creatures.  They're the size of my sisters Tess and Tobias.  Maybe even the size of them both put together!  Okay, that might be a tad bit of an exaggeration but you get my point, I am sure.  These squirrels are pretty darned big.

When the grey squirrels arrive, the cute little red guys leave.  I don't know if they're chased away by the grey ones or what but they disappear.  Now, to be honest, we haven't had many red squirrels around my house for the last few years, anyway.  Squirrels are pretty smart, I think.  Smart enough to know they shouldn't hang around a house in which twelve cats live.

But I was sitting in my office, working on my blog yesterday, when a movement outside the bay window caught my attention.  I looked up and there he was.  Yes, there was the squirrel on steroids.  He was hanging out under that big ol' oak tree that conked my peep #1 on her noggin the other day.  Well, obviously, the squirrel was thinking he'd gather up some of those old acorns for himself.

I watched this squirrel on steroids for a few moments, darting this way and that, collecting up the acorns at the bottom of my driveway.  That's when I saw my sister Mason heading down toward him.  Mason was on a mission, I think.  A mission to give that old squirrel a piece of her mind.  Don't worry.  She has plenty to spare.  My sister Mason is very smart.  She's also a pretty big girl so I guess the size of that monster of a squirrel didn't intimidate her too much. 

Mason stomped down the driveway with her tail up in the air.  She wasn't stalking.  She was stomping.  And that tail of hers...  well...  the very end of it was a-twitching like it had never twitched before.  She was probably telling that squirrel on steroids something like, "That's right...  you can make a nice nut pie for me with those acorns and I'll have that for dessert after I have you for my dinner!"  Well, the squirrel took one look at Mason's approach and headed off across the road to nosey neighbour cat's house.  Hehehe...  Let him deal with the squirrelly squirrel.

I realised then that I should call for my peep.  We cats aren't supposed to go on the road, you see, and it looked like Mason was going to follow the squirrel across.  The peep quickly came to my aid and went outside to call for my sister.  Mason is such a good girl, you know.  Even though chasing that squirrel was awfully tempting, she came right back to the house when the peep called her.  Her tail was still up in the air 'cause she was super proud of her prowess, I think, but it was no longer twitching.  On the other hand, by behaving so well, Mason might be giving the peep expectations that all us cats should follow her lead.  Hmmm...  I'll have to have a think about that one.  Might need to have a little chat with the girl. 

Anywho...  the squirrel hasn't been back since.  I think Mason might have given him the scare of his life.  He'd have to be one crazy squirrel to return to my yard, I think.  Crazy, crazy, CRAZY!!!  Crazier than a squirrel making nut pies.  Wait a minute!  He was making nut pies!  He was a-making those nut pies with acorns from my tree!  Does this mean I'm going to have to contend with a crazy nut-pie baking squirrel on steroids on a regular basis?  And are these sweet pies or savoury?  Dessert or dinner?  Should they be served with milk or nip?  Hmmm....  I'll have to consult with Mason.  She seems to have a handle on such things.  She seems to understand these crazy grey squirrels on steroids.


  1. Sounds like Mason did a good job telling the squirrel to take a hike. Sure glad she didn't go across the street. Hope all of you have a great day.

  2. hehehe you go girl and that cheeky squirrel a piece of your mind

  3. We have so many acorns, we could use a few squirrels to round them up! We're not seeing as many red or gray squirrels this year, so, yeah, send 'em over (you can come too!)


  4. Hmmm, big squirrels need some consideration. Skewering first, and then slow roasting is what we would recommend. Not sure about sweet or savoury though, However, you MUST save the tail and make it into one of those Davy Crockett style hats. That would be awesome.
    And we need to inform yo uwe have not been to the deep under the ground Finnish restaurant: all our food is at ground level - although we'd like to get some stuff that flies around :)

  5. Nerissa I don´t think you have to worry about that Squirrel on steroids or nut-pies either !
    Your sisfur Mason has taken care of that business :)

  6. Dood, Momma sez steriods are BAD for you. Wonder how they affect the taste of squirlz...hmm...

  7. I have never tasted squirrel. The cat before me got to go outside and she used to dine on 'em a LOT! My human was not happy about that, but whatever. I am impressed by all the old stories!

  8. this was adorable...consult with my Mom loves squirrels ALMOST as much as she loves cats :)

  9. Hmm, four and twenty acorns baked in a .... wait. Fourty four squirrels roasted in a .... Oh heck, Mason sure looked cute and brave out there heading for a nose-to-nose with that glorified rodent. Maybe he'll keep away now.

  10. YAY! The comment box popped up for me today (amazing that something so mundane can get me excited huh??). Anyway, if that squirrel has any brains at all (and that remains to be seen) he will stay CLEAR of your yard when Mason's around! She's a full-figured girl (smile)and I think she'd give that squirrel something to think about in the nut-pie-baking arena OR snap him up for a nice-sized snack for herself with little hesitation...

    Happy Thursday Nerissa!
    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. You know we have alot of squirrels here in Texas also. Our neighbor has a pecan tree and they love to bury the pecans. Each year we have several small pecan trees come up in our yard. Unfortunately, never in a place where we can actually have a tree...but anyways....

  12. We'd love to tussle with a few squirrels here! We didn't think the grey ones were that big. Maybe you have bionic ones there.

  13. We have only had the big gray ones here. We dont get ta chase them much. Cuz if they are around we are stuck inside, and as soon as we get out, they are all up trees.

  14. You know, I guess I haven't really been paying attention (I just haven't been the same since my, uh, "tutoring"), but Mason is one he!! of a good-lookin' LadyCat. I wonder if I might teleport over and hang out with her sometime? Plus she seems really brave, so I wouldn't have to worry about the ginormous squirrel, right?

    1. You can teleport over here any time you like. We could have a party!!! And yes, Mason is a very pretty girl. Everyone says so. She has a super pretty face and her fawn colouring is oh-so-nice. And she takes no guff from squirrels!

  15. Monster Squirrels! Oh My Cod! Wes has squirrelly squirrels that is almost as big as me, and they has been known to chase mes!

  16. We have brown (red?) squirrels in our garden, and this year they are fat!

  17. Oh, so sweet you are:-)
    I haven't seen any squirrel around my place :( But I'm looking for it all the time:-)
    Hugs from Pernille


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